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Date: November 07, 2013:- "The tearing urgency to improve work culture"------Article from TELECRUSADER.

Date January 08, 2014:- BSNL Crisis not due to wage increase but due to less Revenue-----VAN Namboodiri

Date January 09, 2014:- Transformation of BSNL-------experience of a Reporter

Date May 20, 2014:- Com Moni Bose, Veteran Leader of P & T movement--------VAN Namboodiri


UPDATED ON 31-07-2014 AT 1640 HRS.

"Hunger Strike" programme of BSNLEU WB Circle Leaders at CGMT Office: At the call of BSNLEU WB Circle, the Circle Office Bearers along with District Secretaries and Branch Secretaries in and around Kolkata have started Hunger Strike from 11 A.M. on 30th July, 2014. A good number of members have assembled at CGMT office to enthuse the leaders on "Hunger Strike". The women comrades of CGMT office along with other lady comrades of other districts who were present there organised a rally and met CGMT to convey their resentment over the situation. The Circle leaders spoke before the gathering at Lunch Hour, describing the entire situation of WBT Circle and regarding the demands. Later the CGMT invited the Circle Secretary to discuss regarding the demands accordingly the Circle Office Bearers under the leadership of Comrade Animesh Mitra, CS, BSNLEU WB met with CGMT and had a detailed discussion with the Administration. The GM (HR- Admn) and GM (Finance) were also present in the meeting. The Authority requested the leaders to withdraw the Hunger Strike as they have assured that a written minutes will be given to the Union mentioning the settlement/progress of the demands as discussed with the leaders. After this, the leaders have  discussed the situation and decided to postpone the "Hunger Strike" at 09-15 P.M. It was also conveyed to the leaders by the CS that there will be a massive gathering on 31st July at 0100 P.M. to narrate the entire situation to the workers and to decide future course of action.

District Conference of Coochbehar held successfully: The Biennial District Conference of BSNLEU Coochbehar District was held on 20th July, 2014 at Coochbehar TDM Office. After hoisting of Red Flag of the Union and garlanding of martyrs column, the Conference was inaugurated by Comrade Prabir Ghosh, Organising Secretary, BSNLEU WB. Com Ghosh in his speech told the house regarding present situation of BSNL, the derogative attitude of the Central Govt. to destabilize BSNL, and the course of action taken by the BSNLEU against the attitude of the Authority at all India and at the State level. He also detailed regarding ensuing Circle Conference of BSNLEU WB at Krishnagar, AIC of BSNLEU, Kolkata and the role of the members including submission of donation thereof. Altogether 50 odd members were present in the conference. The members discussed over the Draft Report and Accounts and later the house unanimously elected Com Sanjoy Biswas, Com R.I. Khondkar and Com Ramkrishna Banik as President, Dist. Secy. and Treasurer respectively for the next term. The retired employees who were the members of BSNLEU till the last date of their service life were greeted on the occasion.

UPDATED ON 28-07-2014 AT 1130 HRS.

The "Hunger Strike" programme at the call of BSNLEU WB Circle (as decided in the CWC Kolkata) will start from 1100 A.M. on 30th July,2014. The Circle Office Bearers, District Secretaries and Branch Secretaries in and around Kolkata will take part in the programme. At the same time the organisers are requested to mobilise maximum numbers of members on 31st July,2014 at 0100 P.M. to make a historic gathering in the CGM-Office. It is to be kept in mind that through this programme the employees have to raise their voice against the ignorance of the Authority towards the betterment of BSNL service in the Circle and to settle the Burning problems of the employees. Let us make a History. 

UPDATED ON 24-07-2014 AT 1430 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Circle is in the path of struggle: The BSNLEU WB Circle has decided to go on "Hunger Fast" w.e.f. 30th July, 2014 at 11 A.M. against the reluctant attitude of the Administration at all level in WBT Circle. Accordingly a letter in this regard  was handed over to the CGMT WB and GM (HR/Admn) by a team of delegation of Circle Office Bearers. Com. Swapan Chanda, Amitava Chattopadhyay, S. P. Pande, Prabir Chatterjee and Samir Nandy were in the delegation team.

CHQ leaders met the Authority for Non payment of GPF & timely payment of wages to the Non regular workers: Com P. Avimanyu, GS, BSNLEU and Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy. GS, BSNLEU met Smt. Yojana Das, Sr. GM (BFCI), CO New Delhi  yesterday to express their concern over the non payment of GPF to the employees in time. It is learnt that the delay is due to non availability of liquid cash with BSNL, however the authority told the leaders that efforts are being taken to allot fund within 25th July.

So far the delay in payment of wages to the Non Regular workers are concerned the Authority assured the leaders that the case will looked into sympathetically. 

UPDATED ON 23-07-2014 AT 1130 HRS.

Loss of BSNL may decrease to the tune of Rs. 800 Crore: It is reported that the Balance Sheet of BSNL for the financial year 2013-14 is finalised. It apprehends that the loss of BSNL  for the financial year 2013-14 may be decreased by Rs. 800 Crore. Last year (i.e. 2012-13) BSNL had a loss of Rs. 7884 Crore but in the financial year 2013-14 it may become Rs. 7085 Crore.

UPDATED ON 21-07-2014 AT 1700 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Circular No. 07.

Proposal of merger placed to new Ministry, seeking for active consideration: It is reported that the Telecom Minister has informed the Parliament that  the Telecom Ministry has got a proposal for  merger of BSNL & MTNL. But keeping the possibility of resentment of the Employees in mind, the Minister told that the decision of merger will only be taken after discussing the matter with the Unions. It is to be noted also in this regard that already 3(Three) committees have been constituted to study the various issues of BSNL-MTNL merger.

UPDATED ON 17-07-2014 AT 1430 HRS.

