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UPDATED ON 20-07-2017 AT 2030 HRS.

"Wage Revision"-----No news regarding BSNL Employees -Strengthen propaganda for One Day Strike: The media has focused regarding the 3rd PRC. No remarkable commitment was there for the BSNL Employees (both for the executives & non executives). We are still in dark whether the Government has taken some positive approach particularly on the "Affordability Clause" or not that is why the media is quite silent on the issue which is very important for the wage revision of BSNL workers So Comrades we have to strengthen our propaganda for the ensuing one day strike with our best efforts and make the strike successful.

Transfer issue of DR JEs--Circle Union intervenes: A good number of DR JEs (erstwhile TTAs)  who have performed more than 3 years service as DR JEs  working at  different field units like Jalpaiguri, Asansol, Purulia, Kalimpomg, Alipurduar, Kolkata have already applied for Transfer (Rule8/Prayer). But the  Circle Administration on the plea of 5yrs service and Circle Cadre clause expressed their hesitation to consider their prayer. Com Animesh Mitra CS BSNLEU WB today met GM (HR) and expressed his strong resentment on the issue and demanded settlement of the problem at the earliest. On spot the GM (HR) calls upon AGM (HR) and instructed to submit the concerned file immediately so the administration can take a positive decision to solve the issue. We are hopeful that the management will consider the transfer cases for eligible DR JEs.     


Effective GB Meeting organised by CGMT Office District Union in support of 27th July, 2017 Strike : Today a GB meeting was organized by CGMT Office District Union in support of the One Day Strike on 27th July, 2017. The meeting was held at TRC of CGMT where good number of members assembled. The meeting was presided over by the District President Com. Samir Nandi. Com. Sujoy Sarkar, District Secretary initiated the proceeding. He described that it is the members who urged upon to convene this meeting on the eve of one day strike. He said there was a great urge amongst the members to know about their role in the strike as well as the present position of the wage revision. Com. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary was the main speaker. Com. Jhumur Bandyopadhyay, Asstt. Dist. Secretary described before the members the necessity of the strike and reported in nutshell about the women's convention at Hyderabad. Com. Animesh Mitra spoke elaborately  about the role of the Central and the State Govt. to destroy the workers unity in regard to the united struggle. He opined that the employees of CGMT office have a glorious history of struggle so this time also they will surely carry forward their glorious past. He also urged upon the members not to bow down before the authority to achieve our demand but through struggle we will achieve our goal, which will be much glorious for us. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle Secretary greeted the GB meting. << Photos>>   

UPDATED ON 19-07-2017 AT 2015 HRS.

Inspiring demonstration programme held at Kolkata SSA: The BSNLCMU Kolkata District had an effective and impressive gathering of nearly 400 Casual/Contractual workers before the chamber of GM Kolkata at CTO Building today. The huge demonstration raised the issues like a) Rs. 18000/- wage as per 7th CPC for the Casual workers, b) extension of Gratuity, EPF/ESI and other social securities for the Casual/Contractual workers, c) timely payment of monthly wages, d) issuance of Identity Card for the non regular workers etc. in the programme. Com Goutam Das DS BSNLCMU, Akhilesh Banerjee & Tarak Kundu both ACS BSNLCMU WB, Manik Sarkar, DS BSNLEU Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle Secy BSNLEU WB Circle  and Tapas Ghosh CS BSNLCMU WB spoke on the occasion. A delegation of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Kolkata District met GM Kolkata  during the demonstration and demanded early settlement of the issues. GM Kolkata gave a patient hearing and assured the leaders to meet again in the first week of August, 2017. The demonstration programme ended with a huge rally. Com Pankaj Saha, Ramprasad Dutta and Kalyan Raha presided over the meeting. <Click for Photos>      

Marvelous General Body meeting held at Bankura: At the call of BSNLEU, BSNLCMU & AIBDPA Bankura District an excellent  joint meeting was held at the TDM Office Bankura on 18th July, 2017. Hundreds of regular, non regular employees and pensioners have attended the meeting from every part of the District. The meeting started at 1400 hrs. where Com Dilip Pal, District Secretary, BSNLEU Bankura initiated meeting with his valuable speech. Later Com Santosh Goswami, ACS BSNLCMU WB described the present unsettled problems and the demands of the non regular workers. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secy. BSNLEU WB & Secy. General BSNLCCWF elaborately described the present scenario of BSNL, latest information about wage revision, problems of the regular & non regular employees and the ongoing atrocities going on in BSNL office/exchanges throughout the Circle. Com Mitra also called upon the employees to keep unity and to fight tooth & nail to achieve our legitimate demand of the hour i.e. wage revision/pension revision for the regular employees/pensioners revised wage for the non regular employees etc. The meeting was presided over by Com D.D. Mandi, President BSNLEU Bankura District. <Click for Photos>

Impressive Mass gathering of Casual/Contractual Workers held at Kharagpur GM office: The BSNLCMU Kharagpur District had an impressive mass meeting and demonstration programme at GM Office, Kharagpur on 18th July, 2017. More than 250 Casual/Contractual workers of all categories assembled from all the parts of East & West Midnapur District participated in the demonstration programme. Tarak Kundu, ACS, BSNLCMU, Sanjib Debnath, Dist Secy. BSNLCMU, Anupam Saha, Debkumar Pal, AIBDPA KGP and Susanta Ghosh, Leader AIBDPA spoke on the occasion. Com Pankaj Jana, Dist. Secy. BSNLEU Kharagpur initiated the demonstration programme. A delegation lead by Com. Tarak Kundu met GM Kharagpur and highlighted the unsettled issues of the non regular for early settlement. Com Sajal Porey, President BSNLCMU Kharagpur presided over the demonstration meeting. <Click for Photos>   

UPDATED ON 18-07-2017 AT 1615 HRS.

Effective Extended CWC of BSNLEU WB Circle held: The two day extended Circle Working Cmmittee meeting of BSNLEU, WB circle held on 16th and 17th July, 2017 at Durgapur. The meeting started jubilantly on 16th July at 11 A.M. The district union of hills of Sikkim and Darjeeling could not attend the meeting for obvious reason. Out of 23 districts 19 districts attended the extended CWC meeting. About 100 delegates (Circle office bearers, District secretaries and Branch secretaries) were present. The meeting started with hoisting of Red flag of our union by Circle president Com. Nazes Nauroz and the Martyrs  column was garlanded by Circle President Com. Nazes Nouroz and Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary alongwith other comrades. The meeting was inaugurated by Com. Dhananjoy Ganguly, Veteran Leader of Telecom movement. Com. Sunil Garai, District Secretary, Durgapur welcomed the delegates. Com. Santosh Deb Roy, Local MLA greeted the extended CWC meeting. Com. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary initiated the proceedings and placed a report of activities for last six months after the Circle conference and our task before us in the light of one day strike on 27th July, 2017.Com. Saibal Sengupta, Asstt. General Secretary, CHQ attended the meeting and deliberated his valuable speech. He appreciated the preparation and determination of the delegates to make the one day strike on 27th July, 2017. Com. Pijush Chakraborty, Circle Secretary, AIBDPA, WB Circle attend and greeted the extended CWC meeting. The extended meeting was ended with an open session at the DGM Office arena followed by a colourful rally in Durgapur City Centre area. About 50 delegates and 4 Circle office bearers took part in the deliberation. The delegates unanimously declared with determination to make the one day strike on 27th July, 2017 a grand success under any circumstances, amidst of adverse political situation prevailing in West Bengal. <Click for Photos>.   

UPDATED ON 14-07-2017 AT 1830 HRS.

Kolkata SSA organised an impressive gathering: The BSNLEU Kolkata SSA District union arranged demonstration programme before the chamber of the GM Kolkata SSA at CTO building to resolve the pending issues of the SSA as well as the burning problems of the employees. A good number of  workers from all the branches have participated in the demonstration programme. Com Maniklal Das, Dist. Secy. Kolkata SSA initiated the proceedings and detailed the problems to the demonstrators. All the Branch Secretaries Com. Chiranjib Sen (South Br.), Asish Gupta (Howrah Hooghly Br.), Subhas Dey (Bongaon Br.), Niranjan Sarkar (Basirhat Br.) and Goutam Chatterjee( Habra Br.)  were present in the meeting and deliberated their speeches. The BSNLCMU District leaders were also present in the meeting and Com. Goutam Das, Dist. Secy. addressed the gathering. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secy. BSNLEU WB gave a inspiring speech in the demonstration programme. Com Mitra emphasized particularly on the present scenario regarding Wage Revision & Pension Revision from 01/01/2017 and calls upon everyone to join the one day strike on 27th July 2017. Com. Ramprasad Dutta, Br. Secy. Kolkata Engg. Br. and VP Kolkata SSA presided over the demonstration.   

Photos of the huge participation in Hunger Strike programme throughout West Bengal Circle: <Click>

UPDATED ON 13-07-2017 AT 1830 HRS.

Overwhelming participation in the "Hunger Strike" programme throughout the Circle: Today at the call of Unions and Associations, New Delhi a Hunger Strike programme was held throughout West Bengal Telecom Circle with great enthusiasm amongst the workers. So far last information received by Circle Union that the programme was held at Burdwan, Coochbehar, CTO Building (organised by CGMT & TCO Districts), Gangtok, Jalpiguri, Siliguri, Malda, Assansol, Kharagpur, Bankura, Durgapur, Krishnagar, Berhampore, Suri, Purulia, CTTC,  ETR, ETP and Kolkata SSA. In Kolkata leaders of NFTE(BSNL) Com Tapan Biswas,  SNEA Com Tapas Ghosh, SNATTA Com Amit Khan, AIGETOA Com Prashant Jain and SEWA-BSNL Com Partha Das took part in the Hunger strike along with their members and deliberated their valuable speeches. It is significant to note that ignoring the present attack and atrocities on our members the employees assembled in the Hunger Strike in huge numbers. Com. Animseh Mitra Convener of Unions and Associations , West Bengal Circle spoke at CTTC, ETP, ETR, Kolkata SSA and at CTO building. He appreciated the role of the members in this programme. He calls upon everybody to get united in the coming days to achieve our target.  He requested the workers to make the one day strike on 27th July, 2017 a grand success. All our District secretaries were the main speakers in their respective districts.

UPDATED ON 12-07-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

Observe tomorrow's Hunger Strike programme with all seriousness: As per the decision of the Unions/Associations there will be Hunger Strike programme tomorrow in BSNL Office/Exchange throughout the Country for the settlement of Wage Revision w.e.f. 01/01/2017. Circle Union has already issued a Circular in this regard. District/Branch Secys. are therefore once again requested to organise the Hunger Strike programme with maximum number of employees.

Extended District working committee meeting held at Burdwan: The BSNLEU Burdwan District had a very impressive extended District working committee meeting on 11th july 2017 at Burdwan Telephone exchange. Com. Nazes Nauraz, President BSNLEU WB was present in the meeting and elaborately narrated the the present situation.  He also emphasized the ensuing struggle of BSNL employees to achieve wage and pension revision. Com. Surajit Dutta District Secretary highlighted issues for discussion. The leaders of the District working committee including all the Branch secretaries took part in the discussion and delivered their views. In fine the District union has chalked out some programme and  to implement those decisions with  all seriousness. Com. Manik Das, leader BSNLEU delivered his views in the meeting. Com. Prabir Das organising   secretary BSNLEU WB and president Burdwan District presided over the meeting. <Click Here>.

District Union Coochbehar met new TDM: The BSNLEU Coochbehar District  had a courtesy meeting with the new TDM of Coochbehar, Mr. Behera who took the chair today. During discussion Com. Krishna Mitra, Dist. Secy. and Anju Konar, Treasurer along with the DWC members highlighted the issues like a) Poor development scenario of BSNL in the SSA, b) unsettled problems of the employees (both regular& non regular) and pensioners,  c) atrocities within the BSNL Office/Exchanges throughout the SSA etc. before the new TDM. The TDM gave a patient hearing to our leaders and assured to look in to the problems.  

UPDATED ON 11-07-2017 AT 1945 HRS.

Glorious and historic Working Women convention held at Hyderabad: The working women convention of BSNL was held on 8th July, 2017 at "Telegu University" Auditorium Hyderabad. Com. J. Sampat Rao, CS Telengana Circle welcomed the Women delegates. Com K. Hemlatha President CITU inaugurated the convention and told the house regarding the present socio economic condition of Women in our country. She calls upon the working women to be united to fight out the anti workers policies of the Government. She also told regarding the glorious role of the working women in the organisational work. She highly appreciated the effort of BSNLEU to organise Working Women Convention in BSNL. Com. Rama Devi, VP CITU Telengana and Usha Devi , Ex. Professor, Telegu University spoke in the inaugural session. Com P.Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU placed a draft work paper for discussion. Altogether 18 women delegates from 17 Circles deliberated their speeches in the convention. About 250 delegates participated in the convention from allover India. Com. Mamata Sarkar, Sutapa Roy, Jhumur Bandyopadhyay, Anjana Banerjee and Banani Chattopadhyay have attended the convention. Com Banani Chattopadhyay deliberated her speech on behalf of WB Circle. Com Swapan Chakraborty Dy. GS, BSNLEU and Animesh Mitra, Secy. General BSNLCCWF also spoke in the convention. The convention was presided by Com Balbir Singh, President BSNLEU, Com. Sunithi Choudhury, OS BSNLEU, Com. Vagyalaxmi (Kerala), Com. Sarmila Dutta (CTD), Com Prema (Tamilnadu), and Com Padmabati (Telengana) respectively.  <Click for Photos>  

BSNLEU, WB Circle conveys Red Salute to the Newly elected members of the Working Women Coordination Committee: The BSNLEU WB Circle conveys heartfelt greetings to the newly elected team of the BSNL Working Women Coordination Commitee. It is our pleasure to announce that Com. Banani Chattopadhyay, Vice-President, BSNLEU, WB has been elected as one of the  Joint Convenors of All India BSNL Working Women's Coordination Committee from the Convention of All India BSNL Working Women held at Hyderadad. Circle Union congratulates Com. Banani and wishes her all the success. 

Photos of the joint meeting, Siliguri  held on 9th July, 2017:  <Click>

UPDATED ON 10-07-2017 AT 1900 HRS.

Enthusiastic Meeting held at Siliguri : An enthusiastic meeting held at Siliguri on 9th July, 2017 amidst of bad whether. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, WB and Com. Tapas Ghosh, Circle Secretary, BSNLCMU, WB were the main speaker. A good number of workers assembled in the meeting to hear their beloved Circle Secretary. Com. Animesh Mitra spoke elaborately about the present situation. He also apprised the members about the present position of the wage revision and task ahead of us. Com. Tapas Ghosh emphasized on the unity of the workers. Com. Bipul Chakraborty, Leader AIBDPA and Com. K.R. Yadav, Leader AIBDPA spoke before gathering. Com. Badal Ghosh, District Secretary spoke about the situation prevailing at Siliguri and on other local problems.  

BSNL Employees of Hills of Darjeeling are in great sufferings : Com. Circle Secretary, Animesh Mitra was informed by the comrades of hills about the miseries and sufferings of the employees of the hills of Darjeeling. He was informed that amongst all the odds our workers are trying their best to keep the BSNL service running. He was also informed that the employees are running out of food, fuel and drinking water. The local civil administration is not helping our employees and their families. It was learnt that due to non availability of fuel the generator could not be run as such the telephone exchange at various places are on the verge of shut down. BTS are not working. Our employees and our customer are facing much difficulty to communicate. Circle Secretary, Com. Animesh Mitra, along with Debashis Khan, Vice-president met CGMT today and apprised of the whole situation of the hills of Darjeeling. Circle Secretary requested CGMT that necessary steps to be taken so that the local Civil administration helps our employees and their families. CGMT gave a patient hearing and assured to do the needful. A letter was handed over to CGMT in this regard.  

UPDATED ON 04-07-2017 AT 1945 HRS.

Employees are not getting their Basic Amenities-----Where is the Administration???? It is really a matter of shame that the employees of different SSAs throughout WBT Circle are deprived of getting Basic Amenities. The Circle Union has already taken up the issue with the CGM, Sr. GM (Fin), GM (HR-Admn) and discussed the matter in detail. It is most unfortunate that on the plea of ERP and Fund Crunch the authority could not streamlined the process till date. Already Berhampore SSA has launched sustained struggle to achieve the demand. Recently the BSNLEU Bankura Dist. also taking resort to Trade Union action against these ignorance of the administration to settle the demand. From these incidents the employees are enquiring whether any administration persists in BSNL WBT or not????  

After Sustained persuasion by BSNLEU WB the Authority compelled to issue order for TM Examination: Due to continuous persuasion of the Circle Union the WBT Authority at last endorsed the Examination schedule for Telecom Technician (erstwhile TM) for the vacancy year up to 31/03/2017.  The schedule for the TT examination  was announced much earlier by the Corporate Office but it is really unfortunate that due to utter reluctance of the Circle authority the order was not endorsed. However Circle Union was pressurizing the administration and ultimately the order issued. As per the schedule, the District Secretaries are requested to note the following information and take necessary action in this regard------a) Starting Date of Registration>>>>> 01-07-2017, b) Closing Date of Registration>>>> 21-07-2017, c) Date of Examination>>>> 20-08-2017.  <Click for Order>.

Alipurduar Branch Conference held successfully: The 10th Branch Conference of BSNLEU Alipurduar Branch held on 01st July, 2017 at Alipurduar Telephone Exchange. The conference started at 11 A.M. with hoisting of Red Flag and garlanding of martyrs column by the leaders and members. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle Secy. inaugurated the conference. Com Banani Chattopadhyay, VP, BSNLEU WB and Somen Ch. Roy. District Secretary also delivered their speeches. The speakers highlighted the present scenario  of BSNL as well as the duties and responsibilities of the BSNL Employees at the present juncture. The  issues like  Wage revision, poor scenario of BSNL service, attack on the Trade Union rights  etc. were also detailed by the speakers. The Draft report and Accounts were tabled by  Br. Secy. Com Pankaj Pal. A good number of  young energetic DR JEs were present in the conference. After day long deliberations the house has elected Com Ratan Kar, Sanjib Bose and A. Tewari as Br. President, Secretary & Treasurer respectively for the next term.  <Photos>

UPDATED ON 03-07-2017 AT 1930 HRS.

Circle Union extends fullest support to the movement for Wage Revision: Today BSNLEU, WB extended fullest support to the movement of relay hunger strike of NFTE (BSNL) & SEWA for wage revision. A team of circle union of BSNLEU went to the spot,  the chamber of CGMT, WB,  where the huger strike programme was organized by NFTE(BSNL) & SEWA. Com. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, WB along with other comrades spent some time with the comrades who were in huger strike to extend solidarity to the movement of hunger strike.

At last the Annual General Meeting of CTO CCS held on Saturday i.e. on 1st July, 2017 : After forceful postponement of the Annual General Meeting of CTO, CCS on 24.06.2017 by the leaders and members of SU (erstwhile TEU) Union along with the outsiders, the adjourned Annual General Meeting of CTO CCS held on 1st July, 2017. The sanctity of the 105 years old organization was tarnished by some unlawful arrogant workers on 24/06/2017. At once the entire employees in CTO building and in and around CTO assembled in the chamber of CGMT on 24th and protested against such heinous attack on CCS. They also urged upon CGMT to provide immediate safety and security of the employees and exemplary punishment against the miscreants. The CTO CCS ably stood beside the employees in need. The Society at present has around 1200 members throughout WB Telecom Circle. However CGMT , Sri Shyam Narain stood firm on the occasion and as such the Annual General Meeting of CCS held on 01st July, 2017. 


UPDATED ON 01-07-2017 AT 2015 HRS.

Ignoring the threats and attacks the employees assembled in Protest Day in all over West Bengal : Today at the call of  BSNLEU, WB Circle Protest Day was observed against the attacks carried out  on the employees through out West Bengal Telecom Circle. Good numbers of employees with a strong determination not to bow down before the threats and attacks of the miscreants assembled in each of the programme.

In Kolkata at CTO building, CGMT Office, ETR and in the office of ETP, Ultadanga a very enthusiastic programme was held. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary spoke before the huge gathering at CGMT office. Com. Samir Nandi presided over the meeting. It is to note that in the late hours of Saturday a good number of employees were waiting to hear our beloved Circle Secretary. Com. Sujoy Sarkar, Dist Secy. also spoke at CGMT office. Com. Manik Sarkar, Dist. Secy. Kolkata SSA and Com Ramprasad Dutta, Branch Secy., Kolkata Engg. Branch spoke before the gathering at CTO building. The programme was presided over by Com. Anindya Kr Sarkar, Org. Secy., BSNLEU, WB. Com. Asis Das, Dist Secy, ETR Dist. and Com. Goutam Banik, Dist Secy. spoke before the employees at ETR and ETP district respectively.    

As per last intimation received that at Coochbehar a massive gathering was held at the office of the TDM. Members who left us under the threat of the TEU and side goons they also assembled in good numbers in the gathering. Com. Krishna Mitra, District Secretary spoke before the gathering and congratulate all who participated in the protest day. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle was the main speaker. Com. Banani Chattopadhyay, Org. Secy., Com. Ujjal Ghosh, Org Secy., Circle union and Com. Soumen Chandra Roy, Dist., Secy., Jalpaiguri spoke before the huge gathering.

Attacks On Trade Union right condemned through protest agitation throughout the Circle: As per the call of BSNLEU, CHQ, attacks on Trade union right has  strongly been condemned by the employees of workers through out West Bengal Telecom Circle. The role of the corporate office also been strongly criticized since corporate office issued the order for ban on all Trade Union activities in BSNL office. The attacks has been carried out by the corporate office when the employees are trying to revive BSNL and fighting for the next Wage and Pension revision. It is understood that the management is trying to destroy the unity of the workers. But it is to be noted that the workers are united and they are determined to get a good wage and pension revision.          

UPDATED ON 29-06-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

Management is taking serious action for holding Circle Council meeting at Various level : BSNL Employees is strongly perusing to the management to hold the Circle Council meeting without further delay. Only the CGMT, WB circle organized the Circle Council meeting on 3rd February, 2017. Circle Secretary met CGM, WB Circle and GM( HR) for holding the next Circle Council meeting. The management has assured that the meeting will be held on 3rd week of of July. In the same tune CS met with CGM (ETP) and CGM (ETR) in the last week for holding Circle Council meeting at the earliest. Management of the ETP circle has already notified the date of Circle Council meeting on 22nd July, 2017. It is also learnt that the management of ETR circle is also trying to hold the Circle Council meeting in the end of July. All District and Branch Secretaries are requested to send their staff problems to the Circle union so that we could include the same as agenda items for the next circle council meetings for all the circles, WB, ETR and ETP circle. Circle administration has issued a strong letter to all SSA heads for holding the Local, council meeting, Welfare meeting, Works committee meting etc. without further delay. It is the result of the continuous struggle of BSNLEU circle union.

Poster  for the 27th July Strike : Posters of one Day strike on 27th July, 2017 has been published by CHQ.  Circle Union has also published posters for the same. District Secretaries are also requested to   print posters of their own locally. Accordingly a specimen copy of the poster given for ready reference. A copy can be obtained from CHQ web site also. < View>

A Great Barricade before Development & Maintenance work due to the order of Corporate Office to Stop Temporary Advance : Corporate Office has issued order to stop payment of Temporary Advance from 26th June, 2017. For the want of temporary advance the day to day maintenance work has practically been stopped. The field level officers are in dark and the employees who are involved in maintenance work through temporary advance are also in dilemma. The order has been issued by the ERP Section, Corporate Office on 14th June, 2017. It is also learnt that GST has been taken in to account in r/o Temporary Advance. The question has been arisen that the Temporary Advance is going to be stopped for ever or on temporary measure it is stopped. Circle Secretary, Com. Animesh Mitra met CGMT and GM(Finance), WB and raised the issue of Temporary Advance. They said that after enquiry at the corporate office they will be in a position to reply on the issue.

UPDATED ON 28-06-2017 AT 1940 HRS.

Leaders of BSNLEU and AIBDPA met with CCA : Circle secretary along with the leaders of AIBDPA, WB met with CCA Sri Avoy Singh on 19th June, 2017 and discussed the issues relating to pension. Complaints were lodged with  the CCA authority that a good number of pensioners are yet to get their 78.2% IDA merger. On discussion it was reported that the pensioners are not getting pension or the PPO books from bank or post office, in time,  though the retired employees have already received the sanction memo of Pension. Sri Avoy Singh, CCA has assured that a meeting can be arranged with the banks and post offices to discuss the problems for the delay of issuance of PPO book. It is learnt that the CCA authority is interested to keep all the service books of the retired employees i.e the DOT employees and the absorbed in BSNL. The leaders of AIBDPA and BSNLEU had stressed upon Sri Singh for early payment of pension after retirement. The leaders also raised the issue of timely payment of GPF withdrawal.  In reply the CCA assured that both the Nodal officer maintain close coordination so there will be no problem in GPF withdrawal.  

Extended Circle Working Committee Meeting at Durgapur : Comrade after the 7th Circle Conference at Kolkata, the first Extended Circle Working Committee will be held at Durgapur on 16th & 17th July, 2017. The Extended CWC meeting has enormous significance before the on day strike on 27th July, 2017 for the demand of wage revision in BSNL. District secretaries are requested that their branch secretaries attend this meting. Comrades of North Bengal and Sikkim are requested to purchase their train tickets. <<View Notice>>

Attacks on Trade Union Movement - Arrange Massive Demonstration Programme on 1st July and Withdraw Cooperation to the Management : In West Bengal the employees are being threatened and under the attack of Ruling party Trade union along with the outside TMC goons. Even the lady comrades are not being spared from this attack by these miscreants. Our comrades are fighting tooth and nail against these miscreants through out the circle. Working atmosphere in the offices are being hampered a lot. This attacks have been aggravated in connection with the change over of membership. Similarly attacks have carried out by the corporate office on the Trade Union rights. Corporate Office has banned all Trade Union activities like rally, dharna and demonstration programme etc. in side BSNL offices. We have protested on 20th June, 2017 against such decision of the corporate office through one day Dharna programme. But the management is totally arrogant on  the issue. In protest of the curtailment of the fundamental rights of the employees as well as the Trade Union, CHQ has decided to withdraw all cooperation to the management from 1st  July, 2017. Accordingly Circle Union has decided to withdraw all sort of cooperation to the management at all level. Therefore, District secretaries are requested to to withdraw cooperation to the management through massive lunch hour protest demonstration on 1st July, 2017.     


UPDATED ON 23-06-2017 AT 2015 HRS.

Fabulous and spirited Civil Wing District Conference held today at Kolkata: The District Conference of BSNLEU Civil Wing held at CTO Union Room Kolkata today. A good number of members attended the conference. After the hoisting of Red Flag of BSNLEU and paying homage to the martyrs the conference was inaugurated by Com Sujoy Sarkar. Com Sarkar in this speech highlighted the present scenario of BSNL, demands of the employees including wage revision from 1/1/2017, recent atrocities within BSNL Office/exchange in the Circle. The Draft report and Accounts were placed in the house and discussion held. Com Avijit Guha, Ajit Ghosh and otheres took part in the discussion. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB attended the conference and narrated in detail regarding the duties and responsibilities of the BSNL employees at the present juncture. Com Subir Sanyal, Leader AIBDPA and Akhilesh Banerjee, ACS BSNLCMU spoke on the occasion. After discussion on various issues at length Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS, BSNLEU WB deliberated his speech. In fine the house unanimously elected Com Subrata Roy, Nazes Nauroz, Tarun Basak were elected as District President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The conference was presided by a presidium lead by Com Subrata Roy. <Click for Photos>.

BSNLEU Berhampore conducted a successful dharna programme to settle local problems: The BSNLEU Berhampore Dist. had a very successful dharna programme on 22nd June, 2017 in front of the TDM's chamber against the poor service condition of BSNL throughout the SSA, repairing of BTSs & Cards, demanding betterment of CSCs in the SSA, and to settle the long pending burning problems of the SSA. Com Sekhar Sarkar, District Secretary and other leaders of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU detailed the problems of the SSA to the agitating members and congratulated them for their participation in the Dharna. Com Mamata Sarkar, Presided over the Dharna programme. Later a delegation met TDM who gave a patient hearing and assured the leaders to take necessary action to resolve the issues.  <Photos>

BSNLEU & BSNLCMU ETR Dist. organised strong demonstration programme in front of CGMT ETR: The BSNLEU and BSNLCMU of ETR Division took a hunger fast programme in front of CGM ETR on 21st June for non payment of Contract employees salary. On this issue already a memorandum was given to the authority as the Contractors are disobeying the conditions of tender documents. On 21st the contract employees from Krishnagar, Debagram, Amta, Salkia, Maintenance office, RNMS office and AGM office assembled before the chamber of the CGMT ETR. BSNLCMU ETR Divisional Secretary Sukanta Saha initiated the programme and discusses the contract employees problems in ETR. The leaders, Ashis Kumar Das Branch Secretary Terity Bazar, Swapan Dey Branch Secretary Telephone Bhavan, Sanjiv Paria BSNLCMU, Animesh Mitra Circle Secretary, Amitava Chatterjee Asstt Circle Secretary and Asis Das ETR Divisional Secretary also spoke in the programme. Later a delegation led by Animesh Mitra met CGM ETR and narated the situation. C G M had a patient hearing and informed that he already taken the issue with Corporate office. He requested to withdraw the hunger fast as he directed DFA to allotted fund which he received already from Delhi. DFA informed that all necessary arrangements for payment will be made shortly. The Divisional Union congratulated all the employees for their united programme.


UPDATED ON 22-06-2017 AT 1830 HRS.

Training of TEs who are promoted to the post of JTO - Circle Union met GM(HR)  : Circle Secretary Com. Animesh Mitra along with SNATTA  met GM(HR) in regard to the training of the JEs (TTA) who are promoted to the post of JTO. He discussed about the 42 JEs who are waiting for under going training. He urged upon GM(HR) to start the training immediately since in the meantime 2 batches have completed their training. In reply GM(HR) said that the administration has already requisitioned for training schedule to Jabalpur training center. She also told that the training schedule has been declared by Jabalpur and the training will start at Lucknow and at Kolkata from July, 2017.   

Administration failed to pay even the stipend of the DR JEs---Circle Union intervenes: More than 100 DR JEs of WBT Circle have almost completed their Training in 3 Training centres of Jaipur, Pune & Kalyani. The first and second batch are at present busy with their field training.  The trainees who were in Jaipur Training Centre did not get their stipend for the period 01/05/2017 to 09/06/2017 till date. It is the responsibility of the Administration to pay the stipend of the  trainees in time. But it is utterly unfortunate that both the WBT Circle and Training Centre Jaipur could not take a decision till date that who will pay the amount to the trainees. When the Circle Union took up the issue and met GM (HR) and expressed strong resentment then GM (HR) assured that all possible efforts will be taken so that the DR JEs may get their stipend along with their salary for the next month. This once again proves the reluctance and callousness of the Authority.

Circle Union has to fight every month for the wages of the non regular workers: It becomes a regular practice that without agitation the Non regular workers will not get their monthly wage in WBT Circle. The administration fails to receive the amount pertain to both "Repair Maintenance" and "Temporary Advance" almost in every month. As a result the day to day maintenance has almost stopped in the circle at the same time the unlisted workers, job contract workers and security guards are not deprived of getting their wages months together. Circle Union took up the issue with the new CGM on 16th June and demanded payment of these workers within a stipulated time period in every month. The CGM told the leaders that the CGM himself met GM (B&FCI) at CO New Delhi on the second week of June. Yesterday both Com P. Abhimanyu took up the issue at Corporate Office New Delhi and  Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB  met GM (Fin) WBT and in the face of sustained effort of both the leaders the CO ND ultimately issued a part of the required money. In view of this the Dist Secretaries of both BSNLEU & BSNLCMU WB are requested to take up the issue seriously at the SSA/Dist level so that the payment can be made to the non regular workers at the earliest.

UPDATED ON 21-06-2017 AT 1145 HRS.

More views of the sensational Dharna programme held yesterday: <Photos>

UPDATED ON 20-06-2017 AT 1945 HRS.

Overwhelming Dharna Demonstration programme, created a new dimension of struggle for Wage Revision: So far the news came in at the Circle Union that massive gathering held at office and exchanges throughout West Bengal Telecom Circle. The gathering held ignoring the threat of the out side goons and some pro Govt. organisation. In all over WBTC the members of Unions and Associations assembled to start the process of Wage Revision immediately. In Kolkata the programme was held centrally in CTO building. Com. Nazes Nouroz presided over the meeting. A massive rally was held at CTO building before the Dharna Programme started. Members and leaders of all the unions and associations were present in the programme. Com Animesh Mitra, the convener of unions and associations spoke before the huge gathering. He pointed on various issues mainly the role of the Central Govt. in regard to Wage Revision of the BSNL employees. He requested all to be united and only the united struggle could achieve our demand of wage revision. In this occasion Com. Amit Chakraborty, FNTO, Com. Dilip Deb, NFTE(BSNL), Com. Somnath Mondal, SNATTA, Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, BSNLEU WB Circle spoke before the audience. <Click for Photos>

UPDATED ON 19-06-2017 AT 1845 HRS.

Intimation letter for Dharna Programme on 20th June, 2017 submitted to CGMT WB: <Click here>

Raniganj made a new history: A jubilant and enthusiastic 11TH Branch Conference of BSNLEU Raniganj was held on 18th June, 2017 at Raniganj Telephone Exchange. After hoisting of Red Flag and paying homage to Martyrs the conference was inaugurated by Com Subrata Mishra, Dist. Secy. Asansol & Asstt. Circle Secy. BSNLEU WB Circle. Com Kajal Chakraborty Leader SNEA, greeted the conference. Com Ramadhar Singh, Sutapa Roy, both ADS Asansol Dist. Netai Mann, Leader BSNLEU Asansol West Br., Mridul Kanti Chatterjee Leader AIBDPA Asansol and Pradip Malkhandy, Dist. Secy. BSNLCMU Asansol Dist. spoke on the occasion. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB was present in the conference where he described the duties & responsibilities of BSNL Employees on the eve of the present scenario. Com Mitra told the house how the BSNL Authority as well as the Central Govt. are trying to deprive the BSNL employees to get wage revision from 01st January, 2017. He told that only with the help of sustained united  struggle of the employees the demand can be achieved. He also highlighted the recent atrocities going on in BSNL exchange/office throughout the State and requested everybody to get united to resist the situation. Ignoring adverse weather condition the assemblage of the employees in the branch conference was overwhelming. Com Dipak Chakraborty, presided over the conference. <Click for Photos>

Organise "Dharna Programme" effectively on 20th June: At the call of all the Unions & Associations the BSNL employees will go on series of Trade Union programme to settle the demand of "Wage Revision" throughout India. The first programme of 'Dharna' will  take place tomorrow on 20th June, 2017 as per the schedule. District Secretaries are therefore once again requested to take all out effort to make the programme effective & successful in consultation with the leaders of other Unions/Associations in WB Circle. The Dharna programme will be organised in front of the GM/TDM in all the District Head quarters. In Kolkata it will take place centrally by the 8 Dist. Unions situated in and around Kolkata.


UPDATED ON 17-06-2017 AT 1500 HRS.

Payment of Leave Encashment on the date of Retirement: The Circle Union is continuously pressurizing the administration to pay at least a portion of the Pensionery benefit to the retiring employees on the day of the retirement. At last the Authority  has decided to pay the Leave Encashment amount to the retiring employees on the date of retirement. At Kolkata, CGMT (Office), TCO, CTO and Civil establishments which come under the purview of same Business Area already took  a decision to pay the leave encashment amount from June, 2017. It is learnt also that the GM (HR) is going to issue an order in this regard to all the concerned authorities in the Circle very soon. District Secretaries are therefore requested to take up the issue with the SSA heads so that payment of leave encashment can be handed over to the retiring employee on the day of his/her retirement. 

New DR JEs (erstwhile TTAs) are joining BSNLEU: It is learnt from almost all the SSAs that the Direct Recruitment Junior Engineers (DR TTAs) are joining BSNLEU in WB Circle. They are also expressing and conveying their hearty thanks to BSNL Employees Union for their relentless effort to make the entry of DR JEs possible in BSNL establishment throughout India. District Secretaries are therefore once again requested to give top most priority to make contact with the DR JEs so that the young energetic newcomers should come in our organization.   

UPDATED ON 16-06-2017 AT 1200 HRS.

Meeting at Training Centre expresses reaction against the hooligans: The Only Training Centre in WBT Circle at Salt lake Kolkata nowadays under dire attack of the outsiders, who use to loiter without any identity and threats the employees to withdraw support from BSNLEU. To counter the situation a very effective GB meeting was held yesterday at CTTC Salt lake at the call of BSNLEU CGMT (Tech) District where Com Nazes Nauroz, President, Debasish Khan VP and Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS spoke before the employees and requested them to keep their unity strong as before to counter any miscreants. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU also delivered his speech and narrated the present scenario of Wage Revision of BSNL employees and pensioners  in detail. the ensuing series . Com Mitra told the house regarding the ensuing series of Trade Union action to achieve Wage revision. He told the employees not to surrender before the hooligans. Com Kanchan Mitra DS , Keshab Nagori ADS and others spoke on the occasion. Com Ashoke Bhattacharyya presided over the meeting. <Click for Photos>  

Circle Union demands CGM to restore  normal working environment in BSNL Office/Exchange: In recent days it is observed that some outsiders in connivance with a section of employees use to enter BSNL Offices/Exchanges throughout the Circle and threat the employees,  uttering abusive words sometimes assault physically. As a result the employees specially the working women get frightened and annoyed too much. Circle Union when met CGM yesterday strongly expressed their resentment and demanded immediate exemplary punishment against those who are associated with these miscreants. The leaders also told CGM that for these unwanted and uncalled for situation the service of BSNL in the Circle affects a lot. The CGM after giving patient hearing assured the leaders that the authority will not tolerate the situation and take all possible steps to stop these vandalism. The leaders also demanded i) immediate meeting of the next HPC for CGA, ii) date for next council meeting, iii) settlement of transfer cases etc. during the discussion.   

Circle Union demands wages for the Non regular workers at the earliest: The Circle Union leaders yesterday met CGMT WB and demands immediate arrangement for payments of monthly wages to the non regulars. Earlier the leaders also had talks with GM (Fin) and DGM (F) in this regard. It is learnt that the CGM has already talked to GM (BFCI) for release of fund so that payment can be made. However he assured the leaders that the administration is all serious to make the payment at the earliest opportunity. Com Animesh Mitra, CS< Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS, Debasish Khan, VP and Manik lal Sarkar, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB were in the delegation.

UPDATED ON 14-06-2017 AT 1600 HRS.

Circle Union met GM (HR): A delegation of  Circle Union today met GM (HR) and highlighted the issues like i) recent atrocities in BSNL Office/Exchange throughout the circle, ii) posting of DR JEs, iii) Rule 8 transfer cases, iv) next HPC meeting for CGA cases, v) conduct of next Circle Council meeting etc. The GM (HR) gave a patient hearing and assured to look in to the matters. Com Animesh Mitra CS, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Sujoy Sarkar, both ACS and Debasish Khan were present in the meeting.

Forum meeting held to implement the TU programme on "Wage Revision" successfully: The Unions & Associations of executives and non executives of West Bengal circle had a very effective meeting yesterday at CTO Union Room regarding the  execution of All India programme on Wage Revision successfully. The representatives of NFTE-BSNL, SNEA, AIBSNLEA and BSNLEU have attended the meeting. Com Animesh Mitra, Convenor initiated the meeting. It was decided that i) District Forum meeting should be conducted immediately, ii) the 'Dharna' programme will be held at CTO on 20th June where  members of all the district Unions of Kolkata will take part, similar programme should also be conducted unitedly in the Districts, iii) a  joint poster will be published in this regard very shortly. Com Subinoy Chakraborty (AIBSNLEA) presided over the meeting. Com P.K. Roy (SNEA), Ranjit Mukherjee, Tapan Biswas (NFTE-BSNL) and Amitava Chattopadhyay (BSNLEU) took part in the discussion.  