Meeting of the Reception Committee for 7th AIC held: The meeting of the 7th AIC of BSNL Employees Union, Kolkata, held on 10th July, 2014 in a jam packed house at CTO Union Office Kolkata. Com. Adhir Sen, Working President for 7th AIC presided over the meeting. Veteran leaders Com Ananta Bhattacharya and Dilip Das were also present in the meeting. At the outset Com Animesh Mitra, Jt. Secy. briefly narrated the up to date progress & preparation of the Reception Committee. Com Saibal Secgupta,  one of the Joint Secretaries enthused the reception committee members to perform their duties wholeheartedly to make the conference a grand success. It is reported that various Sub Committee meetings were already took place. The Joint Secretaries requested to give all out effort to collect the donations for AIC Kolkata at the earliest. <<Photos>>

A Tribute to Comrade Jyoti Basu by BSNLEU Kolkata SSA: The BSNL Employees Union Kolkata SSA has organised a massive gathering to pay tribute to the great Leader of Trade Union Movement of India and the Ex Chief Minister of West Bengal Comrade Jyoti Basu on his "Birth Centenary". In this occasion Comrade Animesh Mitra, Dy GS and Circle Secretary, BSNLEU WB Circle was the spoke about the Life & Work of Com Basu in various sphere of life. Com Mitra also narrated the role of Com Basu to develop Left Movement in the Country. Com Ramprasad Dutta, DS Kol SSA, Com Arun Sarkar, Br. Secy., and a good number of members of the Dist. were present in the meeting. At the beginning of the programme Com. Arun Sarkar, handed over a sum of Rs. 50,000/- as collection for 7th AIC to Com. Animesh Mitra. Com. Swapan Chanda, President Kolkata SSA presided over the programme.  <<Photos>>        

UPDATED ON 14-07-2014 AT 1700 HRS.

CWC Meeting of BSNLEU WB Circle ended with a call to fight against the retrograde attitude of the Administration: The two days Circle Working Committee meeting of the BSNLEU WB Circle ended  on 13th July, 2014. The meeting started on 12th July, 2014 with the hoisting of Red Flag of the Union by Comrade Parimal Sarkar, President BSNLEU WB. Later the Martyrs Column was garlanded by Com Dhananjoy Ganguly, Inaugurator of the CWC, Com Parimal Sarkar, President BSNLEU WB, Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secreetary, BSNLEU WB and Com Tarak Kundu, Asstt. Circle Secy. BSNLCMU WB. Com Parimal Sarkar garlanded the photo of the departed leader Comrade R.L. Mondal. The meeting was inaugurated by Comrade Dhananjoy Ganguly. Com Ganguly in his speech narrated the present scenario of the Country as well as of West Bengal and requested the delegates to act accordingly. Altogether 40 Circle Office bearers and District Secretaries or their representatives have attended the meeting and expressed their views regarding BSNL and its employees in WB Circle at the present juncture. Two representatives from Sikkim were also present in the meeting and deliberated the situation prevailing in Gangtok SSA. In fine, Comrade Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary WB Circle called upon the leaders to consolidate the members at all levels and react instantly against the derogative attitude of the administration. Com Mitra also told to fight the untoward situation of any kind, keeping in confidence of our members. He also detailed the programme and duties of the leaders in the ensuing 6th Circle Conference at Krishnagar and  7th All India Conference at Kolkata. Comrade Susanta Ghosh, Circle Secretary, AIBDPA WB Circle also spoke on the occasion. The Circular in this regard will be issued shortly. <<Click for Pics>> 

UPDATED ON 11-07-2014 AT 1200 HRS.

The CWC meeting of BSNLEU West Bengal Circle will start at 1100 A.M. on 12th July,2014 at "K G Bose Smriti Bhawan", Kolkata. The Meeting will be inaugurated by Com Dhananjoy Ganguly, Veteran Leader of Telecom movement of West Bengal. The Dist/Br Secys. in & around Kolkata are requested to attend the meeting with active workers/sympathizers. The Delegate Session will be held from 0100 P.M. The District Secys who will attend the meeting are requested to remit the donations collected for the purposes of All India Conference, Circle Conference etc. positively. The District Secys are also requested to bring a note on the pending demands at Circle level as well as the proposals to overcome the development crisis in their SSAs, which will help the Circle Union to take future course of action against the authority in a right direction.

UPDATED ON 10-07-2014 AT 1130 HRS.

BSNLEU ETR District paid due respect and homage to Com R. L. Mondal. <<News>>     <<Click for Photos>>

UPDATED ON 09-07-2014 AT 1500 HRS.

Birth Centenary of Comrade Jyoti Basu is celebrated by BSNLEU WB: The Birth Centenary of the great leader of Trade Union movement of India as well as the Ex Chief Minister of West Bengal, Comrade Jyoti Basu was celebrated with full respect at CTO Kolkata by BSNLEU WB Circle. At the outset, the Photo of Com Jyoti Basu was garlanded by Comrade Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB, Anindya Sarkar, Zonal Secy, Kolkata and oter Circle/ District leaders at Kolkata. Later Com Mitra spoke before the gathering about the life of the great leader--- Com Jyoti Basu. 

The meeting of the Reception Committee for the 7th AIC of BSNLEU will be held at 0300 P.M. at  CTO Union Room, Kolkata on 10-07-2014. All Reception Committe/SubCommittee members are requested to attend the meeting in time.  

UPDATED ON 07-07-2014 AT 1315 HRS.

Com KG Bose is remembered with full honour & respect: Today is the Birthday of Com K. G. Bose, one of the Pioneer leader of P&T and Central Government movement of West Bengal as well as India. The day is observed with full honour and respect at KG Bose Smriti Bhawan Kolkata where the statue of Com KG was garlanded by the leaders like Com Dilip Das, Asis das, Banani Chattopadhyay, Samir Nandy, Ramen Dutta Chowdhury, Biswanath Singha, Haru Bhanja. Later Com Dilip Das gave a brief speech on his experience to work with Com KG Bose and requested to follow the path of Com KG to strengthen the movement against any attack on BSNL and to protect the interest of BSNL employees. <<Click for Photos>>

UPDATED ON 05-07-2014 AT 1530 HRS.

Corporate Office issued order for Free SIM for all Non executives. <<Click for Order>>

Huge gathering of BSNLEU WB Circle against the filthy language of the Krishnagar MP: The BSNLEU WB Circle has organised a massive demonstration programme at CTO Kolkata on 04th July, 2014 against the unparliamentary, filthy and abusive words uttered by the MP of Krishnagar, West Bengal. Altogether 300 odd employees, out of which a good number was female employees raised their voice against the issue. Com Sibani Das President Women Sub Committee BSNLEU WB Circle, Anindya Sarkar, Zonal Secy. Kolkata, BSNLEU WB Circle and Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secy. BSNLEU WB Circle spoke before the huge gathring against this heinous act. Com Banani Chattopadhyay, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB & Jt. Convenor Women Sub Committee presided over the meeing. << Click for Photos>> 

UPDATED ON 02-07-2014 AT 1245 HRS.