TCO District conducted a successful GB Meeting: The BSNLEU TCO District along with AIBDPA conducted a very fruitful GB meeting at CTO Union Room, Kolkata on 13th June, 2017. Com Biswanath Singha, District Secy, TCO initiated the GB meeting and told to the members to get more united to counter hooliganism. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU narrated the house briefly regarding the ensuing series of organizational task of BSNL employees. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secy. BSNLEU WB Circle was the main speaker and told the house how the derogative attitude of the Govt.  deprives the employees to get their Wage & Pension revision w.e.f. 01/01/2017. He also told regarding the attack on BSNLEU members which are taking place throughout the Circle nowadays and requested everyone to raise their bold voice against these heinous acts. Com Gobinda Das, Leader AIBDPA also spoke on the occasion. Maximum number of members have attended the GB meeting. Com Tapan Kr. Bose, President BSNLEU TCO and Gobinda Das, AIBDPA jointly presided over the meeting. <Click for Photos>

Demonstration Programme held at CE (Elect) office: On 27th May 2017, a strong demonstration programme of BSNLCMU Civil District was held before the chamber of the PCE (Electrical), Mominpur, Kolkata. Com Kashinath Gayen Dist Secy BSNLCMU initiated the demonstration programme. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU, Tapas Ghosh, CS, BSNLCMU, Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU, Akhilesh Banerjee, ACS BSNLCMU alongwith others spoke before the gathering. The issues like a) immediate enhancement of wage as per "Gazette Notification", b) issuance of Identity Cards, iii) arrangement of EPF deposit in the name of the workers, iv) extension of gratuity facility to the Casual/Contract workers etc. were raised. Com Nazes Nauroz, Dist. Secy. BSNLEU  Civil Dist. presided over the meeting. <Click>           

UPDATED ON 13-06-2017 AT 1630 HRS.

"Intensify struggle to get Wage Revision from 01/01/2017":--call of the CEC meeting of BSNLEU at Trivandrum: An effective Central Executive Committee Meeting of the BSNLEU held at Trivandrum from 9th to 11th, June, 2017. The programme started with a seminar on "Centenary Celebration of Great November Revolution" on 9th June, 2017 where Com A.K.Padmanabhan, VP CITU was the chief speaker. After hoisting of Red Flag, homage to martyrs column and plantation of Saplings by the leaders the meeting on 10th June started at 10-30 A.M. Com A. K. Padnabhan,VP CITU, P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU,  VAN Namboodiri, President BSNLCCWF, K.G. Jayraj, GS AIBDPA, Animesh Mitra, Secy. General BSNLCCWF, P. V. Chanshekharan, Veteran leaders and former CS Kerala spoke in the inaugural ceremony. Com K.Mohanan, Circle Secy. Kerala welcomed the leaders. Later on the discussion started as per the agenda items. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU has attended the CEC from WB Circle and narrated the present scenario of West Bengal. He assured the house that WB Circle will implement all the programme as taken by the CHQ related to Wage revision and highlighted the  unsettled problems of employees along with the problems of the Casual/Contractual Workers. Com Animesh Mitra, VP CHQ gave his valuable views in the CEC meeting. The meeting ended on 11th June evening. A presidium headed by Com Balbir Singh President along with  CHQ Vice Presidents presided over the programme. <Click for Photos>.  <Click for the decisions>.

Jubilant joint meeting held at Raiganj on 9th June, 2017:  On 9th June 2017 at Raiganj Telephone Exchange a very successful joint meeting of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Raiganj District was held. More than 100 members of both the Unions attended the meeting. Com S. N. Mondal District Secy. BSNLEU Raiganj, S.P. Basak, Asstt. Dist. Secy. Raiganj,  along with the leaders of the BSNLCMU addressed the gathering where the present scenario of BSNL, problems of the Raiganj District were discussed. Com Kameswar presided over the meeting. <Click for Photos>


UPDATED ON 08-06-2017 AT 1650 HRS.

Posters which were displayed during the demonstration programme of 6th June, 2017 before the chamber of CGM WB at CTO Kolkata against the miscreants : <Click here>

More Compassionate Ground Appointment cases will be settled soon: Due to relentless effort of the Circle Union the Management has already approved a good number of CGA cases in our Circle. The authority has also taken a effort to resolve the pending CGA cases of different SSAs which are kept aside for want of relevant documents. A team headed by Sri M.K. Das, SDE Circle Office had meeting with the SSA personnel engaged with these CGA cases at Kolkta for last 7/8 days and almost settled the pending cases. The CGMT has informed the circle leaders that the next HPC meeting to settle the CGA cases will be held tentatively by the end of June, 2017. Therefore the District Secretaries are at once requested to contact their SSA heads to know the present status of the CGA cases in their SSAs, make a list and if any case left pending, at once draw the attention of the concerned officer of the SSA to settle the case. 

Siliguri District Union had a strong demonstration programme: The BSNLEU Siliguri District along with their BSNLCMU counterpart had a very strong and effective demonstration programme at GM Office Siliguri on 7th June, 2017 to settle the  long pending demands of the SSA. A good number of members of both the Unions had participated in the programme, the members came from the hills as well as the adjacent areas of  Siliguri. The issues like a) DELAY IN SILIGURI MAIN TEL EXCH MDF TAG BLOCK WORK, b) EFFECTIVE STEPS TO ARREST MASSIVE  SURRENDER OF L/L IN RLU EXCHANGES, c) PROPER MANNING SHOULD BE DONE FOR LINE MTCE WORK, d) PAYMENT OF WAGES TO THE NON REG EMPL WITHIN 7TH OF EVERY MONTH, e) OPENING OF MORE CSC IN SILIGURI, f) IMMEDIATE COMPLETION OF CIVIL WORK OF TELEPHONE EXCH. & RENOVATION OF IB IN TEL EXCH. etc were raised during the demonstration..Com Badal Ghosh, District Secretary, BSNLEU and Com Bipul Chakraborty, veteran leader of BSNL spoke before the gathering. The leaders told the gathering that to get the problems settled we have to consolidate our unity. Com N. C. Guha Roy presided over the demonstration meeting. A good number of posters were also displayed mentioning the demands during the agitation. <Photos>    

Impressive Branch Union meeting held at Telephone Bhawan, ETR: As scheduled earlier an impressive meeting of the BSNLEU Telephone Bhawan Branch, ETR was held on 6th June 2017. A good number of members have attended the meeting. Com Asish Das, DS ETR, Asish Das (Jr.), BS T. Bazar, ETR, Swapan Dey, BS Telephone Bhawan ETR, Amitava Chattopadhyay & Sujoy Sarkar both ACS BSNLEU and Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB spoke on the occasion. The speakers highlighted the present situation of both ETR & WB Circle before the gathering. They have also told regarding the attack on the employees including  our leaders in the Offices elaborately and requested everyone to resist the miscreants unitedly. The meeting also demand immediate restoration of  peaceful environment in the offices. A memorandum was also submitted to the CGM ETR on 6th itself  by a delegation lead by Com Animesh Mitra in which a) settlement of burning problems of the employees attached to ETR, b) betterment of poor service condition and c) immediate  exemplary disciplinary action against the miscreants were demanded. <Click>

UPDATED ON 07-06-2017 AT 1130 HRS.

"Employees will not surrender to the hooligans"--Circle Union told CGM: Threatening, physical assault to our members by the TEU BSNL activists  has become a regular phenomenon in CGMT-Office, CTO, TCO, ETR Kolkata which started with the attack on the 'May Day meeting" at CTO, Kolkata. To raise voice against the miscreants and to establish peaceful working environment within the Office premises, the BSNLEU BSNLCMU & AIBDPA jointly organised a lunch hour demonstration programme in front of the chamber of CGMT WB on 6th June, 2017. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU and Tapas Ghosh CS BSNLCMU WB Circle spoke on the occasion. Com Mitra told the gathering that the authority should at once take necessary steps to stop the hooliganism within the office. He also requested the members to strengthen unity. Before the demonstration a huge rally also took place. In fine the leaders handed over a memorandum to CGMT WB Sri S. Narain  mentioning the incidents of the heinous acts, after hearing the leaders the cgm  assured  that the matters will be looked into seriously.   

Raiganj Dist. Union Office recovered from the miscreants: Since last couple of days the outsiders occupied the BSNLEU Raiganj District Union office. The miscreants even locked the room with lock and key. However the BSNLEU Raiganj Dist Union leaders along with BSNLCMU with their sustained effort compelled the authority to open the locked union room and started their union activities from yesterday. Circle Union conveys red salute to our fighting comrades of Raiganj. <Click here>

UPDATED ON 03-06-2017 AT 1130 HRS.

Effective General Body Meeting held at T. Bazar, ETR: The BSNLEU T.Bazar Br. ETR organised a very enthusiastic general body meeting at Terity bazar Telephone Kendra, Kolkata at about 2 P.M. on 2nd June, 2017. In the meeting Com Animesh Mitra Circle Secretary narrated the present situation of WB circle, problems pertain to ETR and the disturbances created by the miscreants in the Offices attached to ETR elaborately to the members. Com. Asis Das, Divisional Secretary BSNLEU ETR, Sukanta Saha leader BSNLCMU and Ashish Kumar Das Branch Secretary, BSNLEU T.Bazar  also spoke on the occasion. Com Avijit Mitra presided over the meeting. <Photos>

UPDATED ON 02-06-2017 AT 1200 HRS.

Coochbehar has shown the spirit of struggle: The BSNLEU Coochbehar District Union along with BSNLCMU & AIBDPA Coochbehar District organized a very effective meeting on 01st June, 2017 in the TDM Office. Com Samarendra Pathak presided over the meeting. More than 50 Regular, non regular employees and Pensioners were present in the meeting. Com Krishna Mitra, District Secretary, Coochbehar addressed the gathering where she described the present scenario elaborately and requested the members to get united to fight any untoward situation in the coming days. Com Sumendra Ch. Roy, District Secy, BSNLEU Jalpaiguri was also present in the meeting and shared his view. The meeting seriously discussed the issues like poor development scenario of BSNL service in Coochbehar, unsettled pending demands of the employees of all categories and above all the non conducive atmosphere in the Office/exchange which disturbs the normal working environment of Coochbehar SSA. It is decided that  very soon the 3 Unions will jointly organize a strong demonstration programme before the administration at Coochbehar to settle the problems. Circle Union conveys red salute to the fighting spirit of Coochbehar comrades. <Photos>

UPDATED ON 01-06-2017 AT 1725 HRS.

BSNLEU demands for relaxation of 10th standard & 10+2 standard qualification for TM & TTA examination: The BSNLEU has demanded  that the Authority should conduct both TM examination for non 10th standard and non 10+2 standard qualification for the TTA examination without any further delay. The issue was discussed in the last National Council meeting where the authority agreed to take TM & TTA examination as one time exemption as per the demand of BSNLEU. However the management proposed to take a screening test before the original examination so that those who will qualify the screening test will appear in the main examination. The Staff side told the authority that when the employees are ready to seat for the main examination then it is needless to conduct a separate screening tests. Comrades, it is undoubtedly a significant step on the part of the Staff Side to raise and discuss this issue in the National Council meeting. Com Animesh Mitra, CS WB Circle being one of the national council member also took part in the discussion.

Rs. 18000/- wage for Casual Workers---Circle Union compelled the Management to send a letter to Corporate Office: As stated earlier the Circle Union demanded immediate action on the part of the management to introduce Rs. 18000/- wage for the Casual labourers during the meeting with the authority once again on 29th May 2017. Now it is learnt that the Circle Administration under the continuous pressure of the Circle Union wrote a letter to the Corporate Office New Delhi in this regard. <Click for the letter>

UPDATED ON 31-01-2017 AT 1200 HRS.

In spite of threats and intimidation from the opponents, BSNLEU is careful about the demands of the Employees: It is needless to mention that BSNLEU & BSNLCMU  always raise their voice and  organize struggle to achieve the demands of the employees as the Circle Union yesterday met GM (HR-Admn) at Kolkata and demanded immediate circular for increased DA for the Casual workers. The leaders also expressed their resentment regarding non settlement of the issues like EPF/ESI and non submission of the figures related to Gratuity to the Corporate Office New Delhi as asked for number of times. The GM (HR) assured the leaders that the order for 'DA' will be released immediately and the other problems will be resolved accordingly. During discussion the GM (HR) also informed the leaders that as per the demand of the Union the  circle authority already wrote a letter to CO New Delhi regarding wage revision of the Casual workers as per 7th CPC. Com Animesh Mitra, CS, Amitava Chattopadhyay and Sujoy Sarkar both ACS BSNLEU WB met GM (HR) where the DGM (HR) was also present. So comrades whatever the attack on BSNLEU/BSNLCMU comes, stand boldly and unitedly against those disruptive forces who are careful to break our unity.   

UPDATED ON 27-05-2017 AT 1630 HRS.

Circle Union had a effective meeting with the Authority: As scheduled earlier, a delegation of the Circle Union yesterday had a meeting with CGMT where the leaders demanded immediate intervention of the Authority to give better service to our customers, settlement of burning HR issues and immediate action against the miscreants who are disturbing the working environment in BSNL Office/Exchange throughout the Circle. The leaders highlighted those unsettled issues which are still remain unsettled in spite of issuance of 'Minutes" by the administration. Issues like a) convening of meetings of the negotiating forums (e.g. Council meeting, Works Comm., Development committee, welfare committee etc.) in regular interval both in the Circle & at SSA levels, b) convening of HPC meeting immediately to settle the Compassionate Ground Appointment cases, c) settlement of pending medical bills both for the regular employees and pensioners as well as empanelment of super specialty Nursing Homes, d) reluctance on the part of Civil work in different SSAs , e) constitution of ERP "Help Desk" in every SSA/District, f) Rule 8 Transfer cases, g) Change of designation in all official records of an employee with proper vigilance, h) problems of EPF in r/O Regular and non regular employees, h) settlement of the problems pertain to basic amenities, i) anomalies pertain to date of joining in r/o DR JE (erstwhile TTA), j) issuance of PO letters , particularly for the employees who became TM from TSM, k) timely payment of wages to the Casual/Contractual workers, enhancement of wage for the Casual workers, timely payment of wages for the workers involved in day to day work, l) payment of 78.2% IDA merger to the Pensioners etc. were discussed at length. The leaders also demanded the administration to provide safety/security of the employees within BSNL Office/exchange which are being shattered by the intervention of the outsiders throughout the Circle. The CGMT and his team gave a patient hearing to the leaders and assured that all possible measures and efforts will be taken to resolve the issues. The GM (HR),  Sr. GM (Fin), Sr. GM (NW-CM), DGM (HR), DGM (Fin), AGM (HR) and SDE-I were present in the meeting. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB along with Amitava Chattopadhyay, Sujoy Sarkar, both ACS, Debasish Khan, VP and Bidyut Goswami, Asstt. Treasurer, BSNLEU WB were present in the delegation. 


Photos of the All India AIBDPA programme held on 25th May, 2017: <Click>  

Strong Demonstration organised before the chamber of CE (Electrical) at Kolkata: In protest against the indifferent attitude of the authority to solve the burning problems of the Casual/Contractual workers attached to Electrical wing, the BSNLCMU WB Circle hold a very strong protest demonstration  today before the chamber of the Chief Engineer ( Electrical office, Mominpur, Kolkata. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB & Secy. General BSNLCCWF in his speech told the gathering that workers will not tolerate the exploitations of the authority. Hence he requested everybody to get united and fight to achieve the just demands of the workers. Com Tapas Ghosh, CS BSNLCMU WB, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle Secy. BSNLEU WB, Akhilesh Banerjee, ACS BSNLCMU WB, Kahsi Gayen, DS BSNLCMU Civil wing District spoke on the occasion. A delegation also met Chief Engr. (Elect.) under the leadership of Com. Animesh Mitra and demanded immediate solution of the problems like a) enhanced wage as per gazette notification to the workers, b) issuance of I/card, c) retirement benefits, d) facilities like gratuity e) solution of the problems of EPF/ESI etc. Com nazes Nauroz, President BSNLEU WB presided over the demonstration programme.

BSNLCMU Asansol organized meeting at Barakar: On 26th May, 2017 the BSNLCMU Asansol District hold a meeting at Barakar Telephone exchange, Asansol, where Com Uttam Mondal, Leader BSNLCMU WB Circle along with other leaders of the District Union highlighted the issues of the Casual/Contractual workers to the members. The issues like "equal pay for equal work", social securities like EPF/ESI, Gratuity, timely payment of wages to the non regular workers in every month, attack on the non regular workers by the outside goons were raised and detailed to the members. <Photos>   

UPDATED ON 26-05-2017 AT 1130 HRS.

Wonderful gathering of Employees at Suri District made new history: Hundreds of Regular, Non Regular employees and Pensioners created a new history at Suri District. Yesterday at the call of BSNLEU, BSNLCMU & AIBDPA Suri District the workers have assembled at TDM Office Suri from all corners of Birbhum District. Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB & Secy. General BSNLCCWF, Nazes Nauroz President  BSNLEU WB ,Tapas Ghosh CS BSNLCMU WB, Santosh Goswami, ACS BSNLCMU WB, Nandadulal Mitra DS BSNLEU Suri, Madan Ghosh, Leader AIBDPA spoke before the huge gathering regarding the present scenario of BSNL, the plight of the Regular & Non regular workers & Pensioners in BSNL WB Circle. The leaders also narrated regarding the attack by the outsiders in BSNL Office/Exchanges in various places and requested the employees & pensioners to fight the situation unitedly with brave heart. The divisive force also tried to disrupt the programme of suri on 25th May, 2017 but it is only for the fierce determination of the Suri comrades they could not create any disturbance, the meeting ended with submission of memorandum to Suri TDM.

All India programme of AIBDPA successfully held at WB Circle: As per the latest news received by the Circle Union the demonstrtion programme at the Call of AIBDPA on 17 points charter of demands held effectively in most of the SSAs of WB Circle. At Kolkata the programme was organised by the AIBDPA Kolkata District before the chamber of the GM Kolkata, CTO Building where Com Pijush Chakraborty, CS AIBDPA WB Circle detailed the demands to the pensioners assembled in the programme. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS BSNLEU WB Circle in his speech assured the gathering that the Regular , Non regular employees and Pensioners will fight unitedly for the just demands in future likewise in the past. The programme was held also at Asansol, Purulia, Bankura, Durgapur, Kharagpur, Berhampore Siliguri so far the news came last. the leaders of AIBDPA, BSNLEU& BSNLCMU  deliberated their speeches in those places.   


UPDATED ON 25-05-2017 AT 1130 HRS.

"BSNLEU will extend fullest cooperation but not at the cost of unsettled HR issues---immediately restore normal working condition within Office/Exchange"----Circle Union met CGM: The available Circle Office Bearers at Kolkata yesterday met Sri Shyam Narain, CGMT WB who took chair on 23rd May, 2017 under the leadership of Com. Animesh Mitra, CS WB.  The leaders expressed their hope that under the captaincy of the new CGM the WBT Circle will definitely turn around. They have also assured the authority that so far the Development, Service and other allied issues of the Circle are concerned, as the main recognized union of the non executives, BSNLEU will extend fullest cooperation with the management. But at the same time Com. Animesh Mitra told that if the employees attached to this circle remain unhappy with the HR issues it would not be possible for them to work with free and fair mind. Com. Mitra also requested the authority to restore normalcy within office/exchange throughout the circle where due to intervention of outsiders the working environment totally collapsed. The new CGM assured the leaders that he will discuss regarding the Service of this Circle along with  the pending HR issues (pertain to Regular/Non regular/Pensioners) with the BSNLEU very shortly. Smt. Pranati Das, GM (HR/Admn) was also present in the chamber of CGM. Com Nazes Nauroz, President, Debasish Khan, Banani Chattopadhyay, both Vice presidents, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asis Das, Sujoy Sarkar, Asstt. Circle Secretaries, Anindya Sarkar, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB Circle were also present in the meeting.   

UPDATED ON 23-05-2017 AT 1200 HRS.