Demonstration programme at ETR: At the call of BSNLEU WB Circle a demonstration programme was held at ETR in front of the chamber of CGM ETR Circle on 02nd July, 2014. Besides the employees of ETR a large number of employees from other Districts situated in and around Kolkata have assembled in this programme. Com Rammilan Roy, Presided over the meeting. Com Asis das initiated the proceedings,Com. Sukanta saha also spoke on the occassion. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU WB deliberated his speech in detail before the huge gathering of Regular & Non Regular Workers. <<Click for Photos>>

Comrade R. L. Mondal is remembered with all respect: The BSNLEU, BSNLCMU, AIBDPA & KG Bose Smriti Bhawan Welfare Trust have jointly organised a programme to pay respect and homage to the departed leader Comrade Rangalal Mondal at KG Bose Smriti Bhawan, Kolkata,  who breathed his last on 24th June, 2014. A good number of veteran leaders of Telecom movement were present in the meeting and deliberated their experience of work with Com Mondal. The speakers who spoke on the occasion were Com Animesh Mitra, Saibal Sengupta, Ananta Bhattacharya, Supriyo Mitra, K.K. Bhattacharya, Laxmi Ghosal, Sankar Talukdar, Debashis Dutta Gupta, Piyush Chakraborty, Ramen Dutta Chowdhury. The meeting was presided by a presidium comprises of Com Dilip Das, Susanta Ghosh & Aghore Sikdar. <<Click for Photo>>

UPDATED ON 30-06-2014 AT 1200 HRS.

Massive Demonstration held at ETP Circle: Lunch hour Demonstration programme was held before the Chief General Manager, ETP at the call of BSNLEU, WB Circle. It was the first phase of the programme that has been taken by the circle Union. A good number of employees from in and around Kolkata assembled in this demonstration demanding immediate settlement of the burning problems of ETP and more Project Work for West Bengal & Kolkata. Com. Satyacharan Naskar Presided over the meeting. Com. Anindya Kr Sarkar, Zonal Secy., Kolkata Zone, Com. Swapan Chanda, Asstt. Circle Secy., Com. Goutam Banik, Dist Secy., BSNLEU, ETP Dist. spoke before the gathering. Before the meeting started, a rally was held in the ETP Office. After the meeting a delegation comprising of  Com. Asis Das, Swapan Chanda, S.P. Panday, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Debashis Khan, Anindya Kr. Sarkar, Goutam Banik, Satya Charan Naskar & Nupur Panday met CGM, ETP and discussed about the charter of demands. The CGM, ETP after patient hearing assured the leadership that the problems will be looked into at the earliest.<< Click here for photos>>      

UPDATED ON 28-06-2014 AT 1530 HRS.

Circle Union extends heartiest greetings to Asansol SSA and others: It is known to everybody that the 7th AIC of BSNLEU will be held at Kolkata from 6th to 9th November, 2014. The Circle Union has already announced to collect donations for the AIC. It is very significant that Asansol SSA has done a unique job, deposited the first installment of Rs. 1,00,000/- to the Circle Union for the ensuing All India Conference. The Circle Union congratulates the Members of Asansol SSA for their contributions. It is also to be noted that the other District Unions e.g. Burdwan, Bankura, Berhampore, CGMT-O, CGMT-T, CTO, ETR, Kharagpur, Malda, Purulia, Raiganj, Suri & TCO have also started to deposit their collections to the Circle Union. It is needless to mention that a huge amount will be expended to organise the AIC successfully. The BSNLEU WB Circle therefore requests the District Secretaries (who are yet to deposit even the first installment) to take special drive for the collection for AIC, Kolkata immediately.    

UPDATED ON 27-06-2014 AT 1430 HRS.

Severe Fund Crunch---GPF & other payments abnormally delayed: It is most unfortunate that due to non sanction of requisite fund for GPF and other personal claims the employees have to face lot of inconvenience at present. Com. Animesh Mitra, CS,  BSNLEU WBT Circle already had a talk with the GM (Fin.) and DGM (Fin.) and demanded immediate solution of the issue. It is learnt that the CO New Delhi has sanctioned only one third of the amount claimed by WBT Circle towards GPF payment and that has been already distributed amongst the Division/SSAs. It is also learnt that the rest amount will be available in the first week of July.

UPDATED ON 26-06-2014 AT 1600 HRS.

Next CWC  Meeting of BSNLEU WB: It is decided that the next Circle Working Committee meeting of BSNL Employees Union, West Bengal Circle will be held on 12th and 13th July, 2014 at Kolkata. The venue and other details will be informed later. The District Secretaries are requested to arrange their Tickets etc for the meeting immediately.

UPDATED ON 25-06-2014 AT 1130 HRS.

"Protest Day" observed throughout the state in a befitting manner: The "Protest Day" was observed successfully throughout the state of West bengal on 24th June, 2014. The Circle Union has got the news that at the call of BSNL Employees Union West Bengal Circle the programme was organised in a serious mood at Asansol, Burdwan, Raiganj, Suri, Berhampore, CTO, TCO, CGMT-Office, ETR, Kolkata SSA and in many other District/SSAs. In most of the places the leaders have narrated the present scenario on the light of the issues raised for protest. Com Animesh Mitra,Circle Secretary WB Circle and other leaders like Com Asish Das, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Samir Nandy, Debasis Khan deliberated their speeches on the issues like hike of railway fare, attack on BSNL employees, closure of 'Jessop', 'Hindmotor' and other factories in the state and against the recent decision of FDI in Defence by the Central Government.    

UPDATED ON 24-06-2014 AT 1145 HRS.

Comrade R. L. Mondal is no more:- Veteran Trade Union Leader of P & T movement of West Bengal Circle, Comrade R. L. Mondal has breathed his last on 23rd June, 2014 at 12-30 hrs. He was suffering from deadly Cancer disease. He was one of the chief architect of K. G. Bose Smriti Bhawan, Kolkata and performed yeomen's service to keep the house in order.  The BSNL Employees Union West Bengal Circle pays respectful homage to Comrade R.L. Mondal and pays heartfelt condolences to his family members, friends and relatives. 

BSNLEU WB Circular No. 06.

UPDATED ON 23-06-2014 AT 1130 HRS.

Observe "Protest Day"on 24th June: The BSNLEU WB Circle has decided to observe "Protest Day" on 24th June, 2014 in all BSNL Offices/Exchanges throughout West Bengal  i) against the attack of outsiders on BSNL Employees in different work spots (BSNL Offices/Exchanges) of West Bengal especially after the 16th Parliamentary Election, ii) against abnormal hike of "Railway Fares" as announced by the newly elected Central Government, iii) against the closure of factories like 'Jessop', 'Hindmotors"and many Jute Mills in the state of West Bengal, iv) proposed introduction of 100% FDI in "Defence Ministry" as declared by the Central Govt. The District & Branch Secretaries are directed to organise Rallies, Gate Meetings etc on 24/06/2014 and they are also requested to apparaise the whole situation to the members in detail. The Secys. are requested to send a report to the Circle Union positively.

UPDATED ON 20-06-2014 AT 1630 HRS.

BSNLEU & BSNLCMU WB Circle leaders met CGMT WB to settle burning issues of the NonRegular Workers: Com Animesh Mitra & Com Tapas Kumar Ghosh both Circle Secretary of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU WB met CGM WBT on 17-06-2014 to express their strong resentment against the attitude of the Authority not to settle the problems of the Non Regular Workers(e.g. Casual/Contractual/ Job Contract/ Security Guards/ workers attached to Civil and Electrical Wing). Both the leaders demanded early intervention and action of the CGMT to settle the burning issues of the Non Regular Workers. Before the meeting with CGM the leaders met GM (HR) and narrated the issues in detail. It was also told that if the cases will not be settled the Employees and Workers will take resort to Trade Union action. A letter in this regard was also handed over to the CGM.

Circle Union met GM (Finance) to settle Pending issues: The BSNLEU WB Circle Leaders under the leadership of Com. Animesh Mitra met GM (Finance) today to settle many pending issues of WBT Circle. The leaders raised the problems e.g. i) commencement of Bill Printing, ii) settlement of EPF cases of Regular and non regular workers, particularly problems of Account codes of EPF, deposition of money to the EPF authority etc. iii) settlement of long pending BSNLMRS cases, iv) payment of wages to the non regular workers in due time, vi) immediate posting of officer at  SIM distribution Centre of CTTC, Salt lake, v) settlement of issues like payment of GPF, Medical with vouchers and other personal claims to the regular employees, vii) immediate settlement of the issues of empanelment and authorization of Hospitals and N/Homes as per the order issued by the Corporate Office, New Delhi.  The other BSNLEU WB leaders Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Samir nandy, Prabir Chatterjee were present in the meeting.

UPDATED ON 19-06-2014 AT 1700 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Circular No. 05.

UPDATED ON 17-06-2014 AT 1145 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Leaders met CGMT-----expressed strong resentment: The BSNLEU WB Circle leaders met CGMT WB on 16th June 2014 to express their strong resentment over the present situation of WBT Circle. The delegation lead by Com. Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB along with Com Asish Das, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Samir Nandy and Prabir Chatterjee raised the issues of i) Bill Printing, ii) unwanted situations of Purulia, Krishnagar, Burdwan, iii) settlement of long pending BSNLMRS cases, iv) immediate holding of Works Committee meeting at the SSA/District levels, v) formation of BTS/BB maintenance team, v) deposition of EPF i.r.o Non regular workers attached to WBTC immediately, vi) action against severe cable cuts in different SSAs etc. The BSNLEU leaders also informed the authority that the Staff Side will go to sustain Trade Union action if the issues lie unsettled. The Authority assured to look into the matter at the earliest. The GM (HR-Admn), DGM (HR-Admn), DGM (Fin), CAO (Medical) and others were also present in the meeting.       

UPDATED ON 12-06-2014 AT 1130 HRS.

BSNLCMU WB Circle are on the path of struggle: As per the decision of the BSNLCMU WB Circle, the "Massive Dharna" programme of the Non Regular Workers have started from 11 A.M. in front of the chamber of the CGM WBTC at Kolkata against the unprecedented attitude of the Administration towards non payment of wages to the Non regular workers attached to WB Circle. The District and Branch secretaries of BSNLEU WB Circle in and around Kolkata are directed to join the agitating Non Regular workers at CGMT office at 1300 hrs. today. The Dist and Branch secretaries at the districts are also hereby requested to join and extend full solidarity to the struggling non regular workers at the Division/SSAs. <<Click here for BSNLEU letter issued to CGMT for the payment of wages to the Non regular workers>> <<letter issued by the BSNLCMU WB Circle regarding agitational programme>>    

UPDATED ON 11-06-2014 AT 1200 HRS.

Casual/Contractual workers are on the path of struggle,  BSNLEU WB extends full solidarity:  It is most unfortunate that the wages of the Casual/Contractual workers attached to BSNL WBT Circle yet to get their wages for this month till today. It is observed that this becomes a regular feature in WB Circle so far the payment of Salary/Wages of the Non Regular employees are concerned. Com Animesh Mitra CS BSNLEU WB along with Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Com Prabir Chatterjee and Com Sujoy Sarkar met the CGMT yesterday and expressed their strong resentment over the issue and demanded immediate payment of wages to the Casual/Contractual workers. The Circle Union also issued a letter in which it is clearly stated that the BSNLEU will extend all sorts of solidarity if the Non regular workers take resort to Trade Union action. It is learnt that in CHQ Com Namboodiri already met ED (Finance) and demanded immediate solution of the problem. The CGM WBT Circle also had a talk with Ms. Yojna Das at Corporate Office New Delhi, to overcome the situation. However the BSNLCMU WB Circle has already started their agitation throughout the Circle and tomorrow their will be a massive demonstration at CGMT Office against this unwanted situation. The BSNLEU WB has decided to extend all sorts of cooperation and solidarity throughout the Circle to these struggling comrades of BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union, West Bengal Circle.    

UPDATED ON 09-06-2014 AT 1230 HRS.

Circle Union met the CGM ETP Circle: The BSNLEU WB Circle Union met the new CGM ETP Circle Mr. C.S.N. Murthy on 07th June, 2014. Com. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secy. WB Circle along with Com. Goutam Banik, DS ETP and Com. Nupur Pandey, ADS ETP met and expressed their satisfaction as the new CGM has taken over the charge of ETP Circle and at the same time they expressed their resentment over the grave situation of ETP Circle. The leaders have told the CGM that during last couple of years ETP has not been alotted to perform any job for which the employees are very much worried with the situation and at the same time the problems pertain to employees have been kept untouched. The CGM ETP assured the leaders that the problems will be looked into.

Atrocities in the BSNL Office/Exchanges after the Lok Sabha Poll: It is observed with utter annoyance that after the declaration of 16th Lok Sabha Poll result the outside goons of the ruling party of the state use to create disturbances within and outside the BSNL Office/Exchanges in different places of West Bengal Circle. The incident of Ranaghat exchange attached to Krishnagar SSA, probably the worst example of the miscreants where the employees are being threatened every now & then by the outside goons. The attendance of the executives are very irregular and at the same time they are not at all willing to take care of the situation. The District Union has brought the whole situation to the GM Krishnagar but all in vain. In the above circumstances the employees have decided not to attend the office until they have been assured regarding the safety security of themselves.  