Struggle of Asansol Comrades became triumphant------Circle Authority received Repair/Maintenance Fund: It is learnt today morning that the Circle Office has received the full amount of Repair/Maintenance Fund today for the entire WBT Circle. As stated earlier that yesterday when the Asansol BSNLEU & BSNLCMU have undergone Relay Hunger strike at that time Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU and Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB/Secy. General BSNLCCWF met GM (Fin.) Sri Yaswant Singh at Corporate office and compelled to sanction money in "Repair/Mtcc." head for WBT Circle. Comrades, make wide campaign on the subject and role of both BSNLEU & BSNLCMU to all our employees. The District Secretaries are also requested to take utmost initiative so that the amount as asked for by the SSAs are received by the local authority immediately, at the same time the payments of the non regular workers from these Repair/Mtcc. head can be made at the earliest opportunity. Once again it is proved that both BSNLEU & BSNLCMU can only solve the problems of the employees (Regular/Non regular) & pensioners.    

Asansol BSNLEU & BSNLCMU won't give up---organised Hunger strike for the payment of Non Regular employees: As scheduled earlier the BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Asansol Dist, started Relay Hunger strike demanding immediate payment of due wages to the non regular employees in a very hot day of summer at GM Office Kanyapur Asansol. During the programme the leaders met GM Asansol & IFA and conveyed their stand firmly. The authority told the leaders that the Documents for payment had already been sent to Kolkata and the GM Asansol had initiated talks with the GM(Fin) at Circle Office for payment. Later on a Circle Union delegation had also met GM (Fin) where DGM (Fin) along with other officers were also present and demanded immediate payment of the non regulars of Asansol. Com Animesh Mitra CS BSNLEU WB who was at New Delhi raised the issue in the Corporate office and took all out effort towards arrangement for early payment. In the evening message from the CO ND had reached to GM Asansol through GM(Fin), Kolkata  that within 48 hours the required fund for payment will be given. After getting this news from the authority the AGM Asansol had conveyed the message to the struggling workers and the leaders decided to postpone their programme for 48 hours. Circle Union conveys Red Salute to all Asansol comrades including the leaders for their firmness to achieve the goal. Com Subrata Mishra, DS Asansol & ACS WB Circle, Sutapa Roy, Ramadhar Singh both ADS  Asansol Dist. Uttam Mondal, Pradip Malkhandy played a yeomen's task to make the programme a grand success. As a whole Asansol comrades gave a message that they will not give up their struggle up to the last breathe

In spite of lot of constraints South Branch conference held with firm determination: In spite of threats and obstructions created by the outsiders, the branch conference of South Branch, Kolkata SSA was held successfully on 20th May 2017 at Dakshin Barasat Telephone Exchange. At 11 A. M. in the morning the Union Flag was hoisted by president Com. Ashok Kr Saha. The Martyrs column was garlanded by Asstt. Circle Secretary Com. Asis Das, Manik Sarkar-Divisional Secretary and other leaders. Asis Das also pay homage to our leader Com K G Bose and inaugurated the conference. In his speech Com Das narrated the pictures of "Achhe Din", the condition of West Bengal, the condition of BSNL and its workers, the movement of BSNL Employees and the achievements , the new pay revision of 2017 etc. He also appealed to the workers to get united for the coming and continuous movement against the miscreants and to raise demands of peace and working environment in the office premises. Com Manik Sarkar elaborately discussed the overall situation prevail in GM Kolkata and problems of the employees. Com Chiranjib Sen and Ranjit Mirdha placed the draft annual report and accounts in the house. After threadbare discussion it was unanimously accepted by the house. Com. Ajit Nandan (AIBDPA), Manoj Upadhyay and Maloy Naskar ( BSNLCMU ) congratulated the conference. In fine Com. Sankar Thanedar, Chiranjib Sen and Ranjit Midya were elected as Branch President, Secretary and Treasurer for the next term. <Click for photos>


UPDATED ON 20-05-2017 AT 1635 HRS.

New CGMT WB joins ----Circle Union meets: It is learnt that  as per the direction of the Corporate Office New Delhi, Sri Sheetla Prasad, CGMT CTD Circle has taken the Chair of CGMT WB. Yesterday a  Circle Union delegation lead by Com Animesh Mitra, CS met with the new CGM and demanded immediate action on the part of the authority to stop violation within BSNL Office/exchange, created by the miscreants and  restoration of Working environment in the office/exchange throughout West Bengal. The leaders exchanged their views with the new CGM regarding a) the poor service of BSNL in the Circle, b) settlement of pending HR isssues, c) timely payment of wages and other claims of the Regular, Non regular & pensioners etc. The CGM assured that the administration will take necessary steps to settle the issues raised by the Circle leaders. Com. Asis Das, Debasish Khan, Sujoy Sarkar were present in the meeting.

"Repair & Maintenance Fund"-----situation is grave--Circle Union drew the attention of  new CGM:  Since last couple of months the WBT Circle is passing through a severe crunch of "Repair & Maintenance" Fund. As a result of which the service of BSNL throughout the Circle hampers a lot. The situation is so worse in most of the areas the workers had to stop their pending work due to shortage of Fund. The labourers are working without getting wages months together. Even the management failed to provide Telephone Connection to the  District Magistrate of newly constituted "Paschim Bardhaman". The Circle Union had brought the matter several times to the administration, organized trade union action but the situation not improved till date. Therefore the Circle delegation yesterday once again raised the issue during discussion with the new CGM and demanded his intervention. The CGMT assured the leaders that the authority will immediately contact Corporate Office New Delhi and take all out effort to arrange fund for "Repair/maintenance".  

Both Casual/Contract Workers are returning to BSNLCMU again:  During last few months it is seen that the non regular workers who have gone to other organization, again returning to their own house, i.e. BSNLCMU. Some of them admits that due to unavoidable reasons they were forced to join other union. But they have experienced that it is due to the sustained struggle of BSNLCMU WB & BSNLCCWF along with BSNL Employees Union the wages of the contractual workers enhanced, the management is going to settle gratuity and  already extended EPF/ESI and other social securities, the demand of wages Rs. 18000/- for casual workers strengthened. It is for the relentless effort of both the BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF as well as BSNLCMU, the Labour Commissioner both at All India & State level compelled to take action against the violation of labour laws of the Casual/Contractual workers attached to BSNL.  As a result after a long silence the BSNLCMU Burdwan Dist. organised a meeting and submitted a memorandum to the DGM Burdwan, likewise meetings also took place jointly with BSNLEU at number of places including Coochbehar, Siliguri, Krishnagar, Bankura, Kharagpur, Durgapur, Asansol Birpara and a good number of Non regular workers have repatriated to BSNLCMU again. Circle Union conveys heartfelt thanks to our comrades and believes that false assurances could not sustain for a long period. 

Asansol BSNLEU & BSNLCMU reacts sharply against the non availability of "Repair/Maintenance" Fund----- Both the District Unions of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Asansol expressed their strong anger against the non payment of  "Repair/Maintenance" fund till date for which the BSNL service in the entire division almost stopped and at the same time the workers engaged for day to day maintenance work are not getting their wages months together. Com Subrata Mishra, DS BSNLEU and ACS WB Circle yesterday in a meeting at Raniganj detailed the situation and requested everybody to get united against this precarious situation. A Good number of members attended the meeting where Com Dipak Chakraborty, Ramadhar Singh and others also deliberated their speeches. 

UPDATED ON 18-05-2017 AT 1840 HRS.

Marvelous Joint Meeting held at Durgapur : A joint meeting of BSNLEU, BSNLCMU and AIBDPA Durgapur District held at Telephone exchange, Durgapur on 17th May, 2017. Regular and non regular employees along with pensioners from in and around Durgapur assembled in good numbers avoiding the scorching heat of the summer. Com. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary was the main speaker. He spoke in detail about the present situation in regard to service of West Bengal Circle as well as the antisocial activities taking place in office/exchanges throughout West Bengal. The ladies are not being spared. He informed the house about the courageous role played by our members to resist the heinous attack by the goons. He spoke about the wage revision and reminded that we have go for sustained struggle to achieve a good wage revision. Com. Sunil Garai, Dist Secy BSNLEU, Com Dhananjoy Ganguly, Leader AIBDPA, Com Anjan Roy, Leader BSNLCMU spoke before the gathering. Com. Uttam Majumder presided over the meeting. <<Photos>>     


UPDATED ON 17-05-2017 AT 1915 HRS.

The Patience is over---Circle Union reacts: Yesterday, the 16th May, 2017 a delegation of Circle representative lead by Circle Secretary, Com Animesh Mitra met CGMT, WB circle on various issues like scarcity of funds particularly for maintenance head and unsettled HR issues like NEPP, Rule 8 transfer, problems related to ERP, pensionery benefits, irregular payment of wage to the non-regular workers and antisocial activities in the offices/ exchanges throughout West Bengal. They also pointed out that the administration totally failed to give protection to the employees against these outside antisocials. The leaders strongly expressed their resentment over the issues since the issues were discussed several times with the administration but with no effect. After long discussion CGMT was not positive on his part, however he assured the leaders that the issues will be looked into.  In fine the leaders  informed the administration that the situation can't be tolerated for long time as such BSNLEU will resort to highest form of Trade Union action. The same issues were brought to the notice of GM (HR) and GM (Finance) also. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Com. Asis Das, Com. Sujoy Sarkar, Asstt. Circle Secretaries were also present on the occasion. 

BSNLCMU WB Circular:

UPDATED ON 15-05-2017 AT 1930 HRS.

Birpara Branch meeting-- Employees came with lot of enthusiasm: The Birpara Branch of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Jalpaiguri Dist. have organised a very impressive meeting on 14th May, 2017 at Birpara Telephone Exchange. Being a holiday the members of both the Union came in numbers. Com Nazes Nauroz, President BSNLEU WB spoke on the occasion and narrated the present situation of WB Circle to the members. Com Somen Ch. Roy, Dist Secy. Jalpaiguri, Pranjit Das, Br. Secy. Birpara, Bikash Biswas DS BSNLCMU & Ashoke Biswas, OS BSNLCMU WB also spoke on the occasion. The meeting started at 12 Noon and 45 members of both the Unions were present. <Click for Photos>  

Overwhelming participation of workers & pensioners at Asansol: Huge gathering of workers at GM office Kanyapur Asansol took place on 12th may, 2017 in protest of Non Payment of wages of Casual, Unlisted workers, delay in implementation of NEPP, non payment of Medical bills of the pensioners, in demand of settlement of ERP related problems. The programme was jointly organised by BSNLEU, BSNLCMU & AIBDPA Asansol District. Com Subrata Mishra, Dist. Secy. Asansol & ACS BSNLEU WB Circle, Uttam Mondal, leader BSNLCMU WB and Mridulkanti Chatterjee, leader AIBDPA alongwith other leaders spoke on the occasion. <Click for Photos>  

Bankura District Union has organised Massive Gathering of BSNL employees:Massive Gathering was organised by BSNLEU, BSNLCMU & AIBDPA Bankura jointly on 12th May 2017 at TDM office Bankura in demand of the settlement of burning Personal cases, in protest against the deterioration of BSNL service in the SSA and early settlement of Pensionary benefits of the Retired employees. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS, BSNLEU WB Circle was the main speaker on the occasion. He pointed out the present scenario of our Circle and struggle regarding the betterment of service as well as non settlement of personal cases. He also narrated regarding the present antisocial activities within BSNL Office/exchanges. He called upon the employees who gathered to fight unitedly against  all the evil forces. Com Dilip Pal, Dist Secy. Bankura initiated the proceedings and gave a report of the meeting with the TDM regarding Service & present status of personal claims.  Before the meeting commenced Com. Chattopadhyay and Dist leaders along with Branch secretaries had a detailed discussion with the TDM Mr. Mrinmoy Bera on the Memorandum submitted on behalf of the Dist Union to the Administration. Employees from all parts of Bankura right from, Sonamukhi, Bishnupur, Khatra, Jangalmahal attended the programme in good numbers. <Click for Photos>

Berhampore District Union conducts effective DWC meeting: The BSNLEU Berhampore District has organised a DWC meeting on 12th May, 2017 where Com Manik Lal Sarkar, Organising Secretary, BSNLEU WB was present. Com. M.L. Sarkar in his deliberation described the present situation of BSNL in details and also requested the leaders to fight against any odds. Com Sekar Sarkar, Dist. Secy.  Berhampore elaborately described regarding the unsettled demands of the employees & pensioners. The other DC leaders also contributed in the discussion. It is learnt that the District Union has conducted extensive tour in all the Branch attached to Berhampore District. Circle Union appreciates these move. The meeting in fine decided further course of Trade Union programme for the betterment of service and settlement of pending staff problems. Com Mamata Sarkar, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB & Dist. President Berhampore presided over the meeting. <Click for Photo>   


UPDATED ON 09-05-2015 AT 1930 HRS.

Farewell Ceremony of the Retirees---sustained struggle of the Circle Union got success: Due to sustained pressure of the Circle Union the Administration at last instructed the Heads of the SSA/Unit to conduct Farewell Ceremony of the Retired BSNL employees positively on the date of the superannuation. The matter was even included in the Circle Council meeting also and the administration agreed upon the demand of the Staff Side. However a order in this regard has been issued today. This is undoubtedly a remarkable achievement. District Secretaries are therefore requested to go through the order and take all out initiative so that the Authority conducts the farewell ceremony in time. <Click for the Order> 

Enthusiastic CWC meeting of BSNLCMU held at Gangtok: The CWC meeting of BSNLCMU WB held at "Nepali Dharamshala", Singtam, Gangtok on 29th & 30th April, 2017 with lot of enthusiasm. At the outset the Red Flag of the organisation was hoisted by Com Tapan Ghosh, President BSNLCMU WB Circle. The Martyrs column was garlanded by the leaders and the house paid homage by observing silence. The 2 days meeting was inaugurated by Com Animesh Mitra, Secy. General BSNLCCWF and CS BSNLEU WB Circle on 29th April, 2017. Com Mitra in his speech narrated the present situation and the problems of the Casual/Contract Workers. He also described the recent development of the pending demands of the Non Regular Workers. He requested the leaders to consolidate the unity of the Casual/Contract Workers to achieve the legitimate demands of the workers including social securities. Delegates from 12 Districts attended the CWC meeting. Com. Tapas Ghosh CS BSNLCMU WB Circle presented the report and the Accounts was also placed. 18 out of 30 delegates took part in the discussion. Circle Union coveys heartfelt greetings to the organizers of the Reception Committee of Gangtok for their heartiest effort to make the CWC meeting a grand success. <Click for Photos>  

UPDATED ON 08-05-2017 AT 2030 HRS

Branch Conference of Darjeeling Branch held with enthusiasm : Branch Conference of Darjeeling branch held on 6th May, 2017 at Darjeeling TRC Hall. More than 100 workers were assembled at the conference hall which was named after Com. Madan Rai. The Red flag of our Union was hoisted by the Branch president.  Com. Moni Chettri, Vice President BSNLEU, WB Circle inaugurated the conference. Com. R. K. Yadav leader AIBDPA and Com. Badal Ghosh, Dist. Secy. Siliguri Dist apart from Com. Aniimesh Mitra, Circle Secretary spoke before the workers who were assembled ignoring the cold of the hills. Com. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary, whom the workers very patiently waiting to hear said that the present situation of the WB Circle and our struggle. He reminded that the Central Govt. is trying to sale out BSNL and we have to fight against this attack unitedly. Various speakers pointed out their grievances about the non availability of various equipments for providing better service to the customers. ll the Branch Secretaries of Kurseong, Kalimpong, Siliguri were present on the occasion. They also pointed out various non settlement of personal claims. The house in fine unanioumously elected Com mani Chhetri, Santosh Chhetri, Bisna Sirka as Branch President, Secretary and Treasurer for the next term. <Click for Photos> 


UPDATED ON 05-05-2017 AT1930 HRS.  

At Last Darjeeling AO has been allotted separate Password for ERP : As we have given earlier in our website that BSNLEU, WB Circle has proposed  to the management for allotment of a separate Password for Darjeeling AO so that payment of the employees of the hill area, Darjeeling, Kurseong and Kalimpong could be made hassle free. After much persuasion by the Circle union on the issue, at last the management has allotted a separate Password for AO, Darjeeling for ERP. Now all the claims, except GPF claims, of the employees of the hill area could be made directly in concurrence with the CSC at Kolkata. It is another achievement of BSNLEU WB Circle.                                                                                                                           

 UPDATED ON 04-05-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

Trainees are anxiously waiting for their posting-----Circle Union discussed with GM (HR/Admn): A good number of TTAs (JE) qualified for JTO are at present in Training Centres. Their Training will be completed on 12/05/2017. At this juncture they are worried about their further  station of posting as JTOs. The Circle leaders when met yesterday with GM (HR/Admn) raised the issues of Counseling as well as posting of those JTOs who are at present in Training Centre. In reply GM (HR) told that the SSAs are already asked to submit their JTO vacancies to the Circle Office at the earliest and the administration will accordingly inform the vacancy position  to the Training Centre so that after completing the Training the counseling and posting will be settled as per the Merit list. However GM (HR) also informed the leaders that the entire process will be finalized after the return of CGM WBT Circle. In the delegation Com Animesh Mitra, CS, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Sujoy Sarkar both ACS BSNLEU WB were present.

Circle Union Met GM (HR/Admin) : Today a delegation of Circle union under the leadership of Com. Animesh Mitra met GM(HR/Admin) and discussed various unsettled HR issues, specially the CGA cases, Rule 8 Transfer etc. GM(HR), after patience hearing, told the leadership that the cases are in active consideration of the circle authority.

At last Suri got the facilities of ESI benefit : After sustained struggle by BSNLEU and BSNLCMU the non-regular workers of Suri district will henceforth come under the purview of ESI. Now the workers will get best treatment under ESI scheme. Today the ESI authority communicated TDM Suri the 'allotment code and password' for the contractual workers to avail of the ESI facility. It is once again proved that the mighty BSNLEU and BSNLCMU  work for the cause of the workers. 

UPDATED ON 02-05-2017 AT 2030 HRS.


GPF payment - Circle Union is in active persuasion : Circle Union met GM (Finance) to enquire about the payment of GPF in the new scenario. As GPF payment is made by DOT from April, 2017. It was informed by the management that on 20th April, 2017 GPF payment was made to 86 heads amounting to 2.83 crore in WB circle by the DOT cell directly to the employees to their bank account. The Circle Union was also informed that the rest will be paid in May, 2017. Payment will be made by DOT cell thrice in a month, 3rd, 9th and 16th of every month. Under no circumstance application for GPF could be entertained offline by the management. It  should be made through ESS portal only. District Secretaries are requested to ensure that whether all the employees got their GPF claims which was pending for last six months or other wise. 

Coochbehar expressed their strong desire to go with Red Flag: BSNLEU Coochbehar District Union started their organisational activities through General Body meeting. The General Body meeting was held on 30th April, 2017. The members assembled in good numbers ignoring the threat of the TMC goons. Many of them who left our union came back with courage and showed their loyalty towards the Red Flag. Even the contractual  workers who were compelled to quit our union under the threat of the TMC goons have returned in good numbers to their organisation BSNLCMU. In this meeting Circle President, Com. Nazes Nouroz , Circle Secretary Com. Animesh Mitra, Organising Secretary Com. Ujjawal Ghosh and District Secretary of Jalpaiguri Com. Soumen Chandra Roy were present. It is most significant in the present scenario that our lady comrades at Coochbehar have taken the responsibility to carry forward the struggles against all the odds and attacks, our members who were forced to go to other camp, returned in numbers. At the same time the Non Regular workers are also returning to BSNLCMU camp.   It was a great enthusiasm amongst the members as they are breathing fresh air. Com. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary congratulate the members who assembled in the meeting after overcoming much hurdles.   

UPDATED ON 01-05-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

Historic "May Day" celebrated with lot of enthusiasm throughout the Circle: So far the latest report came to the Circle Union "May Day" is observed almost in every BSNL Office/Exchange of West Bengal. From Coochbehar to Purulia the Red Flag was hoisted and Martyrs were remembered with due respect. The leaders and organisers along with the members of BSNLEU attended the programme and delivered their speeches on this auspices day. The workers today took oath to save BSNL and the PSUs of the country, to fight against communalism, to achieve the unsettled demands, to intense fight for "equal pay for equal work".    <Click here for Photos>

UPDATED ON 28-04-2017 AT 1930 HRS.