UPDATED ON 07-06-2014 AT 1700 HRS.

BSNLCMU WB Circle Circular No. 02/2014. <<Click Here>>

UPDATED ON 06-06-2014 AT 1645 HRS.

The AIBDPA Programme was successfully organised at Kolkata: The agitational programme of the AIBDPA WB Circle on the issue of 78.2% IDA was held at CTO, Kolkata. Later a good number of comrades of BSNLEU, CTO, Kolkata joined the meeting to give solidarity to the agitating pensioners. Com. P.K. Nandy, Dist Secy. AIBDPA, Com. Dilip Das, Leader AIBDPA spoke about how the authority is taking a delay dally tactics in implementing the 78.2% IDA merger to the pensioner in the present situation. Later Com. Animesh Mitra, Deputy GS, BSNLEU, spoke the present stand of the authority on the issue of 78.2% IDA merger. He also spoke over the present situation prevailing in West Bengal Telecom Circle. The meeting was presided over by Com. Hirak Ranjan Sengupta, President, AIBDPA, Kolkata District.  

UPDATED ON 03-06-2014 AT 1200 HRS.

Circle Union met GM (HR-Admn) to settle the long pending issues: The BSNLEU WB Circle Union met GM (HR) on 31st May, 2014, to settle the long pending demands e.g. i) immediate commencement of Ring Circuit in the hills, ii) settlement of long pending BSNLMRS cases, iii) settlement of Rule 38 cases, iv) settlement of NEPP cases, v) immediate commencement of Telephone Bill printing as per the discussion with the Staff Side, vi) HRA case of Asansol SSA etc. Com. Animesh Mitra along with Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Samir Nandy, Prabir Chatterjee, Prabir Ghosh, Mani Chhetri( all BSNLEU WB leaders) and Sujoy Sarkar (DS CGMT-Office) were present in the meeting. The other problems of Darjeeling hills were also raised and discussed in the meeting. The Authority has assured to look into this problems at the earliest.  

UPDATED ON 28-05-2014 AT 1100 HRS.

Collections for AIC Kolkata: The Circle Union has already requested the District Secretaries through Website and Circular to remit their Collections for 7th AIC of BSNLEU, Kolkata to the Circle Union immediately. It is observed that the Districts e.g. CTO, TCO, CGMT-O, CGMT-Tech, ETR, Burdwan, Berhampore, Kharagpur, Malda, Purulia, Raiganj & Suri, have already responded and  deposited their first installment of collections for the AIC to the Circle Union. It is seen that some of the Districts have deposited almost 40-50% of their collections. Therefore  the leaders and organizers of those Districts who have unable to deposit the amount till date, are once again reminded to take all out effort towards the collection and remit the amount to the Circle immediately.    

UPDATED ON 23-05-2014 AT 1330 HRS.

Hearty welcome to Newly recruited TTAs: The BSNL Employees Union WBT Circle heartily welcomes the 90 Odd Direct Recruited TTAs who have joined in different District/SSA in West Bengal Circle including Sikkim after the completion of their training at CTTC Salt Lake. The District/Branch Secretaries of BSNLEU WB Circle are hereby requested to take care of any difficulties of these newcomers in our Circle. The newcomers are also requested to feel free to convey their any difficulties to the District/ Branch Secretaries of BSNLEU of their respective units. It is learnt that a good number of these direct recruited TTAs have already joined BSNL Employees Union. The District Secretaries are once again requested to make contact with these TTAs immediately, explain the history of the formation of BSNL from DOT as well about our views and activities of BSNLEU. The District Secretaries are requested to make a report in this regard to the Circle Union immediately. 

It is totally undesirable: The 16th LS poll is over. It is learnt that the employees working in some of the Offices/Exchanges of BSNL WBT Circle are being attacked by some miscreants, which is totally undesirable.  The employees have not experienced such a situation ever before. In democracy, it is inevitable that one will win another will lose. This should not create any untoward situation in Office/Exchanges. This has to be stopped immediately. The Administration should take adequate measures to protect the employees.

Wake up for Circle Conference & All India Conference: Comrades, you are already aware of the fact that two important tasks are ahead of us. The Circle Conference of BSNLEU WB Circle is going to be held in the month of October, 2014 at Krishnagar and the historical All India Conference of BSNL Employees Union will be held in the month of November, 2014 at Kolkata. We have to take all out effort to make these conferences a great success. The BSNLEU WB Circle from their CWC meeting at Kharagpur has already started the  initial preparations for these conferences and it is to be mentioned also in this regard that the Circle Office Bearer of BSNLEU WB will meet on 30th May, 2014 to discuss various pros & cons in this matter. The District & Branch secretaries are once again requested to go to the employees immediately and collect donations against the coupons distributed so far and remit the same at the earliest to the Circle Union.   

UPDATED ON 20-05-2014 AT 1130 HRS.

The 4th Death Anniversary of Com. Moni Bose held successfully: The BSNL Employees Union West Bengal Circle has successfully conducted the 4th Death Anniversary of Com Moni Bose today at CTO TI Hall Kolkata. At the outset the Photo of Com Moni Bose was garlanded by Com Susanta Ghosh, veteran leader of P & T movement and other leaders and organisers present in the house. The Cultural Team of BSNLEU WB Circle paid their tribute to Com Moni Bose with a "Rabindra Sangeet". The programme was initiated by Com Sapan Chanda, Acting Circle Secretary of BSNLEU WB Circle. Later Comrade Susanta Ghosh, the only speaker of the day spoke to the huge gathering of 150 odd members of BSNLEU WB in the house. Com Ghosh in his speech expressed the experience he had with Com Moni Bose during his Trade Union life and also appealed to the house to follow the qualities of a good Trade Unionist which Com Moni Bose carried throughout his life. The meeting was presided by a presidium of Com Subir Sanyal, Com Prabir Chatterjee and Com S.P. Pande. <<Click for Photos>>  

Observe the 4th Death Anniversary of Comrade Moni Bose in a befitting manner: As per the decision of the Central Executive Committee meeting of the BSNLEU, held at Rajkot, Gujrat, the BSNLEU WB Circle requests all District Secretaries to observe the 4th  Death Anniversary of Comrade Moni Bose today on 19th May, 2014, in a befitting manner. The District Secretaries are also requested to send a report in this regard to the Circle Union positively. The programme of the Circle Union of BSNLEU/WB will be held today at CTO TI Hall, Kolkata. The programme at CTO will start at 1300 hrs. and Comrade Susanta Ghosh, veteran leader of Telecom movement will speak on the occasion.  

UPDATED ON 15-05-2014 AT 1400 HRS.

District Secretaries to note: It is learnt from the records of CHQ that most of the District Unions attached to BSNLEU WB Circle have not remitted their membership subscription quota to the CHQ in time, both in the year 2013 & 2014. The District Secretaries are therefore requested to look in to the matter at the earliest and if it is found that the subscriptions are not remitted in each month then they should at once meet with the respective AO (Cash) and settle the issue. The letter issued by the Corporate Office New Delhi may be  helpful in this case.  It may be recalled that the number of delegates for the AIC will be calculated on the basis of the deposited quota of a District Union for a particular period of time. <<Click here for CO ND ltr>>

UPDATED ON 13-05-2014 AT 1700 HRS.

Collect and remit your collections immediately to Circle Union:  It is already decided by the CHQ that the AIC of the BSNLEU will be held  in the month of November, 2014 at Kolkata. It is needless to mention that a huge amount will be expended to organise the AIC successfully. The BSNLEU WB Circle therefore has decided to take special drive for the collection for AIC and conveyed the message to all the District Secretaries. Till date it is seen that a good number of District Unions have not remitted the amount/part thereof for the purpose of AIC Kolkata.  The District Secretaries are therefore once again requested to collect the donation for the AIC from the members and remit at the earliest to the Circle Union.

UPDATED ON 09-05-2014 AT 1230 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Circle leaders had a very successful meeting with the DRTTAs: The BSNLEU WB Circle leaders met with the Trainee DRTTAs at CTTC  Salt Lake  on 08th May 2014. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay,Treasurer BSNLEU WB and Com Mintu Debbath, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB along with Com Kanchan Mitra, DS  BSNLEU CGMT Tech Dist. were present in the meeting. Com. Chattopadhyay told before the 60 odd DRTTAs regarding the history of the formation of BSNL from DOT, the demands of the employees particularly of the employees who have joined the Department after the formation of BSNL the present scenario of BSNL throughout the country as well in the state and also the attack of the Central Government on BSNL since last couple of years. The young enthusiastic DRTTAs are very much keen to know regarding the situation of the department as well as of the employees. The meeting was initiated by Com Kanchan Mitra and presided by Com Asoke Nagori. <<Click for Pics>> 

UPDATED ON 07-05-2014 AT 1400 HRS.

Circle Union met three CGMs for early solution of various problems: The Circle Secy. BSNLEU WB along with other Circle office bearers met CGMT WB, CGMT ETR & CGMT ETP on 29th April, 2014 and 2nd May,2014 respectively. The burning issues which were brought to the notice of the CGMs are a) immediate settlement of Rule 8 cases, b) settlement of BSNLMRS cases, c) settlement of the issue of Bill printing and distribution, d) development and maintenance of BSNL service in the Circle, d) holding of council meetings at ETP, e) implementation of the decisions taken in the earlier meetings of the Council f) settlement of EPF and ESI problems of the Non regular workers etc. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay accompanied the Circle Secy. during the meeting with CGMT/WB. Com Ashish Das was present during the meeting with CGMT/ETR and Com Madhusudan Saha and Com Goutam Banik were present in the meeting with CGM/ETP. The authority assured the leaders that the cases will be looked into.

Circle Union Met GM(Marketing)/WB Circle:  On 06th May, 2014 Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB Circle along with Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Treasurer BSNLEU/WB, Com Ramprasad Dutta, DS Kolkata SSA and other leaders of Kolkata SSA met with GM (Mktg) and discussed various aspects of Marketing of BSNL products in WBT Circle to increase the earnings. The leaders have discussed the problems pertain to marketing in detail and gave some proposals to strengthen the marketing of BSNL in the Circle. The GM (Mktg.) assured the leaders that all will be explored and necessary steps will be taken to sell BSNL products through various channels to increase earnings. 

UPDATED ON 01-05-2014 AT 1430 HRS.

May Day observed in BSNL Offices/Exchanges throughout WBT Circle. The 128th Anniversary of "Historic May Day" is observed almost in every Office/Exchanges of BSNL in WBT Circle. In the morning the Red Flag was hoisted and Martyrs column was garlanded at KG Bose Smriti Bhawan where Com Dilip Das, Com Animesh Mitra,CS BSNLEU/WB and other comrades were present thereafter at the Circle Union Office at 249D BBG Street, the Red Flag was hoisted by Com Prabir Chatterjee, VP BSNLEU/WB, the leaders present on the occasion paid their homage to the martyrs. Com Animesh Mitra and Com Biplab Das deliberated their short speeches. Later it is reported that the May Day is observed in a befitting manner in the District like Asansol, CTO, TCO, CGMT(O), ETR etc where Com Animesh Mitra, Com. Biplab Das, Com. Asish Das, Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Com. Subrata Mishra and other leaders have deliberated their speeches.   

Circle Leaders met GM Kharagpur on some just issues. The BSNLEU WB Circle leaders met with GM Kharagpur to settle some pending issues of Kharagpur SSA. On 30th April 2014, Com. Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU/WB along with Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Leader BSNLEU/WB, Com Pranab Mitra, DS Kharagpur SSA and leaders of BSNLCMU Kharagpur Dist. had a meeting with Smt. Mardi, GM Kharagpur, in her chamber at GM office Kharagpur. The leaders mainly emphasized regarding 1) Fund Problem, 2) non payment of salary to Contractual workers, 3) non payment of DA/VDA to non regular employees, 4) demand immediate meeting of the Works Committee in the SSA. The GM has assured the leaders that the cases will be looked into.  

Kharagpur District convention held successfully. The district convention of BSNLEU Kharagpur Dist. was held on 30-04-2014 at Bogda Telephone exchange Kharagpur. More than 100 members from every nook and corner of East & West Midnapore District have  gathered to hear from their beloved Leaders. Com Susanta Ghosh,CS AIBDPA/WB, Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Treasurer BSNLEU/WB, Com Omprakash Singh, CS, Telecom Factory, Kolkata and Com Tapas Ghosh, SG AICCWF addressed the convention. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU/WB Circle spoke before the gathering in detail about the recent situation prevails in BSNL and reminded our task to Save BSNL & its employees from the onslaught of Central Govt. on the eve of 16th Parliamentary Election. Com Manik Bra and Com Anupam Saha presided over the meeting. <<Pics>>

UPDATED ON 30-04-2014 AT 1215 HRS.