Administration should solve HR issues immediately---Circle Union demands: Today Circle Secretary Com. Animesh Mitra along with Asstt. Secretaries Com. Asis Das, Com Amitava Chattopadhyay and Com. Sujoy Sarkar met CGMT, WB Circle and raised the pending HR issues of the Circle. The leaders raised mainly the issues implementation of the gazette notification in r/o the contractual labourers, Rule 8 transfer, CGA cases etc. CGMT could not give a clear picture to this effect to the leaders. However he told that some more time is needed to resolve the cases. The Circle leadership expressed their utmost resentment  and informed that the if the issues are not settled within a reasonable time then the Circle Union will go for Trade Union action through out West Bengal.

UPDATED ON 27-04-2017 AT 1930 HRS.

Let's hoist Red Flags in all Offices/Exchanges on "May Day" & observe week long : Observe "May Day"  week long for this year. As decided in the Circle Office bearer meeting of BSNL Employees Union, WB circle that "May Day" will be celebrated week long this year. It will be observed up to the grass route level. District and Branch secretaries are requested to chalk out programe to celebrate 'May Day'. On 1st May, 2017 Red Flag of our union will be hoisted in every offices and exchanges. Branch and district secretaries are to take all out effort to mobilize their members in the morning at the Flag hoisting ceremony on that day. This year the May Day has given the us the message to fight against the Communal forces, to fight against the demolition of the PSUs by Central Govt.,  and wage revision in BSNL.  

                                                                                             Click for MAY DAY POSTER & BADGE.

UPDATED ON 26-04-2017 AT 2015 HRS.

Endorsement of Gazette Notification---sustained struggle of BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF won once again: After continuous persuasion, struggle, demonstration BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF compelled the authority to endorse Gazette Notification. It can be recalled that Com P.Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU,  VAN Namboodiri, President BSNLCCWF, ANIMesh Mitra, Secy. General BSNLCCWF and other leaders took the issue with all seriousness and discussed the matter of wage revision as per gazette notification with CLC, CMD BSNL, Dir. (HR) and GM (Estt) at New Delhi. However this is undoubtedly a big win of our prolonged struggle. <Click for order> 

More CGA cases are going to be settled due to active intervention of the Circle Union: After active persuasion by Circle Secretary, Com. Animesh Mitra along with other Circle leaders regarding the CGA cases of the circle, about 47 CGA cases including two accidental cases have already been settled. At the same time it is unfortunate that only 47 cases out of 100 odd cases have been settled. In Siliguri itself more than 50 CGA cases are still pending.  When this question was raised by the circle secretary and expressed strong resentment over the issue to GM(HR). In reply she told that  within 20th May, 2017 other pending CGA cases will taken in to account for settlement and a meeting will be convened in this regard in Kolkata . Accordingly a circular will be issued to all the SSA heads. District secretaries are therefore requested to enquire about the pending CGA cases of their District and take all out effort to send the cases to CO so that the CGA cases may be taken up by the authority in the next HPC meeting and apprise the same to the circle union.   


UPDATED ON 24-04-2017 AT 2030 HRS

No one individual, the entire Officers and employees should get the credit of more revenue earning: It is really a significant feature that in spite of so many hurdles, West Bengal Circle could increase earning in the last Financial Year. But at the same time it is unfortunate that CGM has claimed that it is only for the Top level Administration, the revenue has increased. It is stated by CGMT himself in his meeting with the Circle Union on 30th April, 2017. CGMT boosts for increase of revenue for the last financial year. He also expressed complacency of decrease of expenditure. But the fact is that the BSNLEU, WB Circle has motivated the employees for better Marketing, cooperated the administration to arrange connection from 'RAILTEL' for steady service in the Circle, arrangement of "SWAS" programme etc. effectively for which a good lump came in the Revenue Box. It is stated by CGMT that Rs. 600 Crore earned by this Circle in the last FY. If it is true that the Circle could increase revenue in the last FY then it is definitely due to the all out effort of all the regular and non regular employees. It is not the CGM or any GM alone who have earned this revenue. Therefore Circle union congratulates all the officers, regular employees, casual/contractual workers for this success. 

UPDATED ON 19-04-2017 AT 2020 HRS.

"Jangal Raj" is going on at Coochbehar Telecom District: Total situation of Coochbehar Telecom Dist is at total mesh since last one month. The administration is reluctant and also indifferent. Taking advantage of this situation TEU BSNL leaders along with the outsiders today attacked our newly elected Dist Secy., other leaders and members using abusive language. They tried to physically assault the leaders including lady comrades after being confined them in a room. Just after the incident our Dist. Secy. and other leaders tried to contact TDM, Coochbehar to register their strong resentment against this heinous act and against the trace passers, the out side goons.  Circle Union strongly condemn this incident and calls upon all the employees to protest unitedly against these miscreants which hampers the congenial atmosphere in offices/exchanges.

CTO comrades gave befitting reply to CGMT through demonstration : On 15th April, 2017, the CGMT called some of the employees of medical section at CTO building and asked them to vacate the room and to sit where the space has been allotted to them. The staff replied that the space given to them is not sufficient enough to carry out day to day work. CGMT then asked them to move some places at TCO building or some stay at the space allotted to them and told other may take rest at home and to be busy with household matters.  These uttering from an chief executive like CGMT is totally undesirable and insulting too for any employee. Today at the call of  BSNLEU CTO Branch a protest demonstration was organised before the CGMT at CTO building. Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle Secretary spoke before the gathering. He in his speech condemned the CGMT for his misbehave. Com. Sujoy Sarkar, Dist Secretary briefly narrated the whole background of the demonstration programme. Com. Jhumur Bandyopadhyay and Shibani Das also spoke before the gathering. Com. R.R. Das presided over the meeting. 

Demonstration & submission of Memorandum programme held before Chief Engineer, Civil Wing:  Today at Chief Engineer Office, Civil Wing at Burrabazar Telephone Exchange, Kolkata, a demonstration programme followed by submission of Memorandum was organisedjointly by BSNLEU, BSNLCMU & AIBDPA Civil Wing jointly. A good number of members have attended the meeting.  Com. Nazes Nauroz, DS Civil Wing  initiated the demonstration  after that Com Avijit Guha, Sukanta Saha, leaders Civil Wing District spoke in the meeting. Com Amitava Chattopadhya, Asstt. Circle Secretary, BSNLEU WB was the last speaker in the demonstration. Com Chattopadhyay, narrated the over all situation of BSNL, demands of the employees including wage revision, problems of Civil Wing regular, non regular employees and pensioners and also regarding the recent attack of BSNLEU by the miscreants throughout the Circle. Later a Memorandum was handed over by the leaders to Mr. D.Sinha, Chief Engineer. Com Subir Sanyal Senior leader of presided over the meeting.

Henceforth DOT will settle GPF Advance/Withdrawal cases: As it is learnt earlier that the DOT will settle the GPF Advance/Withdrawal payment to BSNL employees. Yesterday Corporate Office issued a letter in this regard. All the Circles of BSNL throughout India will come under this process in 2 phases. In the list of the First Phase the name of West Bengal is included. The process will commence from 20th April from WBT Circle as it is mentioned in the Corporate Office Circular. The sanctioning authority of GPF Advance/Withdrawal will remain with the SSA heads as it is being done nowadays. The Circle CCAs will make the payment directly to the employees account which was earlier being done by the BSNL. District Secretaries are therefore keep close watch in this new procedure and if any problems arise for payment bring those immediately to the SSA heads. <Click for the Corporate Office Order>   

UPDATED ON 18-04-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

"Whether BSNL Service will improve, when its Tower going to touch the 1lakh figure"? :  This is undoubtedly a pertinent question from a BSNL Subscriber. At present BSNL has able to increase the number of towers from 60,000  to 82,000 at the end of this financial year. It is learnt that in the near future it is going to touch 1lakh figure. In our country total number of Tower including that of the private operators is 5 lakh, out of which BSNL is the owner of nearly 1lakh towers. Our customers are not perhaps bothered with numbers or figures. The subscribers  are of the opinion that instead of all these facts & figures the service which BSNL provides, is not at all satisfactory and it is also undesired from a State Owned Company. In our Circle almost 40% of the BSNL BTSs are non- functional, RF tests are not being done regularly, power failure is a regular phenomenon. It is also learnt that to give better service of 4G & 5G in the coming days,  BSNL will install 1 lakh towers per year. But need of the day is to provide better service to our esteemed customers with all the resources that BSNL have with them.

Branch/District Secretaries are requested to organize GB Meeting: As decided by the Circle Union and mentioned in Circular No. 03 dated 22/03/2017, the Branch & District Secretaries are once again requested to hold General Body meeting in their Br/Dist. It is learnt Number of Districts like Asansol, Berhampore,Krishnagar,Bankura, Purulia Suri, Coochbehar, Raiganj, Diamondharbour (Kolkata SSA) have already conducted meetings in their Districts. Conferences were also held in number of Branches within this period. However the Branch & Districts who are yet to organise this meeting are directed to fix the date and venue of their meetings and convey the same to the Circle Union immediately.       


UPDATED ON 17-04-2017 AT 2030 HRS.

Raiganj conducted DWC meeting: The BSNLEU Raiganj District has organised District Working Comittee meeting on 12th April at Raiganj. Com. Ujjal Ghosh, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB was present on the occasion. Com S. N. Mondal, acting Dist. Secretary Raiganj initiated the proceedings. Then Com Ujjal Ghosh in his speech elaborately described the present situation of WB Circle and the duties of our members at this juncture. He also told regarding the intervention of outsiders within BSNL Office/Exchange and condemned the same. He told that only with our unity we can overcome the situation. The leaders of the District discussed various matters and number of decisions regarding betterment of service, marketing, settlement of personal claims were taken from the meeting.

Coochbehar will keep Red Flag high-- District Union Reconstituted : District Union of BSNLEU, Coochbehar reconstituted. On 2nd April, 2017 Com. Ujjal Ghosh, Org Secy., BSNLEU, WB and Com. Soumen Kr Ch Roy, Dist. Secy. Jalpaiguri jointly visited Coochbehar on behalf of the Circle union and met with our comrades. The message of the circle union was conveyed to them by the leaders.  Thereafter a committee was formed where two lady comrades took the charge of Secretary and Treasurer respectively. The newly formed committee along with the circle representatives met with TDM, Coochbehar, handed over the list of the new committee members to him and discussed various issues of the district. The leaders demanded that peaceful atmosphere in the office premises should be restored and the authority should take such step so that the trespassers within the Office/Exchange premises will be prosecuted.

Next CWC of BSNLCMU is going to take place in the Hills: The BSNLCMU WB Circle has taken a decision to hold their next Circle Working meeting at Singtam, Gangtok. Our members of both the District Unions (BSNLCMU & BSNLEU) in the hills have shouldered the responsibility to conduct the CWC. The Meeting will be held on 29th & 30th April, 2017.  <Click for the Circular>   

UPDATED ON 12-04-2017 AT 1940 HRS.

Overwhelming Mass Gathering at Circle Office : Today at the call of BSNLCMU and BSNLEU Circle unions a overwhelming mass gathering was held at Circle office in protest of the non payment of wage of the casual and contract workers. The management failed to implement the Gazette notification of the corporate office regarding wage revision of the contract workers. They also failed to implement the 7th pay commission recommendation in respect of the casual labourers even the DA/VDA also. Workers from nook and corner assembled at CO ignoring scorching heat of the summer and threatening  of the TEU goons. At the beginning of the programme a rally was dorganised in CGMT Office. The meeting was presided over jointly by Com. Kalyan Raha and Com. Nazes Nauroz. Com. Tapas Ghosh, CS, BSNLCMU, Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. CS, BSNLEU, Com. Akhilesh Banerjee, Asstt. CS BSNLCMU, Com. Nemai Das, Treasurer BSNLCMU, Com. Swapan Chanda, Leader BSNLEU and Com. Sujoy Sarkar, Asstt. CS, BSNLEU kept their views before the workers assembled. Com. Animesh Mitra, CS, BSNLEU and Secretary General BSNLCCWF was the main speaker.  He spoke at length the present unrest situation persisting at this moment in WB Telecom Circle.  He told how the the top most personnel of the administration is avoiding the just demand of the employees and promoting all the misdeeds. He also told that how the union fought for the casual/contractual workers in connection with the issues like implementation of gazette notification, extension of gratuity etc. Later a delegation led by Com. Animesh Mitra met with GM(HR/Admin) and GM (Finance) and discussed the unsettled issues of Regular and Non Regular employees. Comrades, Circle Union feels that the war begins so let us unite and organise programme at all levels. Organise programme till payment of wages to the Casual/Contractual workers, enhancement of wage for the Contractual workers as per Gazette notification, payment of GPF and settlement of other personal claims to the Regular employees from 17th April, 2017 onwards.   <Photos> 

Circle Administration failed to arrange payment of wages----organise struggle: Yesterday a circle union delegation lead by Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU met DGM (F) and demanded immediate payment of wages to the Casual/Contractual Workers. The leaders also expressed their strong resentment over the issue of delay towards payment of wages to the non regular workers in every month during the recent past. The DGM (Fin) told the leaders that all possible efforts are being taken to settle the problem at the earliest. However has also agreed that the fund allotment towards payment of wages to the non regular workers are not being done in time by the CO New Delhi for which the payment delays. The Circle leaders told the authority that both BSNLEU & BSNLCMU will go on Trade Union action in protest of these turmoil So, Comrades let's start agitational programme in your SSAs demanding immediate payment. In Kolkata today, as scheduled earlier the 2 Circle Unions will organise protest demonstration against the reluctant attitude of the administration towards payment of wages and settlement of other issues like revision of wages as per Gazette Notification, endorsement DA, preparation and completion of FT-23 etc.

Photos of Suri General Body Meeting held on 8th April, 2017 at Bolpur: <Click>

UPDATED ON 11-04-2017 AT 1915 HRS.

BSNLEU along with BSNLCMU went on Dharna Programme at Purulia for Non Settlement of Demands : BSNLEU  along with BSNLCMU organised dharna programme today for non-settlement of different demands of the employees. New TDM of Purulia took charge of the office but unable to realize the demands of the employees. Due such attitude of the administration creates sharp resentment amongst the employees for which BSNLEU and BSNLCMU both the district Unions decided to go on sustained 'Dharna' programme in coming days.  

Fabulous participation of employees at Asansol GB Meeting: As decided by the Circle Union General Body Meetings are being conducted in different Districts of West Bengal. on 10th April, 2017 BSNLEU Asansol District organised a meeting where more than 100 employees have participated despite several constraints. Com Animesh Mitra CS BSNLEU was the Main speaker of the meeting in his deliberation narrated the present situation of our Circle and requested everybody to fight against all odds with strong determination and unity. Com. Subrata Mishra, DS Asansol & ACS BSNLEU WB Circle also spoke on the occasion. A good number of BSNLCMU members along with AIBDPA members were present in the meeting Com Biswanath Mondal, presided over the meeting. <Photos>.

Impressive General Body Meeting Held at Suri District : A General Body meeting was organised jointly by three District Unions at Suri, BSNLEU, BSNLCMU and AIBDPA. A good number of regular and non-regular employees along with pensioners were assembled in the GB meeting. Com. Animesh Mitra, CS, BSNLEU, WB was the main speaker. He briefly narrated about our duties and responsibilities in these hard days. He spoke about the various demands of ours which are pending at the Circle level for which are in continuous struggle. He pointed out about our wage revision along with pension revision for which we have to go on struggle when the Central Govt is trying to sale out/privatize  BSNL.  Com Nadadulal Mitra, Dist Secy., BSNLEU, Com. Santosh Goswami, Dist Secy., BSNLCMU, Com. Madan Ghosh, Dist Secy., AIBDPA and Com. Nazes Nouroz, Pressident BSNLEU, WB spoke on the occasion.     

District Conference of Gangtok (Sikkim) concluded amidst lot of enthusiasm: The District conference of both BSNLEU and BSNLCMU Gangtok District held at Telephone Exchange Gangtok on 9th April, 2017. The members of BSNLEU and BSNLCMU  of Sikkim  participated in the District Conference from all parts of the hills. The conference started at 10.30 in the morning after hoisting of Red Flag and garlanding of martyrs column. Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secy., Nazes Nauroz, President, Moni Chhetri, Vice President BSNLEU WB Circle were present in the meeting. The leaders emphasized on the issues like present scenario of BSNL in the Circle, ensuing wage revision, disinvestment of BSNL, formation of Subsidiary Tower company, problems of the Causal/Contractual workers and pensioners, the  unsettled HR issues of the employees/pensioners and requested the members to be united to achieve our demands. Leaders of AIBDPA  Gangtok have attended the District Conference. Com Mitra narrated the all India scenario and told the members that  The draft report and accounts were tabled and the members took part in the discussion. Com Mukul Sil, ADS Siliguri Dist., R.K. Yadav, leader AIBDPA Siliguri also present in the conference. <Photos> 

UPDATED ON 10-04-2017 AT 1830 HRS.

Attack could not restrain Diamondharbour to hold excellent meeting: The overall unity of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU Diamondharbour Branch comrades throttled the conspiracies of the TMC goons to disrupt the General Body meeting at Diamondharbour Telephone Exchange on 8th April, 2017. The TEU miscreants alongwith outside goons assembled outside the Exchange premises on 8th April but nearly 60 brave hearted members of both BSNLEU & BSNLCMU members refrain the goons to enter the exchange where the meeting was scheduled to be held. Com Chiranjib Sen, Org. Secy. BSNLEU WB, Manoj Upadhyay, leader BSNLCMU Kolkata Dist. along with other leaders and members completed the meeting successfully. Circle Union conveys red salute to all the courageous members of South Branch for their boldness. It is once again proved that united struggle could keep away these heinous activities from our path. So comrades be united, react boldly and march ahead.

UPDATED ON 07-04-2017 AT 1930 HRS.

Workers of BSNL, WB Circle Bypass the Target Set for March, 2017 : Workers of BSNL West Bengal Circle went past the target set for the March, 2017 of 25484. Connection given for March, 2017 is 43,436 (170%) overcoming all the hurdles. At all India level the growth is 108%.We are hopeful to give connection in the month of April, 2017 more than the target set.  BSNLEU WB Circle congratulate all the workers for the achievement.   

UPDATED ON 6-04-2017 AT 1900 HRS.

Yet Another Achievement For BSNLEU, WB Circle :  After sustained struggle and long persuasion by BSNLEU, WB Circle Compassionate Ground Appointments are going to take place in our Circle. After a span of ten years dependent of the deceased employee is getting appointment in BSNL, WBTC. Specially, after delegation of power by the Corporate Office to the CGMs in r/o CGA cases from then onwards BSNLEU is trying hard to get the management take decision in favour of the dependent of the deceased officials. Circle Union organasied agitation programme, dharna and even hunger fast on the issue. Circle Union  raised the issue in different negotiation forum also. At last the list of twenty five CGA cases including two accident cases published by the management. It is due the sustained struggle by the workers. It is the victory of the entire employees. District Secretaries are requested to go through the list and take proper steps for postings of those who got appointment.  

UPDATED ON 05-04-2017 AT 2030 HRS.

Today "Call Attention Day" held Throughout West Bengal Telecom Circle : Today at the call of all Unions and Associations "Call Attention Day' was observed throughout West Bengal Telecom Circle. All the Unions and Associations, BSNLEU, NFTE(BSNL), FNTO, SNATTA, AIBSNLEA, SNEA, AIGETOA, BSNLCMU and AIBDPA took part in this programme in West Bengal Telecom Circle. The programme was organised against the Govt. decision to deprive the BSNL executive/non executive employees from 3rd PRC/ Wage Revision. "Call Attention Day" was observed centrally at Kolkata at CTO building. A rally was organised before the demonstration meeting  where it went round CTO building and annexed building of TCO. Com. Animesh Mitra the Convener initiated the proceedings where he briefly narrated how the Central Govt. trying to deprive the BSNL employees from 3rd PRC/Wage Revision and conspiracy to close down various PSUs including BSNL. Under this situation he called upon the employees to extend their full cooperation towards making our  unity rock solid. In this meeting Com. Aniruddha Basu (AIBSNLEA), Com. Tapan Biswas,  NFTE(BSNL), Com. Tapas Ghosh (SNEA) deliberated their speeches before the gathering. Com. Asis Das, Senior Leader of BSNLEU presided over the meeting. So far the latest  information received by the circle union such meetings were also held at Berhampore, ETP, Krishnagar, Purulia, Asansol, Burdwan, Raiganj, Kharagpur, Bankura, Suri and Siliguri.  <Click for Photos> 

Management issued order on Gazette Notification to revise the wage of the Contractual Workers: After sustained persuasion of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU today the order for revised rate of wage revision for contractual labourers was published through gazette notification by the Administration. The office order has been issued by Kolkata SSA, ETR and Electrical wing. It is a great achievement for the workers who believe in to achieve their right through struggle. BSNLEU West Bengal Circle extends its heart felt thanks and Red Salute to Com. Animesh Mitra, Secretary General BSNLCCWF and his comrades.

Effective Agitation Programme held at Krishnagar and Suri : As decided by the circle union the agitation programme was held in all the Districts throughout the Circle against the indifferent attitude of the administration towards settling of personal claims and long pending burning problems of the SSAs. Accordingly, Krishnagar District organised agitation programme along with BSNLCMU and AIBDPA on 4th April, 2017. Circle Secretary Com. Animesh Mitra attended the meeting at Krishnagar and was the main speaker. He pointed out various aspects of the employees pertaining to personal claims. He also pointed out the burning problems and the wretched condition of the Telecom service in our circle. He reminded those who assembled in the huge gathering about our duties and responsibilities.

Similar agitation programme was  also organised at Suri by BSNLEU, Suri District along with BSNLCMU and AIBDPA. Com Nazesh Nauroz, President BSNLEU, WB attended the meeting and was the main speaker. Good number of employees of Suri District assembled at the gathering. District Secretary Com. Nanda Dulal Mitra, Com. Santosh Gosami, Dist Secy., BSNLCMU spoke before the gathering.  


UPDATED ON 04-04-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

Good Response in the Agitation Programme from all over West Bengal Circle : Today at the call of BSNLEU, West Bengal Circle agitation programme held throughout the circle at the SSA level with enthusiasm. The programme was held jointly with BSNLCMU and AIBDPA. The call was against the non-settlement of the personal claims of the workers, pensioners and long pending burning issues and total break down of the Telecom service in our circle. In Circle Office members of the District unions of  Kolkata, CGMT office, TCO, CGMT (Tech) jointly organised the agitation programme along with BSNLCMU, Kolkata District and AIBDPA before GM (HR/Admin.) and GM (Finance). Com. Manik Sarkar, Dist. Secy., Kolkata District, Com. Goutam Das, Dist. Secy., BSNLCMU, Kolkata District, Com. Sujoy Sarkar, Dist., Secy., CGMT office Dist., Com. Pankaj Saha, leader AIBDPA WB Circle and  Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle BSNLEU WB spoke before the gathering. A rally was organised  before the meeting. The meeting was presided over jointly byCom. Swapan Chanda and Com. Debashis Khan. Later a delegation lead by Com. Amitava Chattopadhyay met GM (Finance) and GM (HR/Admin). Com. Sujoy Sarkar, Com. Goutam Das and Pankaj Saha were leaders of the delegation. Circle Union has got the information that the programme was organiused almost in every SSAs of WBT Circle where the Circle & District leaders took all initiatives to make the programme a grand success. <Click for Photo>     

UPDATED ON 03-04-2017 AT 2020 HRS

Observe Agitation programme on 4th and Call attention day on 5th April with all seriousness: As decided in the Circle Office Bearer meeting to hold lunch hour demonstration programme on 4th April, 2017 against the long pending issues and personal claims of the employees of regular, non- regular and pensioners also of the District. As requested earlier to take all measure for wide campaign amongst the employees taking the leadership of BSNLCMU and AIBDPA (please go through Circular No. 03). Since the administration is in deep sleep to solve the problems of the employees and pensioners. We are to awake them from deep sleep.

At the call of the Unions and associations observe 'Call Attention Day' on 5th April, 2017. District Secretaries are requested to make wide campaign amongst the employees that how the central Govt./ DOT is going to deprive the employees of BSNL from 3rd PRC/Wage Revision. It is our legitimate demand to get revised wage. It is also brought to the notice of the employees that Modi Govt. is trying to demolish the PSUs of our country. They are trying to merge BSNL and MTNL too in this regard. District secretaries are also requested to organise the programme with the leadership of the constituents of Unions and Associations. It also reminded that those who have not collect the Demand Badge and Posters are requested to collect the same from the Circle Union.  So be serious on the issues and make the programmes a grand success.  

Send all the required documents of CGA cases to Circle Office : It is learnt that the meeting of HPC will be held very soon. District secretaries are once again requested to enquire about the latest position of the CGA cases of their District. Send all required documents/ quarries of the Circle authority to Circle Office without fail. Tdhe Corporate Office has issued order to CGMs to conduct HPC for CGA cases for the year 2016-17. So at this juncture it is very important to take information in this regard and convey the same to the Circle Union at the earliest. <click for CO ND Order>    


UPDATED ON 01-04-2017 AT 1600 HRS.

BSNLEU WB Circular No. 03: <Click here>

When  employees are toiling hard for outstanding revenue collection, CGMT is much busy with “Swachh Bharat Avijan”. Of late it is learnt by the Circle Union that the employees of this circle have taken the challenge to collect outstanding revenue conducting “Lok Adalat”, “Special Collection Camp” and through CSCs in their SSAs. So far the information received from the District secretaries Jalpaiguri & Berhampore we are getting a good response from the Subscribers. They are even ready to pay their dues through installments.  For example Jalpaiguri collected Rs 310553/- from 500 cases through "Lok Adalat" conducted on 25th March, 2017 and at Alipurduar Rs 40,000/- was collected on the same day. Berhampore also collected a good amount of revenue through Lok Adalat to the tune of Rs 107453/- on 9th March 2017. The District Secys of other SSAs are requested  to take initiative and send information to the circle union if any special drive for outstanding collection programme was organized in their SSA at the end of this Financial year. However, it is very unfortunate that  when the employees are trying their best to fill our revenue box then the CGMT is busy with “Swach Bharat” Programme and other business. The administration often accuses the employees for their work culture but the above instances do not justify the acusition. There is no initiative from top most level of the Administration to collect outstanding revenue or chalk out plan and programme to render better service to our esteemed customers. It is a fair example enough to understand the role and activities the administration of WBTC.   


UPDATED ON 31-03-2017 AT 2015 HRS.

Badge wearing and Gate Meeting will be organized in West Bengal with all seriousness - Meeting of Forum held today at CTO : A serious meeting  of the Forum of all Unions and Associations today held at CTO union office and took a decision that on the 5th April, 2017 demonstration and badge wearing programme will be observed in every offices and exchanges with all out seriousness. Veteran leader Com. Swapan Bose presided over the meeting. Com. Animesh Mitra and Com. Asis Das from BSNLEU, Com. Narayan Saha from FNTO, Com. Tapan Biswas and Com. Rajit Mukherjee from NFTE(BSNL), Com. Aniruddha Bose from AIBSNLEA Com. Taps Ghosh and Com. P.K. Roy from SNEA attended the meeting. It was decided a common badge will be supplied to all Unions and Associations. All the Unions and Associations was requested to print out flex festoons and posters to popularize the demands.<View badge>


Pictures of the Programme held at ETR on 30th March, 2017 : <Click here>

UPDATED ON 30-03-2017 AT 2030HRS.

Massive Demonstration Programme held before CGMT (ETR) : At the cal of BSNLEU, WB Circle a massive demonstration programme held before the chamber of CGM (ETR) on the problems of regular, non regular and pensioners. A good number of regular and non regular workers assembled from in and around Kolkata. A good number of pensioners were also assembled. Personal claims of regular are neglected for a long a time, The wage of the casual and contract labourers is n\much irregular and pensioners are suffering a lot to get their pensionary benefits. Latter a delegation headed by Com Animesh Mitra, CS met CGM (ETR) and discussed the issues. CGM(ETR) assured the delegation that the issues will be looked into all seriousness. Other members of the delegation were Com. Asis Dad, Dist Secy, Asis Das, Br. Secy., Com. Sunil Nayek and Com. Sukanta Saha. Com Animesh Mitra, Com. Asis Das, Com. Taps Ghosh, Com. Tarak Kundu, Com. Asis Das, Com. Chiranjib Sen and Com Sanjib Poria spoke before huge gathering. Com. Nazes Nouroz and Com. Sunil Nayek jointly presided over the meeting.

Circle Union Met GM(HR/Admin) and GM (Finance) on the Issues of the Hills : Yesterday on 29th March, 2017 a delegation headed by Com. Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary met Circle Administration and discussed the problems of Hills  of Darjeeling, Kurseong and Klimpong and difficulty in getting personal claims of the employees. Circle Secretary requested GM (HR) and GM (Finance) to allot the ERP 'Password' to AO Darjeeling so that the personal claims could be settled smoothly. GM (Finance) told the delegation that due to the formation of Business Area permission to be taken from the corporate offic to allot separate ERP 'Password'. They also assured the leadership that the same will be pursued at the corporate office. A letter was handed over to the administration in this regard. <view letter>

UPDATED ON 27-03-2017 AT 1915 HRS.

Circle Union Met CGMT & GM(HR/Admin) :  Today Circle Secretary Com. Animesh Mitra along with Com. Anindya Kr Sarkar, Org Secy met CGMT and GM (HR/Admin) and expressed their strong resentment over various issues. They pointed out that the decision taken in the Circle Council meeting have not been implemented till date more over the minutes oi\of the meeting has not been published by the administration after lapse of two months. They also pointed out that various claims of the employees are not being taken care of by the administration as result the employees are suffering a lot. After patience hearing CGMT assured to look into the matter.

UPDATED ON 25-03-2017 AT 1445 HRS.

Intimate the required no. of 'Telecrusader' & "Door Sanchar Karmee": The BSNLEU CHQ has already asked the District Unions to send their required number of All India journals ('Telecrusader') to CHQ . At the same time the  required number of Circle Journals ("Door Sanchar Karmee") will definitely be changed in respect of each District.  So the District Secretaries are requested to send  the exact figure to the Circle Union by SMS/Email within 15 days. The District/Branch secretaries are requested to send the changed name/address in respect of their District/Branch also with the figure to the Circle Union positively.

UPDATED ON 24-03-2017 AT 1315 HRS.

Editorial of "Door Sanchar Karmee", March, 2017: <Click here>

UPDATED ON 23-03-2017 AT 1950 HRS.

Take special effort to hold General Body meeting at the Branch level: The District & Branch secretaries are requested to take all efforts to organise General Body meeting from 24th March to 4th April 2017 at each and every branch. In those meetings the eventful incidents like successful completion of 7th Circle conference Kolkata, march to Parliament programme held on 22/02/17, March to Rajbhavan/DM/Collectorate office and submission of memorandum against the derogative decisions of the Central Govt. to weaken/ disinvest BSNL etc. The issues like i) poor development, maintenance, marketing of WBT Circle, ii) efforts taken by the circle union to solve the pending stuff problems, iii) attack on BSNLEU members through out West Bengal and the brave fight of the members are to be highlighted. The meeting should also discuss the future course of action and convey the decisions to the district and circle union. 

Krishnagar non payment issue----- Circle & District union met GM (Fin.): Today the circle union leaders both of BSNLEU and BSNLCMU along with their District union countar parts had a discussion with GM (Fin.) regarding the non payment of wages of the non-regulars of Krishnagar SSA. The leaders demanded immediate payment of outstanding dues of wage to the non-regulars workers. The leaders expressed their strong resentment against the administrative lapses for which the workers are being deprived of their wages since last five months. The GM(Fin.) assured the leaders that all possible effort will be taken by the administration towards payment of the non-regular workers at the earliest. Com. Animesh Mitra CS, BSNLEU WB, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Sujoy Sarkar, Bidhan Pramanik (leaders BSNLEU), Tapas Ghosh,  CS BSNLCMU ,Tarak Kundu (BSNLCMU) Biswanath Kar, Nemai Das and others  district union leaders were present in the delegation.

UPDATED ON 22-03-2017 AT 2000 HRS.

17th foundation day celebrated with lot of  joy and firm determination to save BSNL to protect the interest of the employees: Today the 17th foundation day of BSNL employees union was celebrated through out the circle with lot of enthusiasm. The good number of members of BSNLEU gathered in the office / Exchanges to celebrate this auspices day. As per the latest news came to the circle union in most of the district the day is celebrated with due honor. The leaders and organizers in their speeches mainly highlighted the issues like the present situation of BSNL,  demands of the employees, next wage negation, revision of wages of the contractual workers, problems of the pensioners along with the glorified history of the past 16th years of BSNLEU. <Click here>

Implementation of Gazette Notification-------- Circle union met GM (Finance): Yesterday a delegation of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU  WB Circle met GM (Fin) with the demand to implement revision of wages of the contract workers as per gazette notification at the earliest. The leaders also highlighted the issues of non payment of wages for months together particularly in  Krishnagar, Asansol, Kolkata SSAs. GM (Fin.) gave patient hearing an assured that proper action will be taken.

UPDATED ON 21-03-2017 AT 1715 HRS.

BSNLEU & BSNLCMU is always serious on Casual/Contractual labour demands: At last the order for revision of minimum wages for the contractual workers has been  issued by the Chief Labour Comissioner on 17th March, 2017. It is stated in this regard that the day when the Ministry of labour has issued the Gazette Notification for revision of minimum wages, on that day itself Com VAN Namboodiri, President and Animesh Mitra, SG BSNLCCWF met CLC at New Delhi with the demand for increase of wages. However, though delayed, the CLC Mr. A. K. Nayek has issued the order on 17th March, 2017. It is also to be mentioned that on 18th March Com P. Abhimanyu, GS BSNLEU & VP BSNLCCWF along with Animesh Mitra, Secy. General BSNLCCWF met CMD BSNL and demanded immediate implementation of the revised rate of wages throughout India. The CMD BSNL told the leaders that the matters will be looked into with all seriousness. Yesterday, the Circle Union also had a meeting with GM (HR) where the demand for immediate implementation of revised wages for the contractual workers has been raised by the Circle leaders. According to the order of the CLC , New Delhi , the revised wages will be effective from 19th January, 2017 and the next VDA shall be effective from 01st April, 2017. This is undoubtedly a significant victory of the workers under the leadership of BSNL Employees Union and BSNLCCWF. Comrades it is now our task to make it implemented at the earliest and make a wide campaign of the story of the struggle behind this success. <Click for the CLC Order> 

"International Women's Day" observed energetically and with firm determination at Asansol: Amidst energy & enthusiasm the International Women's Day was observed at Asansol on 18th March, 2017. The programme was scheduled earlier by the District Union. Com Debomita Chattopadhyay, leader AIDWA Burdwan, spoke on the occasion. Com Chattopadhyay told the gathering regarding the necessity and significance of observing International women's day, she also told how the women are being exploited and tortured  in our society. She requested the gathering to fight against the oppression of the women. A good number of working women both of BSNLEU & CMU have attended the programme, a good number of lady pensioners were also present. Com Monima Mann & Pratima Bhowmick presented mass songs, Com Papri Chowdhury & Sutapa Roy recited poems. After the speech of the main speaker Com. Subrata Mishra, DS Asansol and Sutapa Roy, ADS, BSNLEU Asansol District narrated the few words describing the present scenario of working women in our society and in the working arena. The programme was presided by Com Susmita Roy & Basabi Sarkar.  <Click here for Photos>

Observe 17th Foundation Day of BSNL Employees Union tomorrow in a befitting manner:  Tomorrw is the 17th Foundation day of BSNL Employees Union. We all aware of the fact that our Union started journey on 22nd march, 2001 from Visakhapatnam. In this 17th foundation day let us hoist the Red Flag of our Union in every BSNL Office/Exchange of our Circle, narrate the achievements and present scenario to each and every member through Gate Meeting, GB meeting, etc. 

UPDATED ON 17-03-2017 AT 1235 HRS.

Both Purulia & Siliguri have shown a new path of United movement: Of late the news came to the Circle Union that along with other Districts of West Bengal the programme of "Submission of Memorandum to DM" on 9th march 2017 was successfully conducted both at Purulia & Siliguri. In both the places the Executives & non executives were in a mood to express their anger over the derogative decision of the Central Govt. to destroy BSNL. At Purulia, after a long interval the executives and non executives came on the streets to save BSNL which is definitely an unique feature so far the united movement in BSNL throughout the Country is concerned. Com S D. Barman, Dist. Secy. BSNLEU and other leaders of executives & non excutive Unions and association were present on the occasion. In Siliguri veteran leader of NFTE-BSNL Com Pulak Ganguly spoke before the gathering along with Com Badal Ghosh, Dist. Secy, BSNLEU and other leaders. In both the places the BSNLCMU & AIBDPA members played  a very vital role to make the programme grand success. <Click for Photos>                                        


UPDATED ON 16-03-2017 AT 1730 HRS.

Employees are being deprived of getting basic amenities on the plea of ERP--Circle Union intervenes: It is a matter of deep regret that the employees are deprived from getting basic amenities like Uniform, stitching charge, chappal etc. for months together. The Circle Union when enquired the authority regarding this problem the administration told that it happens due to the problem of ERP and Corporate Office. The experience of Berhampore SSA can be cited where the TDM denied to sanction the amenities and sent the file to Kolkata SSA for guidance which remained unsettled for 3 to 4 months.  Ultimately when Circle Union intervenes the Kolkata SSA authority replied that there is no specific guidelines are there for such payment. Circle Union also discussed the issue with CGM, GM (F) & GM (HR) with no result. We have to again thrash the administration to awake them from deep sleep so that the payment can be made. <Click for Letter to CGMT>

Payment of Security Guards affects months together due to crunch of fund----BSNLEU & BSNLCMU reacts: The security guards of different SSAs are not getting their wages due to shortage/non availability of fund months together, the situation is so grave that the security guards of Krishnagar are not getting their wages for last 5 months. In spite of change of both the Contractor as well as the TDM Krishnagar the situation remains unaltered. It is learnt that the Security Guards of CTTC & Kolkata SSA are not getting their wages too and the problem persists in most of the SSAs. The amount for payment of wages as received by the Circle Office from Corporate Office New Delhi is of Rs. 38 lakh for the month of February,17 in the first week of March, 2017.But the required amount as per the requisition of the SSAs are of Rs. 1.5 Crore. The workers attached to Krishnagar SSA have already gone for agitational programme and there is serious unrest amongst the workers in other SSAs also. The District Union of Krishnagar demanded immediate intervention of CGMT in this issue. The Circle Union also demanded intervention of CGMT before ‘Holi’ for payment. Since the situation has not been improved the Circle Union gave a deputation to GM (Finance) on 14th March, 17. After discussion it is decided that the authority is going to allot about Rs. 1.34Cr. to the SSA heads towards payment of the Security guards except Bankura SSA who did not requisitioned any amount . Only due to the active intervention of both BSNLEU & BSNLCMU WB Circle allotment of fund for payment of wages became possible. Though the sanctioned amount is meager we have to fight for the rest amount. After sustained effort of both the Circle Unions it is learnt that the Security Guards of Krishnagar and Kolkata SSAs did not get their wages for 4 and 3 months respectively.



UPDATED ON 10-03-2017 AT 1735 HRS.

Awesome Rally and submission of Memorandum programme held throughout the Circle:Today, at the call of All India Unions and Associations of BSNL, four circle unions of  West Bengal State organised a historic rally at the City of Kolkata wherein about three thousand workers and officers took part in the procession with flags, placards, banners. After the rally in the huge gathering  a meeting was held at the island of Dalhousie square, where leaders from BSNL Employees Union West Bengal, Calcutta Telephones, Stores & Telecom Factory Circles, NFTE (BSNL), SNATTA & SNEA addressed the meeting.  Com. Animesh Mitra, Convener initiated the proceedings. Com. Omprakash Singh, Krishnendu Naskar, Sandip Ghosh, Dilip Saha & Mrinal Das delivered their speech. Com. Saiibal Sengupta presided. Finally, Memorandum was handed over to the Governor of West Bengal.

So far information received, similar fantastic rallies were held at different districts of West Bengal like Durgapur, Krishnagar, Bankura, Asansol, Malda and Raiganj where hundreds of BSNL Exeuctives, Non executives, Non Regular employees & Pensioners participated with lot of enthusiasm to Save BSNL from the attack of the Central Government policies.