Observe MAY DAY in a befitting manner : As decided in the available Circle Office bearers meeting that Red Flag of our Union to be hoisted in each and every offices and Telephone Exchanges on May Day. Programmes like Colorful Procession, Group discussion, Convention etc to be organised on the eve of May Day. Accordingly District and Branch Secretaries are requested to take initiative to organise May Day programme. It was also pointed out in the meeting that  this year the May Day has immense significance before the BSNL workers in our state especially when the 16th Parliament Election is going on. It is time to fight against the imperialist forces and the day to take oath to save our BSNL from the Government who has anti-worker policy. So comrades rise to the occasion and fight to save BSNL.  

UPDATED ON 29-04-2014 AT 1700 HRS.

Working Women of BSNLEU WB organised a successful convention at CTO. <<Report with Photos>>

District Level conventions at TCO, ETP & CTTC-QA were a grand success. <<A report with Pics>>

UPDATED ON 26-04-2014 AT 1530 HRS.

District & Branch Unions are organizing conventions successfully throughout WB Circle. <<A report>>

Will the Administration wake up only when Subscribers/Employees get hurt??? <<A News>>

UPDATED ON 23-04-2014 AT 1730 HRS.

WBT Circle will not empanel any NH/Hospital for Kolkata:  To maintain uniformity and single authority in a specific city the BSNL CO ND issued order on 22nd April, 2014 in which it is stated clearly that CGMT WB Circle will not empanel any Nursing Home in Kolkata, on the other hand it will be done by the Kolkata Telephones Circle Authority. But CGMT WB will continue to empanel hospital for the rest of West Bengal other than Kolkata City. The Offices of WBT Circle (including Territorial Circles) situated within Kolkata can enjoy facility of empanelment as per the list of CGM Kolkata Telephones. << Click for CO ND Circular>>

After prolonged persuasion of BSNLEU the BSNL WB Circle has issed order reg BSNLMRS : It is known to all that BSNLEU WB Circle is pressurizing the WBT Authority to settle the pending medical cases for a prolonged period. it is discussed in several meeting with the authority including Circle Council. At last the authority has issued a clear directives in this regard which will be helpful towards the settlement of the cases. Therefore the District/Branch Secretaries are requested to go through the Circular issued by the Circle Office and act accordingly to settle the medical cases. <<Click here for P-1>> <<P-2>>

UPDATED ON 22-04-2014 AT 1700 HRS.

The District Unions attached to BSNLEU WB Circle are collecting donations for AIC: At the call of the Reception Committee of the 6th AIC of BSNLEU, the District/ Branch Unions attached to BSNLEU WB Circle are trying their best to collect donation for the AIC Kolkata. It is learnt that many Districts have already deposited their collections  to the Circle Union. In some places there were donation camps which enthused the employees to donate a good lump to make the AIC a historic one. Therefore the District secretaries who are yet to deposit the donation are requested once again to look into the matter.

UPDATED ON 21-04-2014 AT 1330 HRS.

Bankura  Convention--a Historical one. <<Click Here>>

UPDATED ON 17-04-2014 AT 1800 HRS.

BSNL workers are wanting alternative force who will speak for the working class. <<Click Here>>

TCO District Union has donated a lump for AIC Kolkata. The BSNLEU TCO District Union has donated Rs. 40000/- for AIC Kolkata to Com Animesh Mitra, Jt. Secretary, Reception Committee for the AIC on 16th April, 2014 at CTO TI Hall.   <<Click for Photo>>

Employees of WB Circle have precipitated with full determination to save BSNL in the Circle Level Convention. <<Click here>>

UPDATED ON 15-04-2014 AT 1230 HRS.

Circle Level convention is going to be held on 16th April, 2014 at CTO Kolkata. <<A report>>

UPDATED ON 10-04-2014 AT 1230 HRS.

The Historic Two Days Trade Union Class at CHQ held amidst lot of enthusiasm. The two days Trade Union class, organized by the "K.G. Bose Memorial and Education Trust", was held successfully on 7th & 8th March, 2014 at "KG Bose Bhawan" New Delhi. There were three subjects in two days class viz. a) "Neo Liberal Policies and their impact on Telecom Sector." which was taken by Com P. Abhimanyu, GS, b) "Communal Harmony" by Prof. Rajiv Kunwar, of Delhi University and c) "The history of Trade Union Movement" was explained by Com. VAN Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU. Almost 60 leaders and organizers from the different circles of India have participated in the class. In fine Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, concluded the two days class by conveying CHQs gratitude to the Circle Unions for their participation in the classes and made the effort an effective one. << Click here for Photos>>.

Severe Fund crunch at the very beginning !!!!!  ---- BSNLEU WB Circle reacts. It is learnt that at the very beginning of the current financial year (2014-15) a good number of SSAs attached to BSNL WBT Circle are facing severe fund problem. As a result of which the authority is unable to pay the wages of the Casual/Contractual Workers, fund for maintenance work etc. It is also heard that the EPF Authority is taking away a good lump from the BSNL A/Cs as contributions of employees towards EPF, which are to be paid by the BSNL Authority, and also seized the Bank A/Cs of some of the SSAs which causes lot inconvenience to carry on day to day work in the respective SSAs (e.g. Krishnagar, Kharagpur, Berhampore, Coochbehar etc.). The BSNLEU WB Circle expresses their strong resentment with the indifferent attitude of the Circle authority towards the settlement of these issues which were brought to the notice of the concerned authority much earlier by the Staff Side. The BSNLEU Berhampore District Union has already in the path of Trade Union movement against this unwanted situation. Yesterday Com Samir Nandy (Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB), Com. Prabir Chatterjee (VP, BSNLEU WB) and Com Sujoy Sarkar(DS CGMT Office) met GM (Finance) expressed their strong unhappiness and demanded immediate solution of the problem. The Authority has assured that necessary steps will be taken at the earliest.     

UPDATED ON 09-04-2014 AT 1645 HRS.

CMD BSNL is going to hold a meeting with the Union Representatives regarding 'Merger', "Opening of Tower Company" etc. <<A news in bengali>> 

UPDATED ON 08-04-2014 AT 1145 HRS.