Circle Union conveys Red Salute to the employees of all categories and  the pensioners for their active role to make the programme another milestone in the history of  united Telecom movement in the State. <Click >. 


BSNL-MTNL MERGER-----Member (Service), DOT negates, but Media focused another view!!! Since last couple of years it is one of the most important issue whether BSNL will Merge with MTNL or not. Whenever the question raised the Authority denies the fact, but recently on 8th March,17, a report came on the print media which said that "According to the top official of the Telecom Department the merger of BSNL & MTNL is back on the discussion Table". The GS & DY GS, BSNLEU  yesterday in a meeting  when asked regarding the rumors of Merger of BSNL& MTNL, Sri R.K. Mishra, Member Services, DOT at once denied about any such talks. Today it is learnt that all on a sudden the share price of MTNL in the market increas4ed by 16%. It is very much clear that due to media report of BSNL-MTNL merger at the highest level the market value has increased. The employees are anxously telling that whom to trust??? Comrades the only answer is sustained  united struggle of the employees can save BSNL, thus we can save the PSUs as well as the nation. <Click for the Media Report>


UPDATED ON 08-03-2017 AT 1340 HRS.

"International Women's Day"---Celebrate with honour, courage & respect: Today is "International Women's Day". Comrades, BSNLEU West Bengal Circle Union conveys heartfelt greetings to all working women on the eve of "International Women's Day".  Today is the day to take oath for the equality of women, to fight against the exploitation of women in the society. In our country the women are bitterly exploited by the capitalist system and social oppression moreover nowadays women are increasingly being made targets of violent attacks on the basis of caste and religion. In our state the situation is nothing different. Presently, according to the report of "National Women commission" our state stood at the top two places so far the Trafficking and Molestation of Women are concerned. This is our shame!!! Therefore it is our duty comrades to raise our voice, to stand together with courage to save the women thus to save our society. Circle Union urges upon all to celebrate this auspicious day with honour.

Employees are the only key to success: Of late it is learnt that one "Lok Adalat" was organized at  BSNL Jalpaiguri SSA where the subscribers have deposited the outstanding due of more than Rs. 1.8 Lakh to BSNL. It is also learnt that the District Secretary BSNLEU Jalpaiguri Com S.C. Chanda Roy and other leaders of Jalpaiguri took major initiative to hold the "Lok Adalat". More than 1200 subscribers were served notice for outstanding Telephone bills with the request to deposit the amount to BSNL and 600 customers attended the "Lok Adalat" and deposited their dues. The entire Executive and Non executive employees attached to Jalpaiguri were very much enthused with the response of the customers. Therefore it is once again proved that if the employees get proper motivation then they can only work for the betterment of BSNL. Circle Union conveys red salute to the workers of Jalpaiguri.

UPDATED ON 07-03-2017 AT 1455 HRS.

Memorandum for the 9th March, 2017 Programme: <Click>

Administration failed to fulfill the basic demands------Circle Union reacts: On 6th March, 2017 the leaders of the Circle Union met both GM (HR-Admn) and GM (Fin.) and expressed their strong reaction over the non settlement of the pending unsettled cases of the employees. The leaders have also focused the issue of non payment of wages of the non regular workers, deposition of EPF in the name of the non regular workers to the authority and accused the administration for their utter reluctance to solve the problems. It becomes a regular phenomenon of this Circle that regarding non payment the administration came out of hibernation after the BSNLEU/BSNLCMU agitates. The leaders told that Administration is not even careful to settle the long pending individual cases of the employees which agitates the employees of all sections. However it is learnt from the GM (Fin) that efforts are being taken to make payments of the non regular workers at the earliest throughout the Circle. Regarding the problems of payment at Burdwan, Krishnagar, Asansol the GM (Fin) himself enquired the position from the field officers and gave instructions accordingly in presence of the leaders. Com Animesh Mitra, CS, Najes Nauroz, President, Amitava Chattopadhyay & Sujoy Sarkar both ACS, Debasish Khan, Treasurer, Bidyut Goswami, Asstt. Treasurer, Manik lal Sarkar & Chiranjib Sen both Org. Secys of BSNLEU WB were present in the delegation.  

Preparation is on full swing for the programme of 9th March:  To propagate the demands of the Unions & Associations of BSNl for the programme of 9th March 2017 amongst the workers of BSNL,  Meeting, rallies are taking place almost throughout the Circle. Already a good number of District Unions have completed their plan to submit the Memorandum to the DM/ADM. It is learnt that the District Unions of  Kharagpur, Bankura, Asansol, Durgapur, Purulia, Suri TCO, ETR, ETP, CGMT Office, Kolkata SSA have already discussed regarding the programme and going to perform accordingly. At Kolkata the 3 District Unions yesterday organised a rally followed by a meeting  t CTO TCO & CGMT Office. The First meeting of yesterday took place at CTO  Kolkata of more than hundred of workers after a grand rally at CTO & TCO building where Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB detailed the background of submission of Memorandum programme of the CHQ on 9th March, 2017, Com Manik lal Sarkar, Circle Org. Secy. & DS Kolkata SSA also addressed the meeting. Another meeting was held at CGMT Office where Com Animesh Mitra, CS also told the employees regarding the dreadful attack of the Central Govt. on BSNL and requested the employees to keep unity to fight the calamity. Rally was also organised after the meeting at CGMT Office. <Click Here>     

UPDATED ON 02-03-2017 AT 2030 HRS.

Central Govt. has taken another effort to disinvest BSNL: This time attack has come from PM Office. On last 31st December, 2016 PM office has asked the "NITI Ayog" to assess the the Balance sheet of BSNL on which the decision for disinvestment of BSNL can be taken. It is surprising that the BSNL Board has not taken any decision in this regard in the recent past. It is learnt from the Daily Newspaper that another attempt is going on to merge BSNL with MTNL as the other Private Telcos are merging to save their future. All Unions/ Associations of BSNL have expressed their strong resentment on the decision of the Govt. and decided to organise March to Rajbhawan on 9th March, 2017. Today at Kolkata a convention of all the 4 Circles (CTD, TF, TS & WB) was held at "Subarna Banik Samaj Hall" where the leaders of various organizations have expressed their views on this issue of disinvestment . It is decided that a Memorandum to the Governor will be submitted with a colourful rally of executives and non executives on 9/3/2017 . Com Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB, Omprakash Singh, CS BSNLEU TF, Sekhar Majumder, CS, NFTE CTD, Prasun Mukherjee, CS AIBSNLEA CTD, Tapas Ghosh, CS SNEA WB, Bhaskar Chakraborty, Leader AIBSNLEA WB spoke on the occasion. Com Saibal Sengupta, CS BSNLEU CTD Circle presided over the convention. <Click here>  

UPDATED ON 01-03-2017 AT 1600 HRS.

Total Closure of Raiganj SSA, Administartion Reluctant - Circle Union Intervenes: Raiganj SSA is total Closed since last few days. It is learnt no Exchange /office within the purview  of this SSA is open/functioning right now which creates lot of problem both to the subscribers and the employees. There is an acute problem of labour payment of this SSA persists since seven or eight moths. The local administration is total reluctant to resolve this problem. Even the circle union when brought this problem to the notice of the administration then the authority was not much serious enough to overcome the situation. As a result, due to the total callousness of the authority, made an easy way to the outside political personnel to intervene with the BSNL work which leads to total closure of the SSA.  Yesterday, Circle Secretary, Com. Animesh Mitra along with Com. Amitava Chattpoadhyay, Asstt. Circle Secy., met CGMT, WB and expressed their resentment and demanded on behalf of BSNLEU, WB to restore normalcy of Raiganj SSA immediately at the same time the wage of the non-regular workers of that SSA to be made in no time. A letter was also handed over to CGMT in this regard. 

BSNLEU WB Circular No. 02. : <Click here>

Meeting of the District Executives held at Kharagpur SSA: A meeting of the District Executives of BSNLEU Kharagpur District held  at the Bogda Telephone Exchange, Kharagpur yesterday. Com Bidyut Goswami, Assistant Treasurer BSNLEU WB Circle was present in the meeting where the issues like a) submission of memorandum on 9/3/2017, b) review of March to Parliament progrmme on 22/2/2017, c) present scenario of ruined service in the SSA and pending HR issues, d) issues of the Pensioners and Non regular workers etc. were discussed elaborately. Com Goswami in his speech narrated the present scenario of BSNL as well as the attack of the Central Govt. to destroy the PSU and requests all to raise their voice unitedly to fight the situation. The meeting has decided that the submission of memorandum with a effective and colurful rally will take place on 8th March at Midnapore (for West Midnapore ) & on 10th March at Tamluk (for East Midnapore). The leaders also decided to take the issues of 9th March programme to each & every employees of the SSA. Com  Pankaj Jana, DS BSNLEU Kharagpur, Sushanta Ghosh, President AIBDPA WB, Sanjib Debnath DS, BSNLCMU Kharagpur deliberated their views in the meeting. Com Amalesh Pradhan, Organising Secretary, BSNLEU WB was also present in the meeting.  

Unions & Associations of WB Circle calls upon all to organize the programme of 9th March effectively: The leaders of the Unions and Associations of West Bengal Circle met yesterday at BSNLEU CTO Union room to discuss regarding the programme of 9th March, 2017. The leaders deliberated their views regarding the necessity to perform the programme in an effective manner. It is decided that a convention will be held on 2/3/2017 at "Subarna Banik Samaj Hall" Kolkata at 3 P.M.  where the leaders will be present with their members and on 9th March at 2P.M. a rally will be organised from "Subodh Mallick Square" to Rani Rashmoni Avenue, Esplanade Kolkata before the submission of Memorandum to the Honble' Governor of West Bengal. Similar programme will take place in the Districts also where the Memorandum will be submitted before the DM/Collectorate. The leaders requested all BSNL employees to join the programme to save BSNL and the employees against the derogative attitude of the Central Govt. to destroy BSNL. Yesterday meeting vehemently condemned the role of the Circle Administration, the reluctant attitude of the authority at all level and decided to meet CGM tentatively in the second week of this month to discuss the poor development, maintenance, marketing and other service related issues in WB Circle. Com Animesh Mitra, Amitava Chattopadhyay (BSNLEU), Tapas Ghosh, P.K. Roy (SNEA), Tapas Roy (NUBSNLW-FNTO), Prashant Jain, Arvind Kumar (AIGETOA), Partha Das (SEWA) were present in the meeting and deliberated their views. Com Sapan Chanda (BSNLEU) presided over the meeting.

UPDATED ON 28-02-2017 AT 1245 HRS.

Send your Nomination for Council without delay: The BSNLEU CHQ has already issued instruction to the Circle & District Secretaries to send  their nominations for the Circle/Local Council Members. It is observed that some of our SSAs have sent their nominations and accordingly those have been approved by the CHQ. But still there are lot of District Unions who did not send their names of the Council Members till date. Circle Union requests the District Secretaries to take immediate effort to send the nominations to the Circle Union for approval of the CHQ. Send your nominations to the Circle Union without further delay. Circle Union got the information that the CHQ has already received the nominations for Local/Circle Council members from Kolkata, ETR, ETP. Approval will be issued by CHQ very soon. The CHQ has already approved the nominations for the Districts e.g. Civil Kolkata, CGM ETR District, Kharagpur, Krishnagar  vide letter issued dated 19/09/2016. Approval for Asansol & ETP District were given on 01/11/2016, for Jalpaiguri on 13/01/2017, for Suri on 15/02/2017.

District Secretaries take initiative to prepare the list: After sustained struggle of both BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF the Corporate Office New Delhi compelled to circulate a order regarding "Engagement of Casual labourers" dated 17/02/2017. In this Circular the CO New Delhi has instructed the Local Authority to prepare a list of Casual laborers  retired/ left organization/ expired since 01/10/2000. Circle Union requests all the District Secretaries to take initiative in this regard and make contact with the local administration so that the list can be prepared and send to CO New Delhi as per the instruction of the Circular. The Circular has already available with our website.

UPDATED ON 27-02-2017 AT 1915 HRS.

Problem of Drinking water at Purulia, Circle Union intervenes: After sustained struggle by BSNLEU Dist. Union Purulia the supply of drinking water at Purulia Telephone Exchange could temporarily be solved at after discussion with TDM. But in regard to problem of coagulation of drinking water with the contaminated water,  it is decided that the attention of the Chief Engineer to be drawn and necessary steps to be taken to resolve the long pending problem at the earliest.   

BSNLEU always moves for betterment of Non Regular Workers: Both BSNLEU & BSNLCMU WB Circle use to act for the betterment of the Non regular employees. The CHQ BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF  always stand beside the two Circle Unions with their utmost cooperation. We always think for the up gradation of wages and tried to achieve the other facilities which the Non regular deserve according to the Labour Laws of the Country. Just after the huge march to parliament programme the leaders met Minister of labour and submitted the memorandum in which the union has demanded implementation of the benefits due to the Non Regular Workers. The Minister enquired the leaders about the issue of Wages, Gratuity, EPF status of  the Non regular in BSNL. He was also eager to know about the strength of the Non regular employees in BSNL throughout the country and get astonished with the figure. The leaders also handed oveer the Memorandum to the CMD and PMO Office. It is learnt that the CMD has sent the same to the Dir. (HR). Com Tapan Sen, MP, P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, VAN Namboodiri, President, BSNLCWF, Tapas Ghosh, Working president, BSNLCCWF and Animesh Mitra, Secy. General BSNLCCWF were present in the delegation. We have already heard that due to sustained persuasion of BSNLEU & BSNLCCWF leaders the Authority has already issued order for i) DA for the Casual Workers, ii)collecting data from the Circle heads regarding retired/ left organization/ expired regular workers  since 01/10/2000,  within seven days etc. So Comrades keep unity, made wide campaign of our achievements to everybody, save BSNL, we will definitely achieve our goal, it is one of our prime tasks at present. <Memorandum to Prime Minister>.     <Memorandum to CMD BSNL>

UPDATED ON 25-02-2017 AT 1215 HRS.

Non Regular Workers of BSNL shook the 'Rajpath' of  New Delhi, roared towards 'Parliament': They came from all over India. They were more than 3500, with Flag, Festoons, Flex, they gathered at Eastern Court, CTO, New Delhi on 22nd February, 2017 to make a new history in the Trade Union movement of the country. They are the member of  'BSNLCCWF'. A name which includes almost one lakh of Casual/Contractual/ Security Guards/ Job Contract Laborers of BSNL department who are disposing equal  duties & responsibilities to keep BSNL service good throughout the Country as the Regular employees. A good number of BSNLEU leaders and members were also present at Eastern Court to take part in the March to Parliament programme. Before the Rally started for Parliament Com A. K. Padmanabhan, VP CITU, VAN Namboodiri, President BSNLCCWF and Animesh Mitra Secy. General. BSNLCCWF addressed the gathering. After that the Mammoth rally started to move towards Parliament with slogans of thousands. The New Delhi pedestrians took a halt to recollect when last they have observed such a big rally of a PSU in the streets of the Capital. A few meter away from the parliament the Rally stopped due to security reason. Before handing over the Memorandum to Prime Minister of India the leaders have once again addressed the participants, raised the issues which are to be settled at once, requested the mass to keep them united to achieve the goal. Com Tapan Sen, Secretary CITU, P. Abhimnanyu, Secretary, BSNLEU, Tapas Ghosh, Working President BSNLCCWF, Animesh Mitra, SG BSNLCCWF and other leaders of BSNLEU addressed the gathering. It was a marvellous, spectacular, huge task what the BSNL workers have done with great success. Circle Union conveys red salute to our comrades (almost 100 in number from different districts) who participated in this historic journey towards Parliament.  <Click here>.

Who is the Captain??? We are already aware of the fact that the Unions & Associations of BSNL have requested the employees to work for one hour extra from 10-02-2017 to 31-03-2017. We should work to save our BSNL, to fight our competitors like Jio, to make our company viable & profit making PSU once again. We all know that BSNL has already achieved an Operational Profit to the tune of Rs. 3854 Cr. and since last couple of months the BSNL is adding more subscribers throughout the country when most  of the leading  Tele Operators registered negative growth. This became possible only because the  BSNL employees and officers have shouldered the responsibility to save the department. The CMD therefore also conveyed greetings to the Unions & Associations for their decision to work one hour extra till 31-03-2017. But in our Circle right from the CGM other officers like GM/TDMs are totally reluctant with the issue. The authority does not feel necessary to call upon the Unions and Associations for discussion so that the Circle can turn a bit. We don't have a good captain who can lead the Circle towards betterment, who can boost the morale of the employees for a better BSNL Service in the State. At present WB Circle is somehow carrying on their service without any Captain.  


UPDATED ON 20-02-2017 AT 1530 HRS.

Only BSNLEU and BSNLCMU fight for the interests of the workers : BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF jointly have taken the issue of Gratuity for the non-regular workers long ago. Though some progress made in this regard but the corporate office New Delhi is yet to issue any order. However, both the organizations have demanded that the payment of gratuity should at once be made to the family of the deceased. BSNLEU and BSNLCCWF are perusing the case vigorously during last couple of months. Due to these sustained effort of both the unions, the Corporate Office, on 17th February, 2017, has asked all the circles  to send the list of the non regular workers retired/ left organization/ expired since 01/10/2000,  within seven days. <Click>

Strong demonstration programme held at Kolkata SSA against non payment of wages: BSNL Casual Mazdoor Union, Kolkata District has organized a very effective demonstration programme against the reluctant attitude of the administration towards the payment of wages to the non-regular workers. On 18th February, 2017 demonstration along with rally was held before the GM Kolkata SSA at CTO building. The BSNLEU leaders were also present in the programme. Leaders of both the unions met GM, Kolkata jointly and expressed their resentment regarding non payment of wages etc. for the last six/seven months. The GM assured that the payments will be made as and when the fund will be received, without any delay. Com. Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU along with other circle office bearers of both the unions were present in the delegation team.

BSNLEU & BSNLCMU met CGMT, submitted memorandum : Com. Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLE and Com. Tapas Ghosh, CS BSNLCMU met CGMT and expressed their strong resentment in regard to inordinate delay in payment of wages to the non regular workers of BSNL, WB Circle. They discussed other burning issues of these workers. They also handed over memorandum to CGMT in this regard.

UPDATED ON 17-02-2017 AT 2045 HRS.

BSNL Dream of 4G Service Shattered by the Decision of the Central Govt. : BSNL authority demanded to Central Govt. for handing over of the unsold 4G spectrum to BSNL so that the PSU could give 4G service to it customers in cheaper rate. But the news published in various news paper that DOT is not going to sale 4G spectrum any more. It is known that the various Tele operators other than BSNL have purchased 4G spectrum in excess. In view of this DOT has taken the above decision as there will be no buyer  left in the market except BSNL. DOT has to sale in a low price and obviously BSNL would have purchased 4G spectrum. Time and again decision of the Central Govt. has restrained BSNL to expand its infrastructure through retrograde decision. Once again it is proved that the Central Govt. is going to dry up the PSUs.    

After intervention of the BSNLEU at last Fund for Casual/Contractual wages received: Today WBT Circle has got Rs. 2.62 Cr. for the wages of Casual workers and Rs. 1.9 Cr. for the Security Guards. Already it has sent to the Banks, it is expected that on Saturday the Workers will get their wages. The authority has already sanctioned the fund for "Repair Maintenance" in the First week of February. Considering the grave situation the Circle Union had talked to the CGMT and conveyed strong resentment to GM (Fi.) & GM (HR). Further both BSNLEU/WB & BSNLCMU/WB Leaders Com Animesh Mitra and Tapas Kr. Ghosh met the officers at Corporate Office New Delhi and discussed to resolve the problem. It is only the BSNLEU & BSNLCMU who are very much serious to settle the issues through sustained struggle for which unity among the Casual/Contract Labour is very necessary. Tomorrow on 18/02/2017, as it is scheduled earlierthe Circle Union will submit a Memorandum to the CGMT  WBT in this regard. Make a good campaign amongst the employees.

UPDATED ON 16-02-2017 AT 1530 HRS.