Conventions in different Districts of WB Circle : As per the decision of the Rajkot CEC of BSNLEU the WB Circle has requested the District leaders to conduct conventions on 3 most burning issues of working class of India at present. The issues are a) Communal Harmony, b) against the harmful effects of Neo Liberal Economy, and c) demanding immediate implementation of the 10 point demands raised by the Central TUs. It is learnt that many District Unions of BSNLEU WB Circle,  like Purulia, Bankura, Suri, Malda, Berhampore, Raiganj have decided to organise District level conventions. At the same time the other District Unions like Kolkata, Asansol, Burdwan, Siliguri, Krishnagar have already conducted conventions which were attended by maximum number of employees. At Kolkata the Circle convention will be held on 16th March, 2014 at CTO TI Hall, Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS and Circle Secy. of BSNLEU WB Circle will address the gathering along with other leaders. Let us organize convention at District Level and appraise the employees with the present scenario and make the State Level convention on 16th March a historic one.


UPDATED ON 07-04-2014 AT 1430 HRS.

Branch Conference of BSNLEU Habra Br. held successfully: The Branch Conference of BSNLEU, Habra Br. was held on 05th April, 2014 at Habra Telephone Exchange. After hoisting of Red Flag and garlanding of martyrs column the conference was inaugurated by Com. Biplab Das, Secy. BSNLCC WB.  In the Delegate Session, the Draft Report and Accounts were presented to the house. After threadbare discussions the house has adopted Report and A/Cs accordingly. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Treasurer, BSNLEU/WB Circle was also present in the conference and deliberated his speech to the delegates regarding the duties and responsibilities of BSNL employees to Save BSNL and its workers. He also appealed to the delegates to act accordingly during the coming days. Com. Ramprasad Dutta, Dist. Secy. also spoke to the delegates. The house then unanimously elected Com. Goutam Chatterjee, Com. Asoke Kr. Raha and Com. Amal Chakraborty as President, Branch Secretary & Treasurer respectively  for the next term.

BSNLEU Siliguri District has organised a Seminar to change the development scenario in Darjeeling District. <<A Report>>

UPDATED ON 04-04-2014 AT 1730 HRS.

Circle Secretary BSNLEU WB discussed the Development Scenario of Gangtok SSA with GM Gangtok: The Circle Secretary BSNLEU WB met with GM Gangtok on 31st March, 2014 and conveyed the resentment of the workers which was discussed in the District Conference of Gangtok. Com Mitra told the GM that the decrease of Revenue to the tune of nearly Rupees 1.5 Crore during this year, is not at all desirable. He also complained that holding of development meeting is very much irregular in this division. It seems that unhappiness mind set up of the employees has caused the  deteriorating situation in terms of Revenue Collection in Gangtok division. After a long discussion on different issues the GM has assured that efforts will be taken towards the betterment of the present situation, it was also decided that the Works committee meeting will be held shortly. Comrade T. P. Pradhan, District Secretary Gangtok, who was also present in the meeting assured to extend full support to give better service to the subscribers and at the same time he also requested the GM to settle the Staff problems in Gangtok division. 

BSNLEU WB Circle Circular No. 04 (Bangla)

UPDATED ON 02-04-2014 AT 1600 HRS.

BSNL WB Circle has succeeded to increase income: It is learnt that BSNL WB Circle has been able to increase both Revenue Collection and Gross Collection a little in this financial year (i.e. 2013-2014). In spite of lot of constraints (like non availability of Store Materials, huge cable cuts, ill bill distribution to the subscribers, change of tariff for L/L service etc.) the entire BSNL WB Employees have been able to retain a positive figure so far as the collection is concerned. BSNLEU WB Circle conveys red salute to all for this achievement. It is to be mentioned also that due to sustained persuasion, close vigilance, just interference on different problems by the BSNLEU  leaders and organizers, right from the State to Branch level, WB Circle could make a positive figure in the collection arena. Let us continue struggle to save BSNL unitedly, in the coming days.       

UPDATED ON 31-03-2014 AT 1330 HRS.

Trade Union Class held at Asansol successfully. << A Report>>, <<Click for Pics>>

The District Conference of BSNLEU Jalpaiguri District Union held successfully:  The District Conference of BSNLEU, Jalpaiguri District was held on 29th March, 2014 at GM Office, Jalpaiguri. After hoisting of Red Flag and garlanding of martyrs column the conference was inaugurated by Comrade Amitava Chattopadhyay, Treasurer, BSNLEU WB Circle, narrating the present scenario of BSNL and its workers. Com Chattopadhyay also gave a brief description regarding the present National and State situation and requested the entire gathering to work accordingly in the coming days. Later Com. Sujit Chakraborty (SNEA), Com. Manik Mukherjee, (AIBDPA), Com. Sukhen Sen, (Veteran leader of P & T movement) delivered their valuable speeches. Mr. Arindam Basu, AGM, Jalpaiguri  was also present and spoke to the members in the Open Session. In the Delegate Session, the District Secretary and Treasurer have submitted Draft Report and Accounts to the house. After threadbare discussions the house has adopted Report and A/Cs accordingly. In fine, the house unanimously elected Com. Rebati Mohan Sarkar, Com. Prabir Kr. Ghosh and Com. Anirban Chakraborty as President, Distrct Secretary & Treasurer respectively  for the next term . <<Click for Photos>>

Foundation Day of BSNLEU celebrated with "Blood Donation Camp" at Sainthia by Suri District. <<A report>>.

UPDATED ON 26-03-2014 AT 1600 HRS.

BSNLEU ETR Dist. has organised Trade Union Class. <<News>>. <<Click for Pics>>.

UPDATED ON 25-03-2013 AT 1630 HRS.

Is it a crime to Organise Blood Donation Camp to celebrate the Foundation Day of BSNLEU?? The District Secretary BSNLEU, SURI District has been questioned by the Civil Administration  for organising Blood Donation Camp on 22nd March, 2014 at Sainthia, on the eve of the 14th Foundation Day of BSNL Employees Union. It is learnt that the Civil Administration is not at all satisfied with this attitude of BSNLEU, Suri District, though the District Union has obtained  prior permission from the Authority in writings to conduct this programme.  The entire employees of Suri SSA is surprised with the attitude of the Administration and they have expressed their strong resentment in this issue.

The District Conference of BSNLEU Durgapur and Berhampore District Unions held successfullt: a) The District Conference of BSNLEU, Durgapur District was held on 23rd March, 2014 at Durgapur City Centre Office. After hoisting of Red Flag and garlanding of martyrs column the conference was inaugurated by Comrade Dhananjoy Ganguly, Senior Leader of BSNLEU WB Circle. later Com. Subrata Sinha (BEFI), Com Uday Ghosh (12TH Ju