Circle Union fights for early payment---make extensive campaign: It is observed that during last 7/8 months the wages of the Non Regular Employees (Casual/Contractual/Security Guards/Electrical Wing/Unlisted labourers) are not being paid in time. On the contrary the workers have to wait even 2/3 months to get their wages. In this situation the Circle leaders of BSNLEU & BSNLCMU yesterday met GM (Fin.), DGM (Fin.), GM (HR). The leaders have expressed their strong resentment over the non payment issue. The non payment of GPF and other personal claims of the Regular employees were also raised. A letter in this regard was also handed over to GM (Fin) and CGMT in which it is clearly stated that if the situation persists, sustained struggle will take place throughout the Circle on an from 17/2/2017 for the settlement of the payment of wages. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Sujoy Sarkar, Bidyut Goswami, Anindya Kr. Sarkar (BSNLEU and Goutam Das, Tarak Kundu, Arindam Nandi (BSNLCMU)  were present in the delegation. Comrades prepare yourself to make the agitational programme of 17/2/17 at GM/TDM level & 18/2/17 at CGMT office a grand success. The demonstration programme of CGMT Office will start from 1 P.M., make wide campaign for the programme and join enmasse. 

3rd Circle Conference of AIBDPA concluded successfully: As it was reported earlier the 3rd AIBDPA Circle Conference at "Durgadevi Lodha Smriti Bhawan", Medinipur on 11th & 12th February, 2017 ended successfully and effectively. Circle Union conveys heartiest welcome to the newly elected Circle Office Bearers of AIBDPA.

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Circle Union decides to go to Trade Union action on 17th & 18th February against Non Payment of Wages to the Non regular Workers: Since last couple of months It becomes a regular phenomenon that the wages of the non-regular workers (Casual/Contractual/Security Guards/Electrical wing/Job Contract etc.) are not paid in time throughout the West Bengal Telecom Circle. In every month the Circle & District leaders have to take appropriate action for payment and to avoid this unwanted situation though the CGM himself issued a 'Minutes' where it was clearly laid down that the wages of the non regular workers should be made within 10th of each month. Therefore the BSNLEU WB Circle & BSNLCMU WB have decided to go to Trade Union action to get rid of this turmoil. On 17th February,17 there will be demonstration programme at the GM/TDM/TDE level and on 18th February, 2017 both the Union will organize Demonstration in front of the chambers of CGMT WB in Kolkata and CE(Elec.) . District Secretaries are requested to take sincerest effort in consultation with their BSNLCMU counterparts to make the programme of 17th & 18th February a grand success. Comrades, keep in mind we cannot tolerate this dirty game of the Administration further.   

UPDATED ON 14-02-2017 AT 1700 HRS.

"March to Rajbhawan/DM/Collectorate Office on 9th March, 2017"---make widest propaganda of the demands: The Unions & Associations of BSNL have decided to go to Trade Union Action like "March to Rajbhawan/DM/Collectorate Office on 9th March, 2017" throughout India. Accordingly the Circle Union requests all the District Secretaries to take fullest preparation for the programme. Initially  to make widest campaign of the demands of the Unions & Associations, District Secretaries have to meet with each & every employees with the leaders of other Unions/Associations in the Districts. Therefore make campaign programme successfully. The following 4(four) issues should be highlighted in the campaign meeting.

1.          Opposing PMO letter on implementation of Niti Ayog's decision for the strategic sale /privatization of BSNL.

2.      Opposing formation of Subsidiary Tower Company.

3.      Demanding allotment of 4G spectrum, free of cost, to BSNL.

4.      Opposing favors being extended to Reliance Jio.

Comrades let us fight against the conspiracies to kill BSNL.

Attack couldn't restrain Ranaghat: Since last couple of years the BSNLEU Ranaghat Br. was always one of our most affected Branch. In spite of all mischievous acts the 10th Branch Conference of Ranaghat was held amidst lot of enthusiasm in the Telephone Exchange on 12th February, 2017. Com Sandhya Halder, Branch president hoisted the Red Flag Martyrs column was garlanded. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Asstt. Circle secretary, BSNLEU WB Circle inaugurated the conference with his deliberation. Com Chattopadhyay described the present scenario and requested everybody to make a strong unity to counter attacks. Com Prabir Banerjee, Dist Secy. Krishnagar, Biswanath kar, ADS BSNLEU Krishnagar, Nemai Das, DS, BSNLCMU Krishnagar, Jadhab Mallik, BS, BSNLCMU Ranaghat spoke on the occasion. Draft Report was tabled by Com Sadhan Biswas, Br. Secy. and Com Ranjit Biswas placed the A/Cs. Com. Prabir Das, Kanailal Sarkar, Moni Sarkar, Sukanta Banerjee, Puspita Sarkar, Pradip Mondal and Pradip Das took part in the discussion. Com Bidhan pramanik, ACS President Krishnagar Dist. deliberated his speech. In fine the house elected Com Sandhya Halder, Tarit Bhattacharya and Sankar Kr. Das and Br. President, Secretary and Treasurer for the next term.

UPDATED ON 10-02-2017 AT 1715 HRS.

First Meeting of the Circle Office Bearers held: On 9th February, 2017 the outgoing & incoming Circle Office Bearers of BSNLEU WB Circle held at Kolkata. The meeting was presided by Com Swapan Chanda and Nazes Nauroz jointly.  At the outset Com Animesh Mitra, Circle Secretary BSNLEU WB welcomed all. Com Mitra told the duties & responsibilities of the Circle Office Bearers at the present juncture. He told that Circle Union will fight against all attacks and will try their best to make the BSNL WB Circle turn around. He also mentioned some of the programme like a) March to Parliament on 22/2/2017, b) Programme of CHQ on 9/3/2017, c) Programme of BPMO & CPSTU in the coming days and requested the leaders to make the programme successful. It is decided that a detail Circular in this regard will be issued shortly.

"March to Parliament" to achieve the legitimate demands----make it Historical: The BSNL Casual & Contractual Workers Federation has decided to organize "March to Parliament" programme on 22nd February, 2017 to settle their long pending demands including "Equal Pay for Equal Work". Accordingly the BSNLCMU WB has instructed their members to join the programme. The BSNLEU WB Circle has decided from their First Circle Office Bearer meeting held on 9th February that the leaders of the Circle Union as well as the Districts should join the programme. It is learnt that a good number of Non Regular and Regular Employees from all the Circles situated in West Bengal will go to Delhi to make the programme successful. Therefore the District/branch Secretaries throughout the Circle are requested to inform the Circle Union the number of employees (both Regular/Non regular) in consultation with the BSNLCMU leaders of the District/Branch immediately. Comrades let us march forward in the 'Rajpath' of New Delhi on 22/02/2017 with a firm determination to achieve our goal.

Circle Conference of AIBDPA will start tomorrow: After the successful completion of the 7th Circle Conference of BSNLEU, WB the 3rd Circle Conference of AIBDPA will take place at "Com. Priyatosh Roy & Mukul Dutta Mancha" (Durgadevi Lodha Smriti Bhawan) of "Comrade Kunhanandan Nagar" (Medinipur) on 11th February, 2017.  Com. VAN Namboodiri, Advisor AIBDPA will inaugurate the conference at 10.30 A.M. on 11th February. Com Ananta Bhattacharya, President AIBDPA,  K.G. Joyraj, General Secretary, AIBDPA, Susanta Ghosh, CS AIBDPA WB, Animesh Mitra, CS BSNLEU WB, Tapas Kr. Ghosh, CS BSNLCMU WB & Biplab Das, Secretary, BSNLCC will address the conference. It is learnt that the Reception Committee has almost completed the arrangements and most of the delegates will reach Medinipur by 10th February Night. BSNLEU WB Circle wishes a successful completion of the conference which will conclude on 12th February.   

UPDATED ON 08-02-2017 AT 1700 HRS.

Br. Conference of Balurghat held successfully: With lot of enthusiasm and spontaneity the Joint Branch Conferences of BSNLEU  & BSNLCMU Balurghat Branch was held on 14th January, 2017. After hoisting of Red Flag of the Union the meeting was inaugurated by the leader of the 12th July Committee Balurghat. The conference was addressed by Com Animesh Mitra Circle Secretary BSNLEU WB. Com. Mitra in his speech narrated the present situation of BSNL in the Circle and told the members to strengthen unity to fight all odds. The House elected Com Namita Das Gupta, Goutam Kr. pandy and Sukumar Seal as Branch President, Secretary and Treasurer for the next term. <Click here> 

In spite of attack TCO hold the 7th District Conference impressively: Nowadays TCO becomes one such Office of BSNL where the employees are experiencing threatening, abusive language from the miscreants of the TEU activists. In spite of all these mischievous acts the 7th District Conference of BSNLEU TCO District was held on 14th January, 2017  in TCO Kolkata. Com Ashutosh Das, District President hoisted the Red Flag and garlanded the martyrs column. The Photo of the departed leader and former CHQ Vice President Com Pranab Roy was garlanded by Com Debashis Khan, Leader BSNLEU WB. Com Khan also inaugurated the conference with his  valuable speech. Com Gobinda Das, Leaders, AIBDPA WB and Sujoy Sarkar, Leader BSNLEU WB spoke in the open session. Then Com Biswanath Singha, District Secretary and Sanjiban Naskar Treasurer placed the Draft Report & Accounts before the house.after discussion those two were adopted unanimously. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, Banani Chattopadhyay both leaders BSNLEU WB Circle were present in the conference. In fine the house unanimously elected Com Tapan Kr. Bose, Biswanath Singha and Sanjiban Naskar as Dostrict President, Secretary and Treasurer for the next term.     

UPDATED ON 07-02-2017 AT 1700 HRS.

"When BSNLEU organizes demonstration, authority calls Police"----new Culture has developed in WB Circle: It is learnt that on 3rd February,2017 when the entire BSNL service in Farakka Telephone Exchange collapsed due to Cable fault, a group of angry subscribers, who are being suffered due to non availability of service, rushed to the exchange and expressed their resentment. At the same time the BSNLEU Union leaders and members attached to Farakka Unit on 4/2/2017 also organized protest demonstration before the SDE Farakka  and demanded immediate intervention of the Authority for the early restoration of BSNL service in the region. But it is most unfortunate that the concerned SDE called the Police and made false allegations against the leaders and members of BSNLEU who demanded immediate restoration of normalcy. The Police came and took out the SDE from the agitators. So  it can easily be said from the incident that whenever BSNLEU takes any trade Union action against the Administration, the authority calls Police, though the Union demands for the betterment of BSNL service or Revenue.

Some More Compassionate Ground Appointment Approved :After long struggle by the Circle Union at last the administration compelled to approve thirteen cases out of fifteen cases as mentioned in the Circle Council meeting held on 3.02.2017. It was also informed by the administration of WB Circle that two Accident cases are under process. It was also stated to the staff side that the HPC meeting is going to be held in the month of March, 2017. District Secretaries are requested to inform the Circle union regarding Pending CGA cases, if any, and arrange to send all the relevant papers and documents to Circle Offcie immediately with a intimation to Circle union.

UPDATED ON 06-02-2017 AT 1715 HRS.

"7th Circle Conference, Kolkata"---a new experience:  It is for the first time the Circle Conference of BSNL Employees Union , WB Circle took place in Kolkata. The Conference stated with "Working Women" convention & Seminar on 27th January, in a very unorthodox manner. The over crowded attendance of more than 300 employees, specially about 200 working women both in the 'Seminar' as well as the Convention made the Opening day historic. About 245 Delegates & Observers from all the 23 District Unions of BSNLEU WB Circle attended the Conference. A good number of Women delegates and young comrades from 'Darjeeling' to 'Kakdwip'  deliberated their speeches. The Cultural team tried their best to enrich the sentiment of the employees to fight the odds. Hundreds were present in the Rally from Binani Bhawan and Open session at "Mahajati Sadan". As a whole Kolkata witnessed the strength of BSNLEU  West Bengal Circle.

When everybody is trying hard to keep BSNL healthy  then the Government wants to kill it: It is a matter of deep anguish when the PSU BSNL and its employees are trying to save the department with number of constraints and challenges then none other than the Central Government wants to finish the PSU. The Govt. is trying to form a "Subsidiary Tower Company" which is a step towards disinvestment. The Administration has already constituted 'BBNL' which in the future will perform all the works related with Broad Band Service.  But a recent report which came out in a All India Daily clearly shows how  the employees of all categories are trying hard for the betterment of BSNL inch by inch everyday. But the decision of the Government to weaken BSNL  will definitely hit the morale of the employees. Comrades, let us consolidate our strength and fight against all attacks on BSNL & its employees. <Click here for the news>  

UPDATED ON 04-02-2017 AT 1630 HRS.

"On the Path of Struggle" up to 7th Circle Conference: The 7th Circle Conference has witnessed a grand Photo exhibition of different historic & eventful moments of the activities of Circle & District Unions of BSNLEU West Bengal Circle  at "Binani Bhawan". The exhibition  was opened by Com Shyamal Chakraborty, President CITU WB on 28th January, 2017. Com Chakraborty also inaugurated a "Book Stall" in the Conference. Both the Exhibition and Book Stall was dedicated in the memory of our departed leader Comrade Radhashyam Jana. The delegates and observers from all corner of West Bengal & Sikkim appreciated and enjoyed the Exhibition as well as purchased books on Trade Union and allied issued from the Book Stall. <Click Here>

Circle Council Meeting held yesterday: After prolonged persuasion the Circle Administration at last compelled to hold the First Council meeting of the Circle after almost one year of 7th Membership Verification. The meeting took place in the Conference Room of CTO Kolkata. Sri R.N.Jha, Chairman Circle Council &  CGMT WB alongwith Smt. Pranati Das, GM(HR), DGM(HR), PCE (Elec), DGM (Finance), AGM (HR) and other officers were present. The Staff Side was headed by Com Animesh Mitra, Leaders Staff Side and other council members like Com Tapan Biswas, CS, NFTE(BSNL), Ranjit Mukherjee, Swapan Chanda, Amitava Chattopadhyay, Sujoy Sarkar, Nazes Nauroz, Samar Mondal were present in the Council meeting. Lot of issues were raised by the Staff Side and Discussed. The detailed report in this regard will be intimated later.   

"Noble deed for noble cause"---Circle Conference, Kolkata donates Rs. 1 Lakh: On the eve of the 7th Circle Conference, BSNLEU WB Circle donates Rs. 50,000/- to Com. Shyamal Chakraborty, President CITU for the Workers & their families who are in immense trouble due to closure of Tea Gardens, victims of the recent atrocities in the State of West Bengal under TMC regime and for the newly constituted Joint Platform of BPMO. The donation was handed over to President CITU, WB by Com Swapan Chanda, President, BSNLEU WB on the inaugural day of the 7th Circle Conference. In another instance on 29th January, Circle Union donates Rs. 50,000/- to Com Dilip Das Secretary, KG Bose Smriti Bhawan Trust for the renovation work of the Building. Both Com Shyamal Chakraborty and Dilip Das greeted the Circle Union for this noble work. <Click here>

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Newly Elected Office Bearers of BSNLEU WB Circle: <View>

UPDATED ON 31-01-2017 AT 1315 HRS.

Kolkata Circle Conference took oath to defeat all challenges: The 7th Circle Conference of BSNLEU WB concluded yesterday with a successful Open Session at "Mahajati Sadan". The conference with Working Women Convention followed by a Seminar "Development of BSNL service in West Bengal at present scenario--our role" at CTO TI Hall on 27th January. 2017. The Main Speaker of the Working Women convention was Com. Kalyani Chakraborty, Convenor Women Sub Committee of All India Bank Employees Federation. More than 180 working women took part in the convention with great enthusiasm. The speaker of the Seminar were CGMT WB, Mr. R. N. Jha, CGM ETP, Mr. B. L. Varshney, Com. Tapas Ghosh State Secretary, SNEA, Ranjit Mukherjee, President, NFTE-BSNL, Partha Das, Secretary, SEWA, Arindam Ghosh, Leader SNATTA. Com. Animesh Mitra initiated the proceeding. Com Swapan Chanda, presided over the Seminar.

On 28th January, 2017 the Inaugural Session started with hoisting of Red Flag of the Union by Circle President Com Swapan Chanda. After garlanding of Martyrs column Com Shyamal Chakraborty, President CITU, West Bengal inaugurated the 7th Circle Conference. Com Saibal Sengupta, AGS CHQ, Omprakash Singh, CS TF & Organising Secretary CHQ, Sandip Ghosh, ACS, TS, Tarak Kundu, ACS, BSNLCMU WB, Pijush Chakraborty, ACS AIBDPA WB greeted the conference. The Subject Committee started at 3 P.M. and continued up to 8 P.M. of 29th January, 2017 About 67 Delegates & Observers took part in the discussion.  More than 230 Delegates and observers attended the conference from all the 23 District Unions of the Circle including Sikkim. Com Tapas Ghosh, Working president BSNLCCWF, Akhilesh Banerjee & Santosh Goswami  both ACS BSNLCMU WB greeted the conference. The Conference adopted Draft Report and Accounts as well as 4 resolutions unanimously. Com. Animesh Mitra, CS on 30th January, replied all the queries in the Conference. Com Amitava Chattopadhyay, ACS placed the draft resolution on future "Policy & Programme" which was supported by Com Animesh Mitra and accepted by the house. The House then elected Com Nazes Nauroz, Animesh Mitra & Madhusudan Saha as Circle President, Secretary and Treasurer respectively for the next term.

A colorful  rally  of  thousand of BSNL Workers from all over WB started from  "Binani Bhawan" to "Majhajati Sadan". The BSNL workers draw attention of the pedestrian in the busy roads like C.R. Avenue of Kolkata with slogans to fight against the criminals and to save BSNL as well the interest of the workers of all categories. Com. Tapan Sen, General Secretary CITU,  spoke before the gathering at Mahajati Sadan. Com Swapan Chanda, outgoing President and Com. Nazes Nauroz newly elected president jointly presided over the meeting.

UPDATED ON 25-01-2017 AT 1145 HRS.

Despite constraints Kolkata is  almost prepared for the 7th Circle Conference: "We will not surrender"--this is our slogan to make the 7th Circle Conference of BSNLEU WB at Kolkata. As we have already intimated the tit bits of Kolkata Circle Conference in our Circular, still there are many things which may comes into the minds of the Dist/Br. Secretaries. Comrade in case of any queries immediately contact Circle Secretary. However the preparation is almost completed. The Reception Committee are trying their best to make the Conference a historic one. All the Sub Committees like Accommodation, Food have already done their preparatory jobs. The Cultural subcommittee, office, Working women are taking preparation in full swing. The posters published on the eve of this conference have almost distributed. The conference will take off on 27th January, at 1230 P.M. at CTO TI Hall with the Working Women Convention followed by Seminar where the CGM WB, ETR, ETP and leaders of the Unions/Associations of Executive/Non executives will be present. From 28th January to 30th January 2017 the Conference will be held at "Binani Bhawan", Pathuriaghata Street, Kolkata. In fine on 30th January, 2017 the Open Session will take place at "Mahajati Sadan" Kolkata. Comrade let us make history.   

How to reach "Binani Bhawan": Comrade District/branch Secretaries please note the following direction to reach "Binani Bhawan" for the 7th Circle Conference. a) From Howrah Station----Any bus/minibus which goes through Burrabazar-Posta will take you to the Spot. Name of the stoppage---'Malapara' (Pathuriaghata Street) b) From Sealdah Station: Come Girish Park & Central Avenue Crossing  and move towards West direction further to reach Tram line of Chitpur and Ganesh Talkies. Cross the Tram line move towards West to  (you will see the collapsed Fly Over of Vivekananda Road)  reach Malapara and Binani Bhawan, it will take just 5 minutes walk from Grish park--Central Avenue Crossing. c) Via Metro Rail: Get down at "Girish Park" stoppage, reach Girish Park--Central Avenue Crossing, move towards Posta, reach Malapara Pathuiaghata Junction. d) From North Kolkata & Suburb: Take a bus which goes through Posta- Burrabazar, drop at Binani Bhawan stoppage. Auto Service from B.K.Pal Avenue is also available. If still there is any doubt contact Reception Committee.

District Secretaries to note: Comrades, immediately inform the Reception Committee regarding the number of Delegates and Observers of your District (specify if Woman Delegate/Observer separately) to the Reception Committe and the number of Working Women participate in the Working Women Convention apart from the Ladies who will join the Conference as Delegate/Observer